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Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

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Are you seeking a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool or the local area? If so, reach out for support through a residential rehab programme.

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Liverpool city has a long history of alcohol abuse; in 2018, it was revealed that Liverpool had the highest rate in England of people taken to hospital with drug-related mental health or behavioural problems.

Problems with drinking can impact not only your personal life but also your health. In many cases, people seek out both alcohol and drugs, which can present even more issues.

If you live in the area and want to stay close to home, we can help you choose the best alcohol or drug rehab Liverpool has to offer you.

Addiction Treatment in Liverpool

Liverpool provides an ideal location if you need admission to drug or alcohol rehab. The rehab in Liverpool is central and easy to reach but located in a quiet residential part of the city. The rehab provides extensive services in treating alcohol addiction. Both mental health support and detox services are available here as well as holistic treatments and medical supervision during recovery.

The clinic also offers a substantial aftercare package to support life-long recovery and abstinence. The rehab is within easy reach of London, and train links to Scotland and Wales and regular flights to Ireland, making it easy to be admitted quickly and perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family during your stay.

Detox: the first stage in recovery

Although the final goal of rehabilitation is, of course, to move on with your life free from the stresses and strains of alcohol abuse, it is the first step that often preoccupies people. On the subject of detoxing, there are misconceptions that abound. Watch any film or media representation, and you will see an addict struggling to go ‘cold turkey’, perhaps even locking themselves in a room! This dramatic image might work well on screen, but it is a far cry from the realities of alcohol detox.

Like most professional rehabilitation centres, the Liverpool rehab offers a full medical detox supervised by a specialist doctor. The team can then prescribe you some anti-craving medication to help you overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms and then work with you over the following weeks. Medication is prescribed depending on the substance being abused and the individual’s health and physical condition. These medications prevent many of the difficult withdrawal symptoms that would be otherwise experienced when ridding the body of an addictive substance. They also aid in rest and relaxation, which is often sorely needed during recovery.

Day to day in the Liverpool Alcohol Rehab

Due to the high level of privacy and often seclusion of rehab clinics, it is normal to wonder what goes on in an alcohol rehab centre. Depending on your experience, you may imagine anything from a spa to a more hospital-like environment.  The Liverpool rehab may, in fact, be much more homely than you would expect. Many alcohol rehabs are found in large former homes with gardens with their own private bedroom rooms, cosy living areas and a family-style kitchen.

The Liverpool rehab is in a residential area in a former family home with a quiet garden area and a comfortable modern interior. Therapies, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), take place in communal rooms in groups.  The centre focuses on the long-proven effective 12-step method of recovery, or individual counselling is also available if you prefer to open up on a one-one basis. Your stay won’t be all therapy and group sessions focussed, though; the benefits of spending time meditating, doing yoga and walking outside have been a part of rehabilitation for many years.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Rehab Liverpool

How long do alcohol rehab programs last?

Stays in the Liverpool rehab vary greatly depending on your condition and how you want to recover. Some people choose to spend the most challenging period, the first 7 days of detox, in the clinic. However, the effectiveness of such a short stay is much lower, and the chance of relapse is significantly lower for longer stays. Addiction is rarely as simple as chemical dependence, and taking the time to work on the issues that led to substance abuse yields much better results. Most rehab clinics recommend a stay of a month in a residential clinic.

How much does rehab cost?

The cost of rehab varies enormously as there are a wide variety of clinics available. Naturally, clinics that provide more luxurious surroundings and extra services will be more expensive than others. Other factors such as sharing a room or bathroom facilities will impact the price you will pay.

Location is also a factor, and if you are willing and able to travel further, we will provide you with a wider range of options. Let our experts know your budget and requirements, and we will help you find a clinic that meets your personal and financial needs.

Can I have visitors in rehab?

Yes, visitors are encouraged in rehab centres so long as the clinic believes they are there to support and encourage you. In fact, the Liverpool rehab provides support and therapy for families and friends who have been affected by addiction. Joint therapy with members of your support network can greatly improve your chances of long-term recovery. If you are looking for somewhere near you we can help you find the most suitable alcohol rehab Liverpool has to offer you and your family.

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, there are people who can help you. Get help now by calling us on 02072052845, and we can find a rehab in Liverpool that is right for you.


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