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Alcohol Rehab in Wales

Alcohol Rehab in Wales

Rehab Centres in Wales

If you are looking for alcohol rehab Wales is home to some of the best evidence-based treatment centres in the UK.

Our team have personal experiences of addiction and have now successfully overcome addiction and are now leading healthier, happier, and more satisfying lives.

If you need help to find addiction programs in Wales that are right for you or a loved one, we can help.

Wales has struggled with alcohol for many years, and despite some improvement prior to 2021 and the COVID crisis, alcohol deaths have risen by almost 20% in recent years. These deaths were caused by physical issues such as liver disease or alcohol poisoning, but many were a result of mental health issues.

Rehab in Wales looks to protect people with alcoholism from the physical and psychological risks of continuing to drink. Taking time away from peer pressure and the stress of daily life can offer you the chance to work on yourself and find a way to live without alcohol.

Apply for rehabilitation

Our friendly and compassionate team can help you access safe, reliable, and effective facilities if you live in Wales.

Our objective is to assist clients in overcoming their alcohol or drug dependency, gaining valuable life abilities, and reintegrating into society.

Get in touch with our team to discuss the following options:

The length of your program: Are you interested in a brief intervention or a prolonged rehabilitation program in Wales? Specific centres may suit your needs if you require a residential facility for an extended period.

Your desired level of care: It is vital to ensure that the addiction treatment centre you choose in Wales provides the specific levels of care you need, such as medical detoxification and outpatient treatment.

Rehab for specific groups: Rehabilitation centres in Wales sometimes provide tailor-made programs for different groups of individuals, including Veterans and individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Wales also has specialised programs for the LGBTQ+ community and denomination-specific programs like Christian drug rehabilitation centres. These programs cater to specific populations and their unique needs.

Addiction Treatment in Wales

Rehab Guide can give you all the information you need to gain access to treatment in Wales for the following addiction issues:

● Substance abuse

● Alcohol dependency

● Gambling addiction

Colourful photo of a therapy group at a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Wales

Rehab Treatment in Wales

In Wales, the rehabilitation program we suggest for recovery from addiction typically spans over a period of 4 weeks.

These programs incorporate a blend of medical and therapeutic approaches to support patients in their path to recovery.

For substance addictions, supervised detoxification is always provided.

In the Wales rehabilitation centre, a combination of rest and prescribed medications to address the process of detoxification is provided.

Attempting to cease drinking without assistance can be challenging, particularly during the initial stages when withdrawal symptoms manifest.

The prescribed detoxification medication is designed to assist you in safely managing these symptoms and achieving a faster recovery.

Learn more about the therapies available at our recommended addiction treatment programs: alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation.

Wales Rehab Admissions

Call or chat with our team for an immediate addiction assessment and help with the options for the best rehab Wales has to offer. They will listen to your situation and addiction and use this to recommend the right rehab in Wales or elsewhere in the UK for you or a loved one.

Our team will help you arrange travel and admission to rehab, and you may have a pre-admission discussion with the counsellors or doctor in the rehab centre you choose. They will explain any specific requirements or treatment available in their centre.

Once you are ready, you can travel to the rehab centre with family, or we can help arrange pickup through sober transport. You can start with a medical detox, medication to manage withdrawal and meet the counsellors and resident staff who will be taking care of you while you recover. Our team are here to make sure your rehab journey starts strong and make it as easy as possible.

Therapy in Rehab

A supportive and effective addiction treatment schedule then follows detoxification from substances, focusing on the following:

● Therapy for complex issues

● Enhancing life and decision-making skills

● Learning essential relapse prevention techniques

Discover the duration and schedules of our programs rehab Wales has to offer by calling our addiction consultants.

Rehab offers a chance to explore different solutions to your alcohol addiction in a safe and private space. CBT and DBT (Cognitive & Dialectic Behaviour Therapy) are the most common methods of treating alcoholism and its associated psychological issues.

If there are deeper problems at the root of your alcohol use, then you will find trauma counselling, prescription medication, and workshops on triggers beneficial.

Relaxation and Recreation

For individuals in addiction recovery, it is crucial to have a peaceful and secure retreat where they can rejuvenate their mental and physical well-being.

Time slots in the treatment program provide opportunities to unwind and use the amenities in a communal space or outdoors.

Rehab clinics in Wales have the following facilities:

● Private rooms: comfortable individual rooms with an en-suite.

● Fitness suite: most facilities will have sports facilities such as a gym, swimming pool or fitness studio.

● Holistic therapy room: enjoy a relaxing and uplifting treatment like massage.

● Communal room: a library with tea and coffee where you can relax, read and socialise.

Taking time to relax is crucial for your psychological well-being, allowing you to recover and contemplate your experiences in rehab.

Do I need rehab?

Experiencing any signs of alcohol withdrawal signifies a dependency on alcohol. Therefore, abruptly ceasing alcohol consumption without medical assistance is unsafe when you are dependent on alcohol or narcotics.

You may require rehabilitation if you have the following symptoms:

● You can’t stop drinking alcohol once you start

● Craving alcohol when you stop

● Withdrawal symptoms

● You keep drinking despite the many negative consequences

● Have tried to quit but relapsed many times

On occasion, when an individual ceases consuming alcohol, they may experience tremors in their hands.

Moreover, individuals may encounter more intense withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing alcohol consumption, including seizures, hallucinations, or delirium tremens.

The medications provided can reduce or eliminate these symptoms in the Wales rehab.

Rehab Options in Wales

The right treatment for your addiction is the most important factor in choosing a rehab. There are other considerations: budget, staying close to your support network and away from triggers and temptation are worth considering.

Clinics are usually split into rural and city rehab centres in Wales. If you or a loved one would prefer a city rehab Cardiff might be the best option. Swansea rehab is also a more cosmopolitan location and many people who live in Cardiff or Swansea choose the other major city to give them space while still feeling well connected with friends and family.

Home Detox in Wales

If rehab isn’t possible for you or someone you care about, then our team can help you with a home detox. You can stay with a loved one or friend and receive a consultation with a detox doctor who will provide prescription medication to manage your symptoms. Home detox is available for some people with addictions, but not all; for more severe cases, rehab is the only option.

Start recovery today

Get in touch by phone, email or online chat to find your options regarding addiction treatment in Wales.

We can arrange immediate admission into our recommended private rehabilitation centres for yourself or a loved one from anywhere in the UK.


Our compassionate team can guide you through the entirely confidential and straightforward process of entering addiction treatment in Wales.

Support in Wales

Free rehab treatment in Wales

Your G.P. should be your first call for those unable to find funding for private inpatient rehab. They will potentially be able to help you with a referral.

A referral to inpatient rehab is possible, though you may have to wait a considerable amount of time.


Y Lanfa, St Clair Court, West Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5EN

If you would like to talk to someone about accessing help in Cardiff and the Vale for yourself a friend or a family member, CAVDAS is set up to help.

Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, CAVDAS is available for you. CAVDAS helps people explore treatment options to support them and get them to a place where they want to be.


Online Interventions:

  • Breaking Free Online: An online treatment and recovery programme for anybody with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, free to anyone in GWENT. Breaking Free can be accessed 24/7 and on any device. To set up an account, follow the link and use the access code gwent11
  • Gwelcol – The Wellbeing College has online and face to face courses, some are delivered directly by the Wellbeing College and some by our 3rd sector colleagues.

Tier 2 (non-structured):

  • Harm reduction services: Naloxone, needle exchange, safer injecting advice, sexual health services, blood-borne virus testing & vaccination
  • Brief Treatment – up to 7 sessions of support for those either not seeking or needing structured support (group or virtual 1:1)

Tier 3 (structured):

  • Health Led Care – health focussed support for those over 50 years not seeking psychosocial interventions
  • Psychosocial Interventions – structured 1:1 support focussing on psychological or social factors that relate to substance use

In Tier 3 there is access to the following:

  • Opiate substitute prescribing
  • Relapse Prevention prescriptions (Antabuse/Naltrexone/Campral)
  • BBV/HIV testing & Vaccination
  • Health promotion, including sexual health advice and contraception


  • Light touch group and 1:1 support for those who have met their substance goals, but want follow on support for a period

Newport: Old School Building, Powells Place, Newport, NP20 1EL

Newport: The Hub, Queens School House, School Lane, Newport, NP20 1LE

Torfean: The Lighthouse, George Street, Pontypool, NP4 6BZ

Monmouthshire: The Junction, Cedar House, Station Road, Chepstow, NP16 5PB

Blaenau Gwent: Crug Las, 1 Church Street, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6BE

Blaenau Gwent: Hafod Deg Day Centre, High Street, Rhymney, Caerphilly, NP22 5LP

Blaenau Gwent: The Citadel, Mount St. Tredegar, NP22 3QL

Caerphilly: St Fagan’s House, St Fagan’s Street, Caerphilly, CF83 1FZ

Caerphilly: Penmaen House, Penmaen Ind. Estate, Pontllanfraith, Blackwood, NP12 2DY

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