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I Want To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Have you ever found yourself stopping to think, “I need to stop drinking, I want to stop drinking?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone; there are more than 14.4 million people that have an issue when it comes to alcohol.

We understand the allure it can hold for those who are addicted to it, but as someone that’s seeking to give up this addiction, knowing the benefits of stopping may provide you with the extra motivation to quit.

By the time you’ve finished scrolling through our post, not only are you going to know what the benefits are when you quit drinking, but you’re also going to be ready to take the necessary step down recovery road.

What Does Drinking Do to the Body?

For those who are continually drinking, it’s easy to assume that the only effects alcohol has to offer is a buzz, a hangover, or a good time. But there is so much more going on when you’re regularly drinking. One issue that can arise when your body is exposed to alcohol consumption over long periods is alcohol hepatitis, which is essentially inflammation of the liver.

Many people who are chronic drinkers find themselves having issues with their liver because scar tissue builds up over time, making it difficult for the liver to do its job. Another issue that may arise from having a drinking addiction is a disruption of brain activity.

When you’re not drinking, you’re able to make decisions and think clearly. Still, once that alcohol enters your system, the pathways of communication in the brain become blocked, making it challenging for the brain to interact with other parts of the body. These are just a few of the issues that arise from having an alcohol addiction, but here are the fantastic benefits that occur when you stop drinking alcohol.

  1. Improved Mental Health

Many recovering addicts find that one of the reasons they were deep into addiction had to do with underlying mental health issues. These mental health issues could be anything from depression, schizophrenia disorder, or traumas from the past.

When you’re addicted, it’s not easy to work through these issues in your life. Instead, you find yourself masking your emotions. But when you choose to stop drinking, you can seek the help you need and begin to talk about these issues and find ways to improve your mental health.

Speaking with a professional will give you the tools you need to remain sober, even during the tough days.

  1. Improved Sleep Cycle

Those who drink alcohol consistently are used to not getting the best cycles of sleep. Initially, when someone passes out, they may give the illusion that they are in a deep sleep, but this is simply not the case.

As the body continues to work overtime to rid itself of the alcohol, it does something called metabolizing. As this process continues, the person that has been drinking will begin to experience disrupted sleep.

The reason for this you may be wondering? Your body is ridding itself of the alcohol; therefore, you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom more. But when you stop drinking altogether, you may run into some issues as your body relearns how to fall asleep naturally, but you’ll begin to enjoy a regular and healthier sleep cycle.

  1. Stronger Immune System

Alcohol makes it difficult for your body to do what it needs to when it comes to protecting you from viruses and disease. To fight off bacteria that enters the body, you’ve got to produce white blood cells to attack germs once they enter the body.

When you choose to enter into recovery, your body begins the process of healing and does its best to produce more white blood cells, which in turn helps to build a stronger immune system over time.

  1. Improved Relationships

When you’re in the midst of an alcohol addiction, many of your relationships, whether they’re with family or friends, will become broken and destroyed. The reason for this is because alcohol becomes the centre of your focus, and nothing else matters.

When you give up alcohol, you can begin the process of mending the relationships that fell by the wayside during your addiction. It may take time to repair these relationships, but as you move forward, you get to make amends for the wrongs you’ve done to others — and begin to show them that you’re serious about your recovery and goals to remain sober.

  1. Reduction of Legal Issues

As we stated earlier, alcohol impedes the brain’s ability to send messages to the body and make decisions. Thus, you may have found yourself making tons of poor choices. This includes drinking and driving, which can lead to arrest and other legal issues.

When you stop drinking, you can take the steps necessary to clear up existing legal issues. As you clear up these legal issues, you will be able to regain the freedom that you’d lost because of your poor decision making.

I Want to Stop Drinking

I want to stop drinking, I need to stop drinking! And with that mentally and motivation you’re going to take the steps you need to do just that. When you start your recovery, take the time to remember the benefits that come from giving up alcohol — benefits like getting back the relationships you lost and not having to face legal problems.

You’re taking your life back! But to get sober and remain sober, you need help. And that’s why you need to contact us here at the Rehab Guide. We’ve got the resources you need to quit alcohol for good.

We’re waiting to give you the helping hand you’ve been looking for.

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