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Alcohol Rehab Swansea

Alcohol Rehab Swansea

The alcohol rehab in Swansea

Alcohol rehab in Swansea is accessible and ideal for those both living locally or seeking respite and escape from the stresses and triggers of their addiction.

For those dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, we can find an alcohol rehab centre that is suited to you or a loved one and arrange admission as soon as possible before the addiction worsens.

Rehab Swansea

If you are looking for a quiet but modern rehab Swansea offers a number of centres to meet different requirements, addictions and budgets.

The dual treatment plan of detox followed by therapy is based on the most up to date studies in addiction treatment. Medical detox will be the first stage followed by a program of psychological therapy, holistic treatment and lifestyle plans. The most common psychological therapy in rehab is CBT and DBT (Cognitive and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy). Used to treat a range of habitual, lifestyle and mental health conditions these approaches involve talking about your behaviour and finding ways to break negative thought patterns.

Part of changing the way you think about and act on addiction is a lifestyle transformation. Your rehab counsellors will help you to find new healthier ways to spend your time and find fulfilment.

Many of those struggling with addiction feel that everyone around them drinks or takes drugs. Their addiction is all around them and they wonder ‘what will I do if I don’t do this?’. Finding or rediscovering interests, hobbies and activities that make you happy is a huge boost to your battle against addiction. Rehab is about more than stopping drinking or taking drugs, it is about choosing a new life and finding ways to make you happy.

For those looking for this kind of program in rehab, Swansea has some of the best opportunities for recreation and activities in the country.

Alcohol Detox

Drinking is all fun and games until it becomes a habit. That’s when the problems begin.

If alcohol has begun to take over your life your first step to recovery requires that you purge all impurities from your body by going through alcohol detox.

Alcohol detox can be a challenge for the patient even in rehab. However, if you’re serious about quitting alcohol for good and moving forward with your life, it’s a necessary step.

“Alcohol detox patients often experience a range of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can be managed in a proper alcohol rehab centre.”

Medical detox is highly recommended and an entirely different experience from ‘cold turkey’ which many will have tried before.

Medical detox has a higher rate of success because it reduces the symptoms and keeps you more comfortable and well-rested.

You will also have the advantage in rehab of 24-hour care including suitable meals delivered to your room and no personal chores to take care of while you recover.

Long-term symptoms

Individuals who have abused alcohol heavily may also suffer from an additional set of long-term symptoms known as Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

PAWS symptoms include emotional outbursts, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, irritability.

PAWS symptoms have the potential to persist for 6 months or longer. Because of their longevity PAWS, symptoms are often more dangerous than initial withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, Swansea rehab offers a year of free aftercare to help you in dealing with these and any other issues you come up against after leaving rehab.

Safely detoxing in an alcohol rehab centre

Withdrawal symptoms are one of the primary reasons why you should seek out the help of a rehab centre.

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms alone can be dangerous — without qualified medical staff on hand to check in on you, you might find yourself in an emergency situation with no one nearby to help you.

Alcohol rehab centres provide a completely immersive environment to help you along the path to recovery. Cutting yourself off from the outside world for the duration of your detox will allow you to resist triggers that may cause you to relapse.

Choosing an alcohol rehab in Swansea

Hopefully, this has given you an idea about what rehab is available in Swansea. It is important to make an informed decision about rehab, this is a life-changing experience for you and your loved ones.

If you are having trouble deciding exactly what you need our expert team can help you. They have over twenty years of experience in the rehab industry and offer an overview of the different centres available in Swansea.

Our interventions specialists can also help you with convincing a loved one to enter rehab, they can even speak to them on your behalf.

Take back control of your life and seek help now: Call 020 7205 2845

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