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Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Alcohol Rehab Cardiff

Find alcohol rehab in Cardiff

The alcohol rehab in Cardiff provides a safe, temptation-free place to recover if you are no longer in control. Rehab can help you take back control and for those who live in the area, there is rehab available locally.

There are a number of different methods of recovery. These include attending support groups, self-managed detox and inpatient alcohol rehab. The first two options are really only suitable for those with a very mild dependence and a very strong desire to stay sober. These options are available through your G.P. but it is important to be aware that they are a riskier path to take.

The alcohol rehab in Cardiff on the other hand allows you to put your addiction on hold in a space where drinking is not available. The advantage here is you can avoid triggers in the form of stress, lifestyle and people around you who encourage you to drink. Going into an alcohol rehab also protects your relationships and reputation which can be affected by your drinking.

Do I need alcohol rehab?

This is the hardest rehab to choose. The reason being that a lot of people drink without encountering dependence. Identifying problematic use can be more difficult than for example heroin because it is more obviously problematic. You may consider drinking an issue if any of the following apply:

  • You feel depressed or anxious and it is made worse by drinking
  • You use alcohol to deal with emotions such as stress
  • Drinking has become everyday
  • Those around you are concerned about your drinking or suggested alcohol rehab


The alcohol rehab in Cardiff has two main steps of recovery and the first is alcohol detox in which you purge all alcohol from your system. Detox is one of the primary reasons why you should seek the help of a rehab centre.

The Detox Process

  • Admission – you will meet with a detox doctor who will give you a medical assessment. Based on your physical condition, medical history and personal wishes they will offer you a prescription to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Withdrawal – you will be cared for by the medical staff in the alcohol rehab while you experience withdrawal. Your medication will keep you physically safe and comfortable.
  • Restoration – the alcohol rehab staff will provide you with nutritional and exercise support to improve your physical health.

This process is not simply ‘something to get through’ it is a return to health. This should give you the strength to embark on the second step of alcohol rehab, a return to happiness.


Once the symptoms of detox retreat you are finally free to explore the reasons why you needed rehab in the first place. Through an intensive program of therapy and holistic treatments you will try to change your habits and lifestyle as well as behaviour patterns that led you to in the first place. Treatments vary between alcohol rehab centres in Cardiff but you will find every clinic we recommend uses a well-established and effective form of therapy. The most common are:

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) helps redraw the lines in your mind regarding drinking and other risky activities. With the help of alcohol rehab counsellors, you will then seek out new, healthier and more fulfilling hobbies and lifestyles.

DBT Dialectical Behaviour Therapy related to CBT, this rehab therapy will be helpful for those who struggle with emotional and mental health challenges. Where reassessing behaviour alone is not sufficient DBT may be employed during alcohol rehab.

Family Therapy despite its name is not only for relations but for those who care about you and are invested in your sobriety. This is especially beneficial for those who want or have a strong support network going forward. Understanding your condition and the efforts you are making to recover will help bolster and heal you and those around you.

Finding help

Alcohol addiction is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly and effectively. There are a number of ways to recover from alcoholism and a number of factors that can help you.

  • Finding the right alcohol rehab in Cardiff will make a real difference to your recovery. Whether you live in Cardiff and are looking for a rehab nearby or you want to escape your surroundings it is worth finding an alcohol rehab that specialises in your dependence. The treatment should also be right for you as a person, e.g., if you have mental health complications a clinic with dual diagnosis will make a world of difference.
  • Building a support network around you. This can include friends, family and other people with the same challenges as you. Make sure these people are in favour of your recovery and happy to be abstinent when you need them to be.
  • Reach out to local support groups and charities. Spending time with other people in recovery has been proven to aid in long term sobriety. Helping others as a ‘sponsor’ is also a boost to your own chances of life-long abstinence.

Seeking Alcohol Rehab in Cardiff

Alcohol rehab is a subject with many facets, hopefully, the information above has given you an idea of what is involved. Our expert team can give you an overview of the different alcohol rehab Cardiff has to offer. Depending on your flexibility, dependence, and budget they can offer a number of excellent options in Cardiff. Please call us on 0207 205 2845 for counselling, rehab guides and how to convince a loved one to accept help. We offer rehab centres in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and throughout Wales.

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