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Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

About alcohol rehab in Cardiff

While there’s nothing wrong when drinking in moderation a much bigger problem begins to arise when you begin abusing alcohol. If alcohol has begun to take over your life, have you considered going to a drug or alcohol rehab in Cardiff?

Finding help

Alcohol addiction is very serious. It can ruin your relationships, deteriorate your health, and destroy your life overall. Unfortunately, many people believe they can put off seeking treatment and simply manage the problem themselves in the meantime. The danger in delaying treatment for alcohol addiction is that you increase the danger to your personal health with each passing second.

This is why it’s integral that you find an alcohol rehab centre that’s designed to help you treat and ultimately overcome your bad habits as quickly as possible.

Benefits of inpatient care

Alcohol rehab centres are designed to help a patient reach full recovery by offering a range of services that include medication to ward off withdrawal symptoms, counselling to help the patient psychologically, and isolation from the outside world to eliminate any potential triggers.

Triggers are often deeply integrated into an alcoholic’s life whether they know it or not. Old friends, work environments, and even certain rooms in the home can act as a trigger that can send a recovering alcoholic spiralling back down into the depths of addiction.

Inpatient care provides complete immersion within the recovery process and is often the best option for those who have failed with other forms of recovery.

Alcohol Detox

One of the more unpleasant yet necessary steps of recovery is alcohol detox in which you purge all alcohol from your system. Detox is one of the primary reasons why you should seek the help of an alcohol rehab centre.

During this process you will likely experience a range of potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that include:





More severe withdrawal symptoms may include:

Delirium tremens (rapid onset of confusion)


Powerful cravings to consume alcohol


Alcohol detox is often the stage that will determine whether or not you are strong enough to overcome your addiction. Many people often give in when they try to quit on their own because the withdrawal symptoms are simply too powerful. However, those who seek the help of a rehab centre have an increased chance of recovery because they have the support of professionals who will help them along the path of recovery.

Seeking help in Cardiff

Seeking help for your alcohol addiction should be your top priority. Cardiff is a beautiful city with its iconic buildings and massive throngs of tourists. If you ever find yourself visiting this beautiful town take the time to seek out an alcohol rehab. Contact us today so we can connect you with the right centre to help you regain your life.

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