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What We Treat

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Addiction can happen to anyone and may affect you in a way you never expected. Drug and alcohol addiction is the most common dependencies, but it is possible to be addicted to almost anything. Dependence occurs in the brain, and it can be very difficult to escape the cycle of addiction without help.

Rehab Guide can offer advice on a range of addictions and the treatments available. We believe in holistic addiction treatment, meaning both body and mind must heal to be truly recovered. The end goal of rehab treatment shouldn’t just be stopping but finding health and future happiness. With this in mind, we offer advice and support for the below conditions.

Alcohol addiction treatment

The most common addiction in places where alcohol is freely available is also one of the most challenging. Many associate rehabs with drug addiction and don’t understand the need to stay in a rehabilitation centre for alcohol addiction. Inpatient rehab provides several support systems vital for those dealing with alcohol dependence.

– Alcohol-free environment

Drinking is all around us, in social situations, meals, homes and even the supermarket’s aisles. It is hard to escape, making resisting temptation in the early stages even harder. Rehab is a completely alcohol-free space which means you or a loved one can recover safely without being surrounded by addiction.

– Medical Detox

Again, the general opinion is that detox from alcohol is less severe than drugs. This is not the case. Supervised medical detox is a world away from going cold turkey at home. DT’s are just as dangerous as drug detox symptoms.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug use has been growing in the UK and worldwide in the last ten years. This has exposed many people to dangerous illegal drugs and contributed to growing addiction levels. Physical dependence on drugs is often hard to overcome, especially without specialist help. We can recommend which rehab will offer treatment for the drug you or a loved one are addicted to.

Treatment for drug addiction is often specific to the drug, and it is important you go somewhere that can treat you properly. The clinic will need access to medications and counsellors who are experienced in drug abuse. Also, separating someone from the location and people who use drugs with them can be a liberating step. If your lifestyle involves drugs, inpatient rehab can provide a much-needed break from it. This gives you a better chance of recovery and long-term abstinence.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction is increasing with more people using it, not just partying but also dealing with stress. Many are under the false impression that it is not as addictive or difficult to quit as other drugs. This is because the withdrawal symptoms from cocaine addiction are mental rather than physical.

It is important to stay safe during cocaine withdrawal and receive treatment in rehab. A rehab center will provide medical supervision to prevent suicide and craving dangers. You will also receive regular psychological therapy to support you while recovering from cocaine addiction. We can recommend rehab centers near you that deal with cocaine addiction and offer medical detox with the option of antidepressants and anti-craving medication.

Prescription Drug Addiction

We have become more aware of a growing trend in prescription drugs being abused and leading to addiction in recent years. These include opiates, benzodiazepines and amphetamines, which treat anything from chronic pain to insomnia. Stopping prescription drug addiction is tricky as detox depends on your prescription. Tapering is more common in prescription drug addiction than other dependencies. This can be a challenge if you do it alone. It is also important to deal with the psychological side of prescription drug addiction. Many addictive medications are used because of underlying mental health concerns. Daily therapy will be offered in rehab.

Rehab Guide

Depression Treatment

Depression is a growing and widespread problem, with close to 300 million people suffering. Addiction and depression are commonly linked in the chemistry of our brains. Also, many of the substances people abuse contribute to addiction. This is despite the fact that many believe they help them cope with depression and anxiety. Breaking this downwards cycle takes dedication and professional help. We can help you find a rehab clinic that offers a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues. All the rehabs we recommend offer CBT and other talking therapies to help improve depression.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Cannabis use is commonly a socially used drug. Despite the often-said phrase cannabis isn’t addictive, we can become addicted to marijuana as easily as anything else. This can make breaking away from it even harder. Withdrawal can also be challenging with insomnia, sweats and depression. Medical detox will reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient rehab can give you the chance to recover away from the daily temptation of cannabis. Psychological therapy can also help those with cannabis addiction and the mental health issues it can lead to.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Medical detox is a must for those with heroin addiction. One of the hardest drugs to quit heroin withdrawal has severe side effects. The symptoms can include a fever, insomnia, extreme cravings, anxiety and depression. These can be managed in a rehab clinic by a detox doctor. Heroin addiction treatment will be focused on psychological therapy, physical rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes. Because the cravings are so severe with heroin, inpatient rehab is the safest option. You will find that many rehabs offer heroin addiction treatment, but not all are equipped to do so. We can find a rehab near you that offers the treatment you need.

Ready to take the first step?

One of the most important decisions we will ever make is going into rehab. It will change the course of your life from addiction and struggle to health and happiness. This choice warrants thinking through, and our team can help you. They are all former rehab counsellors, and many are in recovery and have been through what you are experiencing. For free expert advice and a window into the rehab, experience call us today on

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