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Getting Help in Scotland

Are you or a family member in need of an alcohol rehab centre in Scotland? We specialise in providing bespoke rehab treatment for those suffering from an alcohol addiction problem.

All of our alcohol clinics offer therapy sessions staffed by qualified professionals, most of whom have overcome a problem with alcohol addiction themselves. They have experienced first-hand the pain and misery that addiction can bring. They are living proof of what can be achieved through receiving expert help and continuing to live a productive and sober life.

We pride ourselves on our passion for helping the still suffering alcoholic to recover from alcoholism. We offer a highly professional and ethical rehab service that will ensure that you are supported throughout the entire rehab process.

Please call and speak to one of our friendly addiction treatment experts who will gladly advise you of your treatment options in and around Scotland; .

Immediate Addiction Help in Scotland

We endeavour to make choosing the correct help in Scotland as stress-free as possible. We appreciate that most individuals requiring urgent treatment or rehab will reach out in times of crisis. In the addiction treatment field, we refer to this as a “window of opportunity”.

Addiction often deludes the sufferer. An alcoholic may think that they are in control of their drinking or that there drinking isn’t that bad. The reality may well be that they are destroying their relationships, suffering mentally, physically and financially, and their whole life has become entirely unmanageable.

To get an alcoholic to accept the complex and destructive nature of their condition can be a very frustrating and heartbreaking process, especially for family members and those that love and care for them. It is often the case that they will only ask for help when they feel they have run out of options and fear for their life. This may follow a drinking binge or some alcohol-related disaster.

It is vital to act promptly while an addict is receptive to the idea of undergoing rehab treatment. This should be attempted before they retreat into their comfortable delusion that they can beat alcoholism on their own.

By enlisting our help to arrange a rehab clinic, there will be no waiting list. Rehab Guide will act quickly and professionally to ensure that no opportunity to recover is wasted.

Treatment for Drug Addiction 

Treating addiction successfully demands a very bespoke approach. Quitting is only the very beginning. For some, a medical detox may be required if there are signs of being dependent.

It takes a lot of hard work and change to remain sober and avoid relapse. It is therefore essential that any drug addiction is adequately addressed through a comprehensive treatment programme and that no stone is left unturned. A sufficient mental defence and understanding of alcoholism should be gained. Unless the individual has undergone a profound change in thinking and behaviour, there will come a time when alcohol becomes a genuine temptation once again.

When treating addiction and alcohol abuse, there is no one size fits all. It is necessary for each person’s programme to be adapted to their own individual medical, physical and psychological treatment needs.

Symptoms of alcoholism and addiction

Alcoholism is the physical and/or philological dependence.

If you find yourself regularly thinking about your next drink, or if you’ve tried to cut back on drinking and never quite succeeded, you may be addicted.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of withdrawal include:

It may take a few hours or days for these symptoms to show, and they may get worse in the days following.

Withdrawal can be dangerous, but a detox program can help you move past the negative symptoms safely.

In some cases, the individual may experience the most severe form of withdrawal called delirium tremens. This can cause agitation, fever, hallucinations, confusion, and seizures. For this reason, heavy drinkers who are looking to end their addiction should seek medical assistance.

An excellent alcohol rehab clinic will also address social, educational and spiritual needs.

Types of Rehab 

There are many different types of rehab in Scotland, and each has its own merits. Following a comprehensive assessment of your treatment needs, Rehab Guide will recommend your ideal treatment centre.

You can be assured that the Scottish clinics we recommend will have the capacity and ability to treat all aspects alcoholism.

Types of rehab available include:

Free Scottish Alcohol Rehab 

Are you looking for free treatment in Scotland? Likely the reality of free rehab availability will make you feel very hopeless and deflated.

Sadly, free rehabs are very few and far between. The free rehabs that do exist in Scotland are often dominated by a particular religion or do not offer the evidence-based treatment needed.

To access free rehab that offers professional alcohol rehabilitation and full medical detox, you will need to register with your local addiction rehab services. Local drug and alcohol services can apply for government funding/statutory funding for rehab. Please be aware that this is not a quick or straightforward process.

If you or your loved one need immediate admission to a clinic in Scotland, we suggest you consider funding rehab privately. Realistically, this is the only way you can access quick detox without delay.

How Much Is Treatment? 

The cost of rehab in Scotland varies depending on where you go, the type of rehab you choose and the duration of your treatment. Alcohol only detoxes need not be expensive but do be wary of very cheap treatment and detox clinics. It is vital that you attend a rehab that is fully CQC registered, run by trained and qualified addiction professionals and offers some psychological rehabilitation and treatment.

Detox carries health risks if not conducted correctly, and it is crucial to ensure the detox clinic has a good reputation and follows the correct detox protocols.

Rehabilitation Centres in Scotland

rehab addiction

Rehab Guide is a leading authority on Scottish alcohol centres and detox clinics in Scotland and the rest of the UK. We provide peace of mind and the assurance that you or your family member can receive the best possible treatment available.

By choosing us, you will reap the following benefits

Alcohol rehab Scotland should be a life-saving experience, not just a break from drinking. This is why we are so passionate about helping alcoholics to access reputable and evidence-based treatment that works.

The Perfect Drug Rehab Location in Scotland

Everyone’s idea of the perfect rehab location is personal to them. For some, it may be the hustle and bustle of city life in a luxury Edinburgh or Glasgow alcohol rehab. For others, a secluded highlands rehab with beautiful surroundings and nature walks or perhaps a beach rehab near one of Scotland’s many beautiful beaches and quaint seaside towns.

Whatever your preference is location wise we will find you the perfect rehab in an environment and area that you or your loved one will thrive in.

Private Scottish Alcohol Treatment 

If you are looking for alcohol treatment in Scotland, we can assist. Whether you are looking for counselling or therapy for alcohol or admission to a residential clinic, we can make the necessary arrangements and take care of all the details. We take into account where you live in Scotland, your financial budget, treatment needs and your treatment preferences.

If you cannot afford private treatment, we will gladly point you to the correct sources of help local to your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Scotland

Alcoholics Anonymous is there to help and support those who do not need a medical alcohol detox. Numerous Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are free to access. You can find the times and places of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings near you here

Alcohol Statistics

Alcoholism in Scotland is rife, and in 2016 there were 1,265 Scottish alcohol-related deaths – a 10% increase on the previous year. This follows a £15.3 million reduction to drug treatment services by the Scottish government. Sadly the people of Scotland are not being provided with the treatment so desperately needed to recover; as a result, many are tragically dying.

It is becoming evident that as a nation, our relationship with alcohol has become unbalanced.

Scottish Alcohol sales data suggests that total consumption has increased by 15% over the last 20 years (1994-2016). Enough alcohol is being sold for every adult in Scotland to drink over 20 units each week since at least 2000.  This is six units (44%) more than the lower risk guidelines of 14 units a week for men and women.

Since 2009, we have seen a 9% decrease in Scottish alcohol consumption per adult, but the levels are still high.

Almost a fifth more alcohol is sold per adult in Scotland than in England and Wales.

From a report by the Office of National Statistics, rates of alcohol-specific deaths still remain the highest in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK.

Alcoholism is a treatable disease. With the correct professional addiction treatment, recovery can be attained and maintained. No one needs to die an alcoholic death, and there is help available to prevent this.

Alcohol Rehab Clinics Today

If you or a family member need immediate alcohol clinic in Scotland today, please call Rehab Guide for fast, efficient, professional and ethical help.

We only work with the top treatment centres in Scotland that specialise in delivering a rehab service that is conducive to achieving long term sobriety.

No one need die of alcoholism. As a chronic and progressive brain disease, while alcoholism is not curable, it is entirely treatable. Don’t waste another day fighting alcohol addiction on your own; we are here to help you in any way that we can.

Rehab Guide can make taking the very first step to a sober life comfortable, reassuring and cost-effective.

For immediate admission into a Scottish rehab, call Rehab Guide today on 0141 427 3491  or complete the enquiry form and a member of staff will contact you shortly,





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