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Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

alcohol rehab liverpool

If you’ve been having problems with drinking and/or drugs, then you may benefit from alcohol rehab in Liverpool. At our centres, trained professionals can help you detox and stay off of alcohol and drugs.

If you’re considering a Liverpool rehab, then keep reading. We’ll tell you what to expect when you check yourself in at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Liverpool has a long history with alcohol abuse; in 2011, 75% of men and 61% of women said they drank at least once a week. It was also ranked 4th in men and 6th for women in the nation for chronic liver disease mortality.

Problems with drinking can not only impact your personal life, but also your health. In many cases, people seek out both alcohol and drugs, which can present even more issues.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Clinic for Detox

Before you can get started on rehabilitation, you need to first go through alcohol detox. This is where you rid your body of its addiction to alcohol. As you can imagine, it can be extremely difficult to get through, which is why many people struggle to detox successfully on the first few tries.

In addition, detoxing on your own can be quite dangerous. If you don’t taper your drinking and “stop cold turkey”, individuals with a heavy enough alcohol dependence can have adverse side effects.

These include alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), which involves delirium tremens (DT), as well as tachycardia and high blood pressure. These side effects of withdrawal can be so serious that they’re fatal.

For all of the above reasons, this is why you go through detox through alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes. At our clinics, you’ll receive emergency help for alcoholics that’ll get you through detox safely.

You’ll be under the care of expertly trained medical professionals who can monitor your entire detox process. They’ll know how to taper your alcohol use and even prescribe medications to make detoxing not only safer but more comfortable.

Also, because you’re in the presence of other people, it’ll be more difficult to turn back and go back to your old drinking habits. This means you’ll have a much higher chance of completely detoxing and staying off drinking.

Types of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Liverpool

Once you’ve fully detoxed, then you’re ready for drug and alcohol recovery. You’ll go through an extensive process at alcohol rehab centres.

There are 2 types of Liverpool drugs and alcohol treatment centres to choose from residential rehab or outpatient rehab. Read on to find out more about each one if you’re researching “rehabs near me for drugs and alcohol”.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

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Inpatient alcohol rehab is also known as residential rehabilitation. As the name suggests, you’d stay at residential rehab centres for the duration of your treatment. So if you’re searching “drug rehab centres near me inpatient”, this would be the type of rehab you’d attend.

This means you’re completely removed from your home environment and are immersed in recovery. Unsurprisingly, this type of alcohol and drug rehab has the highest success rate. The optimal time is around 8 to 12 weeks, but if you’re unable to commit for that long, 28-day rehab is certainly possible.

So what happens in rehab?

During your time in inpatient rehab, you’ll work with a psychiatrist in Liverpool to figure out what drives you to drink. For many people, alcohol is an escape from difficulties in life, including traumas in the past. Together with your counsellor, you’ll unpack what’s troubling you and pinpoint your triggers.

In Liverpool, cocaine is a huge issue; you may have a drug addiction in addition to an alcoholic one. If so, the rehab professionals will also work with you to figure out the triggers for your drug addiction so you can find the path to complete sobriety. Not only that, but they’ll teach you constructive and healthy ways to deal with cravings so you decrease your chances of relapse.

In addition to your drug and alcohol therapist sessions (which include both one-on-one and group sessions), you’ll also get to participate in self-soothing and wholesome therapies. They include yoga, art and music therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), meditation, massage, and more. All of the above can help you find peace of mind and stabilise yourself in tough times.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

If “how much is rehab?” is a question on your mind, then you’re probably working with a tight budget. In that case, outpatient rehab may be a better choice for you.

Because you live and use the facilities 24/7 in inpatient rehab, it’s a lot more expensive. Not to mention you have to be there all the time, which means you can’t take care of normal everyday responsibilities, such as childminding, work, or school. So if you can’t find someone to take over your responsibilities, plus you don’t have a large amount of money to spend, then outpatient alcohol rehab can be more ideal for your situation.

In outpatient alcohol rehab, you’ll receive the same services as in inpatient, except you’ll come in for your appointments and go back to your daily routine afterwards. In the beginning, you may have to be in an inpatient detox programme so medical professionals can monitor your entire withdrawal process and ensure you’re safe. Afterwards, you can then move onto an outpatient programme.

In outpatient rehabilitation, you’ll still work with therapists to pinpoint your troubles and figure out healthy ways to cope. The main goal is to stop using drugs and alcohol as a crutch and to focus on truly healing for better health.

After You Complete Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Once you’ve completed alcohol and drug rehab, you’re not completely done yet. Addiction is a lifelong issue, which means you need to have the proper tools to deal with cravings and challenging situations that may drive you to drink again.

For this reason, it’s highly beneficial if you get aftercare treatment. You can choose to go to just a few sessions, or you can continue on if you wish. If this isn’t possible, getting a private psychiatrist in Liverpool is always worth exploring.

Below are some of the services you’ll benefit from when you go to aftercare treatment.

Individual Counselling

Like in rehab, you’ll receive individual counselling to keep building and finding yourself. Sobriety isn’t something that comes easily. It can be difficult to find your stride at first. For example, you may live in a home with people who partake in drugs and alcohol, so the temptation is in your face at all times.

As you can imagine, there will be scenarios where you can’t just remove yourself permanently, such as the one above. You’ll work with your therapist on your feelings, cravings, and together, you can find constructive ways of dealing with such tough situations.

In addition, if anything else stressful happens (such as an eviction or firing from a job), your therapist can help you work through those situations as well.

Group Counselling

It’s always helpful to know that you’re not the only person going through the recovery experience. Group sessions allow you to get together with other people in recovery to talk and relate to one another. Knowing you’re not alone can give you the strength to resist relapse.

Also, these groups offer a great support system. If you don’t have a reliable one, then others in recovery can be the ones you turn to when you’re struggling and need help turning down alcohol.


Just like in rehab, you’ll still get to enjoy various types of therapies that can calm your mind and help centre yourself. Again, these include things like yoga, meditation, massage, art and music therapy, and mindfulness. All these focus on improving not only your mental well-being but also your physical health.

Considering Going to Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

If dependency on alcohol has taken over your existence, then you’ll probably benefit highly from rehab places for drugs and alcohol. It may be a daunting and challenging journey to go on. But with the guidance of professionals at alcohol rehab, you can find the path to sobriety.

Are you looking for “alcohol treatment programmes near me”, “alcohol rehab near me“, or “drug rehab near me”? Then write to us now or use our rehab contact number. We’ll give you some free advice to determine if coming to alcohol and drug rehab in Liverpool is right for you.

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