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Alcohol Rehab in Wales

Alcohol Rehab in Wales

Find rehab in Wales for alcoholism and drug addiction

If you or a family member need immediate or urgent help with finding alcohol rehab in Wales can offer a variety of treatment options. Addiction is a challenging and complex issue to deal with but rehab provides you and your family with the medical and emotional support you need. 

Rehab centres in Wales are available in both rural and city environments. The options will depend on where in Wales you want to go into rehab. If you are looking for a residential rehab in North Wales you will find more rural options. Perfect for ‘getting away from it all’ privacy and peace and quiet are a given.

If you prefer a more lively spot rehab in Swansea or Cardiff may be more to your taste. You will have the choice of staying in a combined treatment and accommodation in a converted townhouse or suburban home. Both types of residential rehab have their advantages. Time spent outdoors and in a tranquil rural space can be calming and keep you away from temptation.

However, if you are hoping to lean on and improve your relationship with friends or family visiting a more central location could be important. Most rehab centres in Wales offer treatment facilities in house. Some have private gyms for residents but most offer trips to local facilities for exercise and recreation.

There are five main pathways to get you on your way to addiction treatment in Wales.

  • Counselling
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Attend weekly AA or NA meetings
  • Setting up sober companions

Unique Help: The treatment option that produces the best long term outcome depends on what your treatment needs are as an individual, and whether you have tried any other method of help before.

Access to Meetings: We have access to a list of AA and NA meetings near you in Wales. Whether you live in a village, town or city, there will be a meeting near you or in the next town. Our addiction team will be able to relay the meeting date, time and address to you.

12 Step Programme: Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous follow a 12 step programme which is very useful for maintaining sobriety. Our team will let you know what to expect from meetings and how to get the best help from them.

alcohol rehab wales

Rehab Guide can help you locate or set-up addiction counselling session in or near you in Wales. Counselling sessions have many benefits.

They will help you to get to the root of your addictive behaviour and help you change the negative thoughts and processes that have held you in the grip of addiction for so long.


Detox treatment is a preliminary step towards recovery when a person clears their system of alcohol. It is the body’s way of removing an unwanted substance.

When a person suffering from alcoholism stops drinking, they will experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable, painful and sometimes frightening.

Detox periods can be dangerous to do alone and should be monitored by a professional so that variables like diet, fluid intake, rest, and medication is supervised. It’s not common knowledge that cutting out alcohol ”cold-turkey” can have life-threatening consequences such as seizures.

Call for advice on the safest way to detoxify from alcohol. We would always advise attending a medical detox or contacting your doctor for his advice on reducing your alcohol intake gradually.

If you or a family member are in need of professional alcohol treatment but need some help and guidance with choosing the correct one we can assist.

Our service only works with the most reputable alcohol rehabs in Wales and the UK. We specialise in providing bespoke alcohol treatment for those suffering from an alcohol problem or addiction, and we are here to help ensure you receive the correct alcohol treatment that will enable a full recovery.

  • CQC regulated rehabs
  • Qualified professional psychiatrists & medical staff
  • Supervised detoxification for alcohol & drugs
  • Regular Counselling

All of our Welsh alcohol rehabs are strictly regulated, CQC registered and staffed by qualified professionals, many of whom have overcome a problem with addiction themselves. They have experience of the destruction and devastation that the disease of alcoholism can bring. They also know that it is possible to live a happy and productive life sober and are living proof of what can be achieved with the help of a professional alcohol rehabilitation programme.

Our alcohol rehabs in Wales have proven track records of successfully treating alcoholism. Staffed by qualified psychiatrists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, alcohol addiction counsellors, holistic therapists and alcohol support workers – a multidisciplinary approach is taken that focuses on healing the whole person and not just one singular aspect. This has been clinically proven to be the most effective method of treating alcohol addiction successfully.

We offer a highly professional and ethical service that will ensure that you or your loved one are supported throughout the entire alcohol treatment process.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Wales

Finding alcohol treatment in Wales that provides the foundations for long term sobriety can be confusing especially if this is the first time you have had to seek alcohol treatment.

Successful alcohol addiction treatment needs to be tailored to the individual as alcoholism can manifest in a number of dysfunctional behaviours – It is not all about the drink.

Quitting alcohol is only the very start of a recovery. For some, stopping alcohol can be a challenge in itself, and medical alcohol detox may be required if there are signs of alcohol dependence.

Once free from alcohol, medications, psychological treatments, and holistic therapies can then be of maximum benefit. It takes hard work, commitment and change in order to remain sober and avoid alcoholic relapse.

Addiction to alcohol needs to be fully addressed through a comprehensive alcohol treatment programme. It is vital that this is tailored to the individual’s specific treatment needs.

Failing to address certain aspects of the alcoholic illness can result in relapse, but this is easily avoided with our expert help.

When treating alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse, there is no one size fits all. A good alcohol addiction treatment programme in Wales will address medical, physical, social, psychological, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.

Rehab Guide

Types of  Alcohol Rehab in Wales

There are many different types of private alcohol rehab available in Wales and the rest of the UK. Understanding the differences can help you to choose the rehab that is right for you.

Types of rehab available in Wales include:

  • Luxury alcohol rehab
  • Affordable alcohol rehab
  • Alcohol detox clinic Wales
  • Short term/long term alcohol rehab programmes
  • Inpatient rehab Wales
  • Daycare rehab Wales
  • Quasi-residential alcohol rehabilitation
  • Fully residential alcohol rehab Wales
  • Sober living accommodation and supported living in Wales
  • Outpatient treatment

 Alcohol Statistics for Wales

Statistics for alcohol consumption in Wales shows that 75% of all alcohol consumed in Wales is drunk by 22% of the adult population who are hazardous or harmful drinkers.

Research conducted by the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group who was commissioned by the Welsh government also shows:

  • Moderate drinkers consume an average of 211 units of alcohol per year compared to 1,236 for hazardous drinkers and 3,924 for harmful drinkers.
  • Harmful drinkers spend an average of £2,882 a year on alcohol compared to £1,209 for hazardous drinkers and £276 for moderate drinkers.
  • Alcohol-attributable deaths and hospital admissions are concentrated in hazardous and particularly harmful drinkers who are more deprived.

The Welsh government are currently looking at addressing their pressing alcohol problem by introducing minimum pricing for alcohol in Wales.

The Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gethin said:

“People who drink alcohol at hazardous and harmful levels drink 75% of the alcohol consumed in Wales. The introduction of a minimum unit price would be effective in reducing alcohol consumption among these groups, as well as reducing the number of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalisations.

It is apparent from Welsh alcohol statistics that harmful levels of alcoholic drinking are most prominent in the poorer and more deprived areas of Wales.

Currently, it is reported that 50% of the population in Wales purchases their alcohol for less than 55p per unit and that 37% of Wales buy their alcohol for less than 45p per unit. The heavier drinkers are shown to buy their alcohol below these thresholds.

By introducing minimum pricing of alcohol in Wales, it is hoped that this will directly impact the amount of alcohol consumed by the country’s more deprived areas.

Immediate Alcohol Rehab in Wales

We are here to help you or your loved one access the most appropriate alcohol treatment for your needs. We endeavour to make this process as quick and as easy as possible.

We appreciate that most individuals requiring immediate alcohol rehab or treatment will only ask for help in a time of crisis. In the addiction treatment field, we refer to this as a “window of opportunity”.

Alcohol addiction is a disease of the brain that often deludes the sufferer. Individuals suffering from alcoholism may well think that they are in control of their drinking or that their drinking isn’t that bad. The reality that is apparent to all around them is often very different.

Alcoholism affects nearly every area of the suffers life and also heavily impacts on family and loved ones. It is important to understand that an alcoholic is a very sick individual and is suffering from a life-threatening illness.

Trying to get an alcoholic to see the complex and destructive nature of their condition can be a very frustrating and heartbreaking process, especially for those that love and care for them.

Those suffering from alcohol addiction will often only ask for alcohol help when they feel they have exhausted all other options and fear for their own life. This often follows an alcoholic crisis of some description such as a drink driving conviction, a loss of a job or a severe deterioration in health.

This window of opportunity is likely to remain open for only a short time. This is why it is crucial to act promptly while an alcoholic is open to the idea of undergoing alcohol treatment or possibly alcohol rehab – Before they retreat back into their comfortable delusion that they can beat alcoholism on their own.

We can ensure that no opportunity to recover from alcoholism is wasted. We will work quickly, efficiently and professionally, taking care of all the necessary arrangements, so you don’t have to worry.

As a leading authority on alcohol rehab treatment in Wales and the rest of the UK, we can facilitate immediate admissions to Wales top alcohol rehabs today. Call us to find out more.

Free Alcohol Rehab in Wales

If you or a loved one are looking for free alcohol rehab, the sad truth is that free alcohol rehab is very hard to come by.

The free alcohol rehabs that do exist in Wales are often dominated by a particular religion or do not offer the evidence-based alcohol treatment needed in order to achieve a full and lasting recovery.

If you wish to apply for free alcohol rehab that is CQC registered and offers professional alcohol rehabilitation as well as a full medical alcohol detox we can provide you with details of your local addiction treatment services.

Local drug and alcohol services can apply for government funding/statutory funding for alcohol rehab on your behalf. Please be aware that this is not a simple or quick process.

Privately paying for alcohol rehab is the only guaranteed way you can access immediate rehab treatment without delay.

NHS Alcohol Rehab in Wales

NHS drug and alcohol rehabs are a very misunderstood concept. What the NHS does provide are community drug and alcohol services which can be accessed by anyone who is registered as living locally in the catchment area.

Local NHS drug and alcohol services in Wales generally only offer support and key-work sessions.

The options for inpatient alcohol treatment in Wales are private rehab, charity rehab or government-funded alcohol rehab. In exceptional cases an NHS hospital will conduct an inpatient alcohol detox, but only when there is a primary medical cause for admission aside of alcoholism.

In order to apply for government funding for alcohol rehab on the NHS, it will be necessary for you or your loved one to register with your local drug and alcohol services. Sadly, for many suffering from alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction, the criteria and waiting list prove too demanding, and they fall victim to an alcoholic death before the desperately needed alcohol treatment is made available.

Cost of Private Alcohol Rehab in Wales

The cost of private alcohol rehabilitation varies tremendously depending on where you go and the type of alcohol rehab you choose. Duration of treatment and whether a medical alcohol detox is required can all affect the total cost.

Realistically, medical alcohol detoxes need not be expensive, but please proceed with caution and be wary of very cheap alcohol detoxes advertised in Wales. Usually, if they look too good to be true – they are!

Any alcohol rehab you attend should be CQC registered and staffed only by qualified medical staff and counsellors. Alcohol addiction is a very complex disease that requires not only medical treatment but also a comprehensive psychological treatment programme consisting of evidence-based addiction treatments.

We only work with the most reputable CQC registered alcohol rehabs and detox clinics in Wales and the rest of the UK. You can be assured of receiving quality care and treatment by allowing us to help you choose which rehab is best for your treatment needs.

Alcohol detox can be life-threatening if not conducted correctly by medical professionals within a rehab environment. This is why we want to ensure that you or your loved one only undergo treatment at a Welsh alcohol detox clinic that follows the correct alcohol detox protocols and government guidelines to the letter.

We can help

Rehab Guide is a leading authority on alcohol rehab treatment centres and alcohol detox clinics in Wales and throughout the rest of the UK. We personally visit and work closely with all the rehabs we recommend. We also follow all of our patient’s journey through rehab treatment and beyond, ensuring that you and your family are supported every step of the way,

By choosing an alcohol rehab through us, no additional costs will be incurred by you. We pride ourselves on our quality of care and transparency. A referral fee is taken from the chosen rehab and not from the patient so that you will reap all of the following benefits at no additional expense:

  • A comprehensive alcohol assessment
  • A bespoke medical alcohol detox regime (where required)
  • An individualised alcohol rehabilitation programme
  • A pre-booked alcohol rehab admission date
  • An urgent admission to alcohol rehab (where required)
  • Sober transportation (where required)
  • Wales top alcohol rehabs made available to you.
  • A bespoke alcohol rehab programme designed specifically to address the underlying causes of your alcohol addiction for a full recovery
  • Short term or long term alcohol rehab programmes
  • Alcohol rehab aftercare and individual counselling sessions (optional)
  • Inpatient and daycare alcohol rehab options in
  • Access to the cheapest alcohol detoxes in Wales that are still comprehensively regulated and registered by the appropriate authorities
  • Access to Wales premier alcohol rehab facilities and luxury alcohol rehabs
  • Access to primary care alcohol rehab, secondary care alcohol rehab and tertiary care alcohol rehab
  • Access to sober living and supported housing in Wales
  • Continued support throughout your course of alcohol treatment and beyond
  • Access to further education and volunteering opportunities locally.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Wales

Alcoholics Anonymous help and support millions of individuals around the world that suffer from an alcohol problem. They offer an infinite network of support that is helpful to those that have already undergone an alcohol detox and counselling/therapy/medication for mental health or trauma.

Alcoholics Alcoholic Anonymous support a 12 step abstinence-based programme and hold meetings all over Wales that are free to access. We can find the times and places of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near you.

Addiction Support Groups Wales

AA Meetings Swansea
AA Meetings Cardiff

Swansea High Street – Beginners


Matthews House, High St, A1 1LW

Time: 19.30

Cardiff Windsor


United Reformed Church, Windsor Place,  CF10 3BZ

Time: 20.00

Swansea 12 Steps & 12 Traditions Study


City Church, Dyfatty St, SA1 1QQ

Time: 19.30

Cardiff Newcomers


Canton Uniting Church, Theobald Rd, CF5 1LQ

Time: 17.00

Urgent Alcohol Help in Wales Today

We only work with the best alcohol treatment centres in Wales that specialise in delivering a service that is conducive to achieving long term sobriety.

No one need die of alcoholism. As a chronic and progressive brain disease, while alcoholism is not curable, it is completely treatable. Don’t waste another day fighting alcohol addiction on your own; we are here to help and support you and your family in any way that we can.

We can make taking the very first step to a sober life comfortable, reassuring and cost-effective.

Call and speak to one of our friendly rehab addiction experts today 02072052845.


Welsh government 2018 commissioned alcohol report

Infographic: chartoftheday_16349_age_standardised_alcohol_specific_death_rate_n.jpg

Alcoholics Anonymous UK

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