Alcohol & Drug Rehab Nottingham

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Nottingham

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Author: Fiona Kennedy

Before you enter rehab, you probably have lots of questions about your drug and alcohol rehab options and what to expect.  Rehab Nottingham offers the support and resources you need to succeed on your journey to sobriety. Our Nottingham rehab offers a range of support for people suffering from alcohol & drug addiction and has excellent access from all parts of the country. East Midlands Railway operates a direct route to Nottingham from London St Pancras International.

Our free help-line is open 24 hours a day, and we offer 100% FREE advice for all types of addictions.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about our Nottingham rehab, including the withdrawal symptoms of detoxing from drugs or alcohol, what services are available, and what to expect from rehab.

Alcohol & drug addiction in Nottingham

Acknowledging you have a problem is step number one. Getting the help, you need to break the addiction cycle is next. If you are someone struggling from alcohol or drug addiction, you are not alone. According to the Office Of National Statistics, 38.8 deaths related to drug poisoning in the East Midland region of England.

Reasons to attend alcohol rehab in Nottingham

There are many high-quality free and private treatment facilities in Nottingham. It may seem challenging to choose a rehab, but we can help! If you believe that you or someone you love are in danger as a result of addiction – or if you just want to get some recommendations for treatment options in or near Nottingham, contact Rehab Guide now.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs differ for each person and are based on several factors.

The severity of your symptoms will depend on your age, sex, the type of substance you are addicted to, and how long you have been abusing.

You can expect a variety of withdrawal symptoms, but the most common are:

  • headaches
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • mood swings

Residential detox Nottingham

Inpatient addictions rehab clinics provide an immersive substance abuse treatment where patients live on-site 24hrs per day in a medical and caring recovering environment which is fully supervised.

alcohol rehab nottingham

Admission to a specialist unit for your detox is clearly the ideal in most cases. Alcohol and drug detox units have the most expertise in getting you through detox comfortably and have the best chances of getting you through detox without relapsing to alcohol or drug use before the completion of the detox. In addition to this, you will receive specialist counselling as part of the detox ‘package’. This should improve your chances of staying sober after detox considerably.

During detox, the patient receives an oral medication regime as prescribed by the medical consultant and the patient is slowly weaned off the substance of abuse, most times with the aid of sedative medication.  Alcohol detox and drug detox can be dangerous in an unsupervised environment and can, at the worst, be life-threatening.  The main dangers being seizures during withdrawal.

To ensure a safe and comfortable transition we can assure you that the team at the alcohol detox centre Nottingham will continually monitor your detox in a safe environment, medication will be administered by the clinical team, around the clock, under a strict medical protocol. The specialist detoxification teams will be on hand to off­er comfort and support throughout this process, and by regularly reviewing your detox programme, we will be able to make the process as comfortable as possible.

A tailored approach to drug & alcohol rehab in Nottingham

The second step in alcohol rehab and drug rehab is treating the psychological addiction to the drug, and this phase of recovery includes medical, psychological and peer support.   Individual counselling sessions, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and life skills counselling are the standard treatment methods in most alcohol treatment facilities.  Most rehabs offer a holistic experience approach to alcohol and drug addiction from a whole-body perspective incorporating a variety of natural healing therapies to promote sobriety, overall health and contentment.

Gender-specific rehab programmes offer care for women or men only.  This allows individuals to focus on their recovery without distraction from the opposite sex and allowing them space to address specific issues that are particular to gender and behaviour.

 Inpatient and outpatient programmes in Nottingham

Outpatient Rehab

Depending on your addiction and rehabilitation needs, you may feel an outpatient programme is your preferred choice. Outpatient rehab does not require the patient to stay at the facility. Instead, you travel to rehab each day for counselling therapy and support. Outpatient is best if you are suffering from a mild addiction. Although treatment is less intense, it can also have a longer alcohol recovery timeline.

Bear in mind that patients attending outpatient programmes will have a higher risk of relapse. If you need a more intensive programme, an inpatient alcohol rehab in Nottingham could be your best option.

Inpatient rehab

The programme at our drug & alcohol rehab in Nottingham has been carefully designed to ensure that our patients receive the best care at all times. Our programmes involve both individual and group therapy sessions coupled with presentations, meetings, wellbeing and aftercare.

Our way of thinking is to help you or a loved one become sober and drug-free and to help you build a life of hope and freedom for your future. Our drug rehab in Nottingham is staffed by specialists, who have the first-hand experience of some of the top rehab and detox therapies and aftercare. These specialists include therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors and nurses offering a full range of addiction services to meet most needs. This clinic provides a family support services to educate, process and guide family members to their own recoveries and to have healthy boundaries and coping strategies.

The treatment offered at our clinics include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • 12 Step groups
  • Smart recovery groups
  • 1-2-1 Counselling
  • Gym/Swim
  • Art therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Nutrition in recovery
  • Aftercare plans
  • 12 Step fellowship meetings
  • Family Programme

What happens after alcohol rehab in Nottingham?

Staying away from alcohol or drugs after rehab may be the most significant challenge you will ever face. The early period can be rough, but that doesn’t mean you are not getting better. Recovery is maintained through sobriety and learning to connect with oneself and others; recovery from drug & alcohol addiction is not an event but a continuous process. Continuing in recovery requires abstinence from addictive substances and or process behaviours. This is achieved through the use of recommended tools and support. Your alcohol & drug rehab in Nottingham will support and guide your recovery by providing these tools and connecting you to the resources you will need for your ongoing recovery.

Once rehab has concluded, patients will also receive up to 18 months of free aftercare. Rehab centres in Nottingham allow patients to attend the centre free of charge during this period.

Patients are urged to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups in and around Nottingham.

Rehab Guide offers addiction treatment across Nottinghamshire and in Newark-on-Trent, Mansfield, Worksop, Sutton-in Ashfield, Beeston, Carlton and West Bridgeford.

Let us find you a drug & alcohol rehab in Nottingham 

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and wish to see it resolved, you can receive the most comprehensive treatment available at Rehab Guide. For immediate admission into a Nottingham rehab, call Rehab Guide today on 02072052845  or complete the enquiry form and a member of staff will contact you shortly,


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