How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost?

One of the first questions you may ask yourself when thinking about tackling alcohol issues, is how much does alcohol rehab cost? Prices vary with location, programme density and on an individuals level of dependence.

In general, private alcohol rehab costs vary somewhere between £2000 to £10,000 per week. What you can access via the NHS will again depend on your postcode. If you are very lucky, your NHS trust or health board may be able to assist you with a detoxification and perhaps some monthly counselling sessions. Although most will have to go on various waiting lists and endure many assessments before this process can begin.


Finance options and payment plans now available


So when asking yourself how much does alcohol rehab cost, try to think in terms of, “well if I don’t access an alcohol rehab, what will be the cost to my family, my health, my employment etc.” It is a relatively small investment that will go a long way in return by helping you to access a completely new way of life that is free from alcohol.

“How much does alcohol rehab cost?” can be answered quickly by speaking to one of our trained advisers who have recovered themselves from alcohol addiction.

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