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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Nottingham

Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Nottingham

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Addiction Centers

An addiction centre provides therapeutic care for the compulsive physiological need to use a habit-forming substance such as alcohol or drugs. Searching for effective alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre near Nottingham? Our recommended centres are located around Nottingham – all with a very high success rate and rooms available now.

Rehab centres for addiction can help with all types of addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opiates and prescription drugs.

Rehabilitation for all types of addictions will start with a  detoxification process. This medically supervised process will allow the safe detox of damaging toxins from your body. The withdrawal symptoms of purging alcohol or drugs from your body will be tough on your body and mind, but treatment centres will counteract these feelings with supervision support, rest and medication.

After the detox stage, you are on your way to recovery. Re-educating your way of thinking is absolutely necessary if you want to remain abstinent from alcohol or drugs. If you have quit drinking or taking drugs before, you may have relapsed because your habitual thinking hasn’t changed. The way you deal with life and treat yourself must change before you can stay sober, and that’s where addiction therapy can help.

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How do I know if I have an addiction?

You’ve acknowledged you might have a dependency that’s affecting your life. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you are irritable around family and friends, or perhaps you are waking up late to work and your performance is not as good as it used to be. Did you get a speeding fine because you woke up late due to your drinking and rushed to work? If this is something that sounds familiar, have a think about how addiction has affected your life in a negative way.

  • Family & friends have made comments that they think you might have a problem
  • Your spending a large amount of your salary or are in debt because you are spending it on drugs or alcohol.
  • You feel nausea, anxiety, irritable, fatigue or feel generally poor when you haven’t drunk or used
  • Your performance at work, college or university is hindered by your dependency
  • You are drinking or using drugs when you get up in the morning to relieve cravings or physical withdrawals

alcohol detox

What happens at rehab

Continual use of intoxicants such as alcohol and heroin will result in a chemical dependency that’s difficult to treat without help.

Inpatient rehabilitation clinics provide an immersive treatment program in which patients live on-site 24 hours per day with support workers and therapists. Admission to a specialist unit for your detox is clearly the ideal choice in most cases as being there shields you from outside influences during rehabilitation.

During detox, the patient receives an oral medication regime as prescribed by the medical consultant. Through this process, the patient is slowly weaned off the substance of concern, most times with the aid of sedative medication. Going ‘cold turkey’ can be dangerous in an unsupervised environment and can, at the worst, be life-threatening.  The main dangers being seizures during withdrawal.

What the program involves

The second step in alcohol rehab and drug rehab is treating the psychological addiction to the drug, and this phase of recovery includes medical, psychological and peer support.

Individual counselling sessions, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and life skills counselling are the most effective treatment methods in most treatment facilities.  Most rehabs offer a holistic experience approach to alcohol and drug addiction from a whole-body perspective, incorporating a variety of natural healing therapies to promote sobriety, overall health and contentment.

Gender-specific rehab programmes can be accessed offering care for women or men only.

Inpatient and outpatient programmes in Nottingham

Outpatient Rehab

Depending on your addiction and rehabilitation needs, you may feel an outpatient programme is your preferred choice. Outpatient rehab does not require the patient to stay at the facility. Instead, you travel to rehab each day for counselling therapy and support. Outpatient is best if you are suffering from a mild addiction. Although treatment is less intense, it can also have a longer recovery time.

Bear in mind that patients attending outpatient programmes will have a higher risk of relapse. If you need a more intensive programme, an inpatient alcohol rehab in Nottingham could be your best option.

Inpatient rehab

The programme at our rehab in Nottingham has been carefully designed to ensure that our patients receive the best care at all times. Our programmes involve both individual and group therapy sessions coupled with presentations, meetings, wellbeing and aftercare.

Our way of thinking is to help you or a loved one become sober and drug-free and to help you build a life of hope and freedom for your future. Our drug rehab in Nottingham is staffed by specialists, who have the first-hand experience of some of the top rehab and detox therapies and aftercare. These specialists include therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors and nurses offering a full range of addiction services to meet most needs. This clinic provides family support services to educate, process and guide family members to their own recoveries and to have healthy boundaries and coping strategies.

The treatment offered at our clinics include:

What happens after rehab?

Staying away from alcohol or drugs after rehab may be the most significant challenge you will ever face. The early period can be rough, but that doesn’t mean you are not getting better. Recovery is maintained through sobriety and learning to connect with oneself and others; recovery from drug & alcohol addiction is not an event but a continuous process. Continuing in recovery requires abstinence from addictive substances and or process behaviours. This is achieved through the use of recommended tools and support. Your rehab in Nottingham will support and guide your recovery by providing these tools and connecting you to the resources you will need for your ongoing recovery.

Once rehab has concluded, patients will also receive up to 18 months of free aftercare. Rehab centres in Nottingham allow patients to attend the centre free of charge during this period.

Patients are urged to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups in and around Nottingham.

Rehab Guide offers addiction treatment across Nottinghamshire and in Newark-on-Trent, Mansfield, Worksop, Sutton-in Ashfield, Beeston, Carlton and West Bridgeford.

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