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Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Manchester

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Manchester

Updated 01/01/20

If you live in Manchester and you struggle with alcohol dependence Rehab Guide offers drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the Manchester and Greater Manchester region. The sooner you treat your alcoholism, the more you can lessen the damage done to your body over the course of time.

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. The city is famous for the rivalry between its football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United.  Thanks to an integrated transport network, Manchester is one of the most accessible cities in the UK for both national and international visitors.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol casually. However, casual drinking can quickly turn into alcohol addiction if you’re not careful. Many alcoholics refuse to face the fact that they are struggling with a problem. They simply continue to drink and ignore the warning signs from their bodies. This stubbornness has ruined the lives of many alcoholics.

According to the Office of National Statistics Manchester and the North West of England are the heaviest drinkers in England.

drug and alcohol rehab manchester

As a result, the following types of treatment are available in the area. The various rehab facilities are alcohol detoxification, drug rehab Manchester, long term residential, short term residential, and outpatient treatment. Rehab Guide can provide an addict in need of immediate help to be admitted to a rehab Manchester facility with as little as a one or two-day waiting period.

Reasons to attend drug & alcohol rehab in Manchester

If you live in Manchester, why should you seek the services of an alcohol rehabilitation centre near you? One of the primary reasons is rehab clinics provide a place for you to safely detox. Detox is the first step to recovery, and it’s often the most challenging step to overcome.  A facility close to home is best. Being able to attend local support groups after your programme has ended and contacting your therapist at the clinic will decrease the chances of relapse. Friends are family are welcome at our clinics after the initial detoxification period.

Detoxing safely in a rehab facility

Fighting an alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Even the smallest trigger can cause you to start abusing alcohol once more. Alcohol rehab facilities provide a safe, welcoming environment where you can separate yourself from the rest of the world (which subsequently separates you from possible triggers) as you cleanse your body of all impurities.

Ideally, you’ll also want to detox in a rehab clinic. You can never truly predict which symptoms you may experience during detox or how severe your symptoms will be. If you are physically addicted to alcohol, then on cessation of alcohol use, you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as tremor, sweating, nausea, vomiting, raised blood pressure and increased pulse. In severe alcohol withdrawal, you may experience epileptic seizures hallucinations, delusions and disorientation in time and place. In some cases, acute alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.

Detoxification in a specialist unit offers more than just the medical side of things. These are the three main reasons for this:

  1. You will be in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment, away from the temptation of readily available alcohol or drugs.
  2. You will receive daily counselling from specialist alcohol counsellors and get to witness and understand the difficulties others had with alcohol.
  3. You may be prescribed some medication on a short term basis to keep you relaxed and to help you sleep – to take the edge of the first several days without alcohol.

Life inside a rehab Manchester 

Entering a rehab may seem scary at first; however, if you know what to expect, you can feel more confident about getting the right treatment.  Rehab involves intensive counselling aimed at teaching you the skills to stay off alcohol or drugs on your return home. Typically people commit to around a month in rehab, and this time can also be used to deal with any other issues they may have. The single most crucial matter to remember about rehab clinics is that people who commit to a period of rehab have much better outcomes than those who only complete detox.

If you attend a private rehab unit, you will receive counselling and be encouraged to participate in group therapy with other patients during your time there. To remain abstinent, any underlying emotional issues must be resolved to prevent a return to drinking.

You can also expect to take part in a wide range of healthy activities. This will include yoga, Reiki, fitness programmes, holistic therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, aftercare & relapse prevention. A well balanced and nutritional diet cooked up by an in-house chef will support you in the healing process. WIFI is available, and patients are allowed to bring along a laptop or mobile phone.

What happens after rehab in Manchester?

Maintaining abstinence will bring rewards whether these are delivered by living longer, feeling better in yourself and with yourself, or having better relationships with others. All of these things can disappear in a moment if you relapse. After completion of a successful rehab programme in Manchester, support for your addiction will be available from the clinic, and they will also recommend local support groups for you to attend. To avoid triggers and relapse, you may have to develop a new perspective. What would you like to achieve from life now that you are sober? Do you have any non-drinking friends you could get in touch with? What kinds of exercise would you enjoy? Do you need to search for a new job?  It’s time to put your personal needs first.

Let us help you find rehab in Manchester

Are you ready to reclaim your life? Rehab Guide can offer you a tailored approach to get the best individualised treatment possible. Contact us today or phone 02072052845 for more information and help to find alcohol services in Manchester.



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