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Family Programme

Family Programme

Our Family Programme

We at Rehabguide understand that addiction, and its related issues, does not just affect the person living with the condition. It can also be the cause of great pain in the lives of their friends and loved ones, who feel they are watching someone they care about destroy themselves and there is nothing they can do about it. They often feel angry at their loved one and lash out, finding it difficult to trust them, as they have been lied to before and have only heard broken promises. They grow to despise the person their family member had become and then feel guilty about it but still cling to who they used to be before their addiction took over.

How addiction affects the family

These complex family emotions are part of the tragedy of addiction, where it is not just the addict that suffers. It can be a complicated illness with a multitude of symptoms, which can be difficult for family members to understand. Especially since everyone is different and it seems no two cases are the same.

When treating a client Rehab Guide looks at the entire person, which means we consider their relationships with others to be an essential aspect of their treatment. We wish to bring a sufferer’s family members into the fold, to enlighten you about the principal force behind their addiction, so that you may distinguish the condition from who they are.

How we can help

Our experts will demonstrate how you can offer guidance and support to your family member while they are in rehab, and then later when they come home. Where, if due to their addiction, there has been some tension in the family, we could arrange for a family conference where you could speak to one of our highly trained counsellors, who will be happy to advise you.

Rehab Guide believes that offering support to the families of people living with addiction is paramount. We wish to rid your lives of the pain associated with drug or alcohol abuse also. Therefore, we can advise you the family members on what to do should your loved one suffer a relapse. We can help you promote or inspire development in his or her recovery and forward information on where to receive on-going support should you require it.

We are with you as you are with the person you love fighting addiction. You can depend on Rehab Guide.

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