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Luxury Rehab Centres

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Luxury rehab has a great deal to offer those living with an addiction. Choosing the best rehab for you can greatly impact your recovery. 

This is a challenging time for those with an addiction. You have finally decided to take the first step towards a new and better life free of drinking or drugs. The prospect of leaving home can be daunting, especially at such a vulnerable time. Finding the right rehab centre in the best location for you is essential.

Best Rehab in the UK

The UK is known for its high standard of medical care and rehab. There is also a great variety of treatments and accommodation so you can find something that suits you or a loved one.

The best rehab should incorporate your needs in both treatment and living conditions. What helps one person stop drinking or taking drugs might not be the same for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a rehab.

  • Do you want to stay close to home or getaway?
  • What is your budget for rehab? It’s better to stay longer in a less expensive rehab than a short luxury stay.
  • Do you need specialised care or treatment?
  • Do you have a treatment plan in mind? Particular moral or religious needs can be catered for with everything from SMART recovery to Christian rehab centres
  • Would a luxury rehab help motivate your loved one to seek help?

Luxury rehab Bedroom

Why Choose a Luxury Rehab?


The best reason for choosing a luxury rehab is, of course, the treatment. While we only recommend centres of various budgets, which provide excellent treatment, luxury rehab will offer more variety and specialists.

In a luxury rehab, you can also expect extras, usually included in the price of your stay. Many less expensive rehabs will offer these at an additional cost on a bespoke basis. Some holistic therapies you might find in luxury rehab are:

  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • NAD IV treatment
  • Glutathione treatment
  • Personal Fitness Training

When deciding which rehab is best for you, you must consider your addiction a priority. Although most rehab centres provide treatment for various conditions, you should consider one that specialises in your addiction. For example, the best rehab for drug addiction may not be the same as the best for alcohol addiction. Luxury rehab in the area you want should always come second to one that can provide the most appropriate treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment


Most rehabs will have comfortable accommodation for you during your stay. This is a big concern as the average residential rehab stay is a month. You want to feel at home and content in your surroundings during this challenging time.

Worries about accommodation can be a barrier to some people who need rehab. They may imagine it to be like a hospital or shelter, neither of which is the case. There are two primary kinds of rehabs, those based in small homes that have been renovated to function as rehab and larger scale hotel or country home rehabs.

Some rehabs will be more home-like in their accommodation. You may be staying in a house with other residents, which is comforting and familiar to many people.

Luxury rehabs are more likely to be the other kind of accommodation, akin to a hotel. These rehabs are spread across the UK, and you will find small luxury boutique rehabs near London and in the suburbs and grand country estates in Scotland, Wales and rural England.

There are several features you may find in a luxury rehab in the UK. Not all have the same facilities, but you can expect some or all of the following:

  • Private ensuite bedrooms
  • Private fitness suits and swimming pools
  • A la Carte dining
  • Secluded private grounds

Luxury Alcohol rehab center pool and gym

Holistic Therapies

Most rehab centres we recommend have a program of holistic therapy. Rehab isn’t just about taking away the negative aspects of your life but bringing new positive forces into it.

Luxury rehabs will have more options for activities for you to spend your spare time on. Some of these will be a welcome distraction, and others may become lifelong passions.

Art and music therapy are common in luxury rehabs. They may even have inbuilt studios or cabins for these activities. Animal therapy is also popular in rural luxury rehabs in the UK.

This involves spending time with and caring for animals such as horses and dogs. Spending time with animals is proven to lift your mood and caring for others gives many of us a sense of purpose, building self-esteem.

Fitness and health are a big part of rehab. To recover your mind, you must help your body first. Overuse of alcohol or drugs does severe damage to your body, but fortunately for most of us, this can be repaired. Your counsellor in rehab will consult with you on how to best get you on a daily exercise regimen.

Cost of Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab is, of course, more expensive than most other clinics. The actual price will vary depending on location, size of the rehab and facilities. For example, a luxury rehab in a more rural area or Scotland and Wales will be more cost-effective than one in London.

You will generally pay more for any rehab in high-demand areas. On average, luxury rehab will charge around £8-10 thousand per week. This will usually include transport, additional therapies and a private ensuite room.

Luxury Rehab Abroad

There are several advantages to choosing a luxury rehab outside of the UK. Thanks to the high level of hospitality and readily available hotel buildings, these can offer the perfect rehab stay. These often enjoy a swimming pool, restaurant, spa and excellent climate and surroundings. Often luxury rehab abroad is more cost-effective due to lower costs of living than the UK. You will find several luxury rehabs in Spain, Portugal, South Africa and Dubai.

Luxury rehab pool Spain

Choosing a Rehab

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, a luxury rehab has a lot to offer. It is a very comfortable and well-serviced residence. While many rehabs view learning to look after yourself as an important step in recovery, being well catered for and able to focus on your therapies has great merit too. This can be important during what is a very challenging time physically and mentally.

If you have some ideas of what you are looking for in a luxury rehab, our team can help you. They have experience in all areas of recovery and rehabilitation and can recommend the best rehab for you.

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