Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

A Common question that gets asked over and over again is does alcohol rehab work? Well, we can assure you that all the science and academically based evidence tell us YES YES YES!!! So there is no need to worry about whether you should attend or not attend an alcohol rehab.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Group in a Rehabilitation Centre

For over 6  decades, a wealth  of studies and research has been done on how well rehab treatments work. It was revealed that the most effective treatment is a combination of different therapies and philosophies.

The types of therapies that you should be looking for are rehabs that use a variety of therapies that might include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in their programmes. The evidence also shows that the most effective treatment combination is a treatment regimen, consisting of a treatment program (residential or outpatient), along with the attendance to a group that follows a 12-step program, and weekly counselling sessions, which can be either individual or group.

[i]A study conducted in 1994 called the ‘Target Cities Project’ showed that people who had completed a drug dependency treatment program, who had attended one 12-step program per week and had one counselling session per week had an 87% chance of remaining abstinent six months after completion of their treatment.

The length of time spent in a treatment program also affects the probability of success. Three months is the minimum recommended length of time people should stay in a treatment program in order to gain the best chances of achieving abstinence. Unfortunately, most people can only afford the minimum requirement which is a 28 day stay. We would highly recommend that if you can afford to stay even just one week longer, your chances of staying sober will jump dramatically. So the next time you find yourself asking the question, does alcohol rehab work, you can be safe knowing that the evidence from many years of the study says that yes, it does!

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