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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment in Bristol

We can help you find drug or alcohol detox and rehab in Bristol and advise on what addiction treatment is right for you.

Overcoming addiction is a huge challenge for you and your loved ones. Our team have decades of experience as rehab staff and alcohol counsellors.

You can benefit from their experience and counselling on which rehab to choose, how to convince someone to go to rehab and the steps towards admission.

What is Alcohol Rehab?

A wide range of rehab is available in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Several large country estates and suburban homes have been refitted as rehab residences and treatment centers. You will also find city-based clinics based in former townhouses.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol rehab starts with a detox program. You will spend a week in detox using a medical detox program. This includes a prescription from the doctor to help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The goal is to get the alcohol or other drugs out of your system. Then you start to rebuild your health in body and mind. A nutrition and exercise plan will start as soon as you are able.

Holistic treatments help with detox as well. Massage, spa baths and steam treatment are available in the Bristol area.

Rehab Therapy

Detox is about physically stopping, but relapse is a big risk without psychological treatment.

CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) is a modern type of counselling ideally suited to addiction treatment. It helps us understand how and why we are doing something damaging like drinking too much. Then we work on changing our behaviour and thought patterns to make us healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

DBT (dialectic behaviour therapy) is a form of CBT that also treats mental health issues and behaviour problems. Over half of those in rehab have a mental health concern and an addiction. Often this can be at the heart of alcohol use disorder.

Holistic Therapy

Rehab isn’t just about stopping drinking or drugs. We need to find something better to replace them in our lives.

Finding something you enjoy and that is good for you is a part of rehabilitation. The rehab center will help you. Exercise, hobbies, art and music are all available during your stay.

Bristol Rehab South

Situated in a tranquil part of southern England, a fully residential rehab centre with an extensive therapeutic program.

  • Full medically supervised detox
  • Own room & on-suite with house-keeping
  • Extensive therapeutic program
  • 24-hour staff on-call
  • In–house chef

Therapies include Detox, 12 steps, psychotherapy, mindfulness, stress management, yoga, art therapy, nutritional guidance. You can also use neuro-biology, acupuncture & person-centred sobriety planning.

The 19-bed addiction centre has a medical programme that includes an assessment and a full medically supervised detox. Clients have their rooms, and most are en-suite. Clients will have tea and coffee facilities, a fridge, TV, a hairdryer and a water cooler in their rooms.

The treatment approach offers a person-centred plan and encourages a client to work towards a change in their perception, leading to a self-generating and creative state of being to promote physical, mental, emotional, and behavioural regeneration.

Treatment programs can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Your therapy team can discuss your program before admission or an ongoing assessment process. The staff team are dedicated and professional and come with a wealth of experience in addiction.

A Psychiatrist offers medical expertise and support and will see and assess all clients where a need is identified. Meals are cooked for the clients and offer a healthy, balanced menu that kitchen staff can adapt according to personal needs, choices and preferences.

Bristol Rehab North

Located on a beautiful stretch of coastline, this small and intimate ensures you have the privacy and comfort required to recover.

  • Full medically supervised detox
  • Individualised recovery plans
  • Range of therapies
  • Garden, steam room & jacuzzi

“Therapies include Detox, 12 steps, initial consultant by psychiatrist mindfulness, CBT therapy, person-centred sobriety planning.”

The clinic provides various alcohol and drug treatment packages depending on your needs and budget. With several highly specialised treatments available here and a small number of patients, you will receive a high level of staff attention if required.

Upon admission into the clinic, you will be fully assessed by a consultant psychiatrist. Following the assessment, Your support team will put an individualised recovery plan.

Each day, you will attend therapy sessions, including group and one-to-one therapy sessions—therapists to help you identify issues that cause you to resort to drug or alcohol use.

There are thirteen rooms available in the clinic, both doubles and singles, most with private bathrooms. For those looking for a touch of luxury, two executive rooms with sea views are available. Additionally, the alcohol rehab centre has a garden area for clients to relax and reflect in peace and privacy.

The clinic has both single rooms and shared rooms. The rehab centre has a private room for various treatments with a massage therapy chair and relaxation room. Clients can also use the jacuzzi, perfect for relaxation and easing any aches and pains. A steam room is also available, providing clients with relaxation and a chance to enjoy the healing effects of steam, especially beneficial during the detox period.

“If you want your best chance of beating alcoholism, you need expert help and long-term strategies.”

Free drug & alcohol rehab in Bristol

To access free rehabilitation programs in Birmingham, start by getting in touch with ‘Change Grow Live’. Get information and advice about drugs and alcohol from the Change Grow Live charity or contact the following services:

Free support Groups in Bristol

Alcoholics Anonymous in Bristol (The AA):

AA support groups in Bristol

Alcoholics Anonymous, or ‘The AA’, is an international fellowship to enable members to remain sober and help other alcoholics through the same 12 Step Program.

Narcotics Anonymous in Bristol (The NA):

NA support groups in Bristol

Narcotics Anonymous, or ‘The NA’, hosts meetings in Bristol, using a twelve-step model developed for people with various substance use disorders.

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery groups in Bristol

An alternative to the AA’s twelve-step model, Smart Recovery is a not-for-profit organisation assisting individuals seeking an abstinent future. A science-based approach is used to implement cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and motivational methods.

Smart Recovery Meeting in Bristol:

Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Where: Brunswick Square, St Paul’s, Bristol BS2 8PE, UK

Access to online meetings is also available.

How Rehab Guide Helps

One of the first steps to recovery is to find a rehab centre that offers treatment for co-occurring and underlying disorders that may be contributing to alcohol abuse. Because alcohol has become so integrated into English culture, recovering alcoholics are frequently exposed to triggers that may lead to relapse.

Finding a rehab centre qualified to help recovering patients battle their cravings is essential to overcoming alcoholism.

While alcohol may be a commonly enjoyed drink of many successful and stable people worldwide, it doesn’t take much for someone to go from casual drinker to alcoholic.

“Some people are more susceptible to alcohol addiction than others, quickly falling under its power.”

This is not a problem that is easily handled alone. It takes support, treatment, and constant attention to tackle this problem effectively.

Rehab Guide can help you with the following:

  • Locate local support groups
  • Locate local therapists
  • Setting up sobriety sponsors
  • Advice on recovery
  • Advice on rehabilitation & detoxification

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