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Heroin Rehab London

Heroin Rehab London

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If you or a loved one are looking for heroin rehab in London, we can help. Our addiction treatment experts are here to assist you in finding the heroin treatment programme that is right for you.

Rehab Guide offers a completely non-judgemental, professional and confidential service to anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol problem.

Heroin addiction can seem hopeless – But we know that recovery is possible. We pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment and transparency in helping addicts and their families to recover.

Our CQC registered heroin rehabs in London are well established and are dedicated to achieving successful long term recovery outcomes. Patient welfare always comes first, and we only employ qualified professionals experienced in treating addiction.

Call Rehab Guide today on 02072052845 or a free and confidential assessment of your individual treatment needs.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction is extremely difficult to overcome without professional help and treatment. As a life-threatening illness that compels the sufferer to use despite mounting negative consequences, many heroin addicts sadly die from not receiving the correct addiction treatment in time.

It is important to understand that if you have an addiction to heroin, that you are suffering from an illness that is beyond your mental control and willpower. Accessing professional addiction treatment and private rehab can be the difference between life and death.

Rehab Guide understand that if you are struggling to quit heroin, you may well feel ashamed that things have gotten so out of control. Many addicts struggle to ask for help, not knowing that they are suffering from a recognised medical and mental health disease.

Addiction is not a choice. However, you do have a choice in seeking help. We will ensure that you have all the information necessary regarding the best heroin rehabs and treatments available. Furthermore, we will support you and your family throughout your rehab journey and beyond.

What Is Heroin Rehabilitation?

Heroin rehab is a purpose-built residential rehab treatment facility that delivers intensive medical and therapeutic treatments. Heroin rehab treats those suffering from heroin addiction or heroin abuse.

Inpatient heroin rehab differs from a heroin detox clinic, in that it offers patients a medical detox from heroin AND a bespoke treatment plan & programme. This comprehensive approach enables personal recovery from addiction. A heroin detox clinic, on the other hand, focuses only on the physical aspect of rehabilitation.

Heroin rehabs are dedicated to full addiction rehabilitation; addressing all aspects of the illness(s) as they present in each individual patient. This means that they offer evidence-based addiction treatments that are medical, psychological, therapeutic and holistic.

There are various types of heroin rehab London available, including:

  • Fully residential heroin rehab / Inpatient heroin rehab
  • Quasi residential heroin rehab
  • Luxury heroin rehab
  • Affordable heroin rehab
  • Day programme heroin rehab
  • Outpatient treatments for heroin rehab

With a chronic heroin addiction or heavy opiate dependence, more often than not, a residential heroin rehab in London is required. Anything less simply does not work, and the temptation to use outside of clinic hours is overpowering.

Residential heroin rehab London is considered the best treatment option available. They offer a safe, drug-free environment with professional staffing around the clock. They can also facilitate a full medical heroin detox in house – this drastically diminishes heroin withdrawal symptoms to more comfortable and manageable levels.

Heroin Rehab Near You in London

Wherever you are currently living and whatever your addiction treatment needs are, we can help you access a reputable CQC registered heroin rehab near you.

Rehab Guide does not cut corners when it comes to treating individuals suffering from addiction, and we know that this can prove fatal.

We offer well established, reputable heroin rehabs in London that employ qualified addiction professionals including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, mental health workers, counsellors and therapists.

Our London heroin rehabs are dedicated to helping you achieve lasting recovery from heroin addiction and will continue to offer you professional support once inpatient treatment has been completed.

If you are ready to accept help and undergo a treatment plan for a problem with heroin, we can help you to admit to a heroin rehab near you. We appreciate that drug rehab is usually something most individuals can only afford once, both in terms of their health and their finances. Naturally, you will want the best rehab and care your money can buy, and we are here to ensure this happens.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to treating heroin addiction successfully. Each person is unique and has varying treatment needs. Our addiction treatment experts will recommend a bespoke rehabilitation programme at no extra cost to yourself. Furthermore, we can take care of all of the arrangements so you can focus on what you need to.

Rehab London – What To Expect

Many individuals that need heroin rehab will delay accessing a treatment plan as they are fearful of the unknown. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you feel more at ease.

Our heroin rehabs in London will help you feel reassured from the moment you walk through the door. You will be comforted by the fact you are in a safe and friendly environment, cared for by a team of qualified professionals.

Many of the rehab counsellors and therapists have overcome substance addiction themselves. They are in a unique place to understand you, and they set a truly wonderful example of what can be achieved in recovery.

It has been proven time and time again, that a therapeutic relationship with an individual who has already solved the drug problem is far more productive than with someone who has no previous personal experience.

During your heroin rehab treatment in London, you need never feel alone. Staff are on hand throughout the day and night – There is always someone available to talk to should you need it. You will also be with other patients who will share similar experiences of heroin addiction. Peer support and friendship has proven to be a valuable tool in aiding recovery.

Personalised Addiction Recovery

Our CQC registered heroin treatment centres offer a bespoke medical heroin detox and addiction rehabilitation programme in one personalised recovery package. Every treatment plan will be tailored to your individual treatment requirements and help to heal you as a whole person.

Our heroin rehabs treat each patient holistically. By this, we mean that they deliver evidence-based addiction treatments that help you to recover on a physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual level.

Do I Need Heroin Rehab?

You may be at a stage in your heroin use where you are wondering if heroin rehab is the only thing that will help you get well. Whether or not you NEED heroin rehab will depend on the severity of your heroin use.

Many individuals need heroin rehab but do not want it. Our experience is that treatment works for those who WANT to overcome addiction, regardless of the frequency and amounts of heroin they use.

You need heroin rehab if:

  • You are unable to stop using heroin – despite wanting to
  • You are able to stop but unable to stay stopped
  • Heroin is costing you physically, mentally and/or emotionally – not just financially
  • You feel unable to break free from the grip of heroin
  • Your heroin use is harming you and those you love
  • Other methods of trying to stop heroin have failed
  • You use heroin as a means of coping with life
  • You have at times felt trapped or suicidal
  • You have resorted to crime or sex work in order to feed your heroin addiction
  • Heroin is affecting your relationships with your family and friends
  • You have suffered severe consequences, i.e. prison, probation, homelessness, drug overdose or relationship breakups but are still unable to quit heroin
  • You cannot imagine a productive and happy life WITH or WITHOUT heroin
  • You fear you will die unless you take drastic action to help you get well
  • You have unintentionally or intentionally overdosed on heroin before
  • Your heroin use has progressively become worse
  • Your heroin use is becoming increasingly risky and reckless
  • You feel hopeless and powerless over heroin
  • Friends, family, professionals or perhaps even your dealer have expressed concern

 If you want to recover from heroin addiction and have the opportunity to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, heroin rehab can help. Heroin rehab will not only assist you in detoxing medically from heroin but will also show you how to create a drug-free life that is happy and productive.

Dealing with opiate withdrawal 

A significant number of prescription medications fall under the classification of synthetic opiates. These include Dilaudidtramadolmethadone and codeine among others. While opiates serve as effective painkillers, those who take large doses or more than prescribed are at a much higher risk of forming a physical dependence.

Opiate addiction begins to set in when an individual feels they can’t function in everyday life without the drug. Unfortunately, quitting entails a series of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as the body attempts to rebalance itself without the aid of the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms from heroin addiction begin to take place when a person either significantly reduces the amount of the drug they’re consuming or they outright stop taking it altogether. Symptoms often vary depending on the type of opiate used and the person’s tolerance levels. Inpatient residential care allows for constant monitoring through the worst of your heroin detox.

In many cases, withdrawal symptoms aren’t life-threatening. With that being said, however, they can still be challenging to manage on your own due to the extreme physical and psychological stress the drug can put on the body.

Due to the extremes of the withdrawal process, many people who attempt to quit using opiates often relapse as a means of ending their withdrawal symptoms. This type of behaviour can create a dangerous loop in which an individual may quit and relapse before repeating the cycle over and over again. Over time this will make quitting that much more difficult. If you desire to avoid the damage to your health inflicted by your drug addiction, contact us today without delay for heroin detox London on 02072052845

The Cost of Heroin Rehab In London

The cost of heroin rehab in London varies tremendously depending on the type of rehab you choose and the duration of the treatment programme needed.

Rehab Guide work with luxury heroin rehabs, low-cost rehabs, and everything in between. We aim to help as many people achieve abstinence-based recovery from heroin addiction as possible.

We appreciate that heroin addiction is very costly financially. Many heroin addicts lose everything of value as a result of their addiction. With this in mind, we do offer low-cost programmes that are more affordable and very competitive. This does not mean that we offer anything less than very high standards of professional treatment and care.

Longer-term heroin rehab programmes offer better value for money as the cost decreases the longer you stay. The first few weeks of rehab treatment require high levels of medical care, medications, continual assessments and very high levels of support. The longer you stay in rehab, the treatment becomes less expensive than in the initial weeks of medical detox and stabilisation.

What If I Can’t Afford Private Clinic?

It may be that you are not in a place to afford private heroin rehab for your addiction. Many individuals that suffer from addiction are in a similar situation.

In instances where the sufferer has no financial means to fund their own treatment, we often find that family and friends are willing to help as they know that their money is going towards life-saving treatment.

We also have rehabs that will accept payment in instalments, providing payment is always received ahead of any treatment delivered.

Whilst private rehab treatment can start from a few thousand pounds, and it is worth keeping in mind that everyone is different and has different treatment needs.

Please call Rehab Guide on 02072052845 for a free addiction treatment assessment so we can advise you on the cost of the rehab treatment programme appropriate for you.

Does Heroin Rehab Work?

Yes, heroin rehab does work. But the outcome does ultimately lay with you. Heroin treatment centres can only show you the tools of recovery, how to implement them in your daily life and help you to detox. We can also continue to support you once you return back to the community through an aftercare programme. What we cannot do is do recovery for you. This is something that you have to want and be committing to.

Overcoming heroin addiction means taking responsibility for your illness and learning how to become accountable. We understand that this is a frightening prospect for those who suffer from addiction. Rest assured, you will not be alone in your journey, and you will be supported throughout by a multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals.

Heroin rehab works by unearthing and healing the root causes that lead and contribute to addiction. It works by breaking the cycle of active addiction and providing a safe space in which to undergo intensive therapy and rehabilitation. Heroin rehab works by healing and repairing the mindset that drives active addiction and prepares you for returning back to the community and day to day life.

Once you have completed your heroin treatment programme, there will be support available in the form of rehab aftercare. It is up to you to access all the sources of support that are offered to you. Maintaining a heroin addiction demands effort daily; recovery is no different in that respect.


heroin rehab london

Why Heroin Rehab?

There are many reasons why heroin rehab centres can work where other methods of heroin treatment have failed.

The main reason is that within the safety of a residential heroin rehab London, you will be able to undergo the kind of intensive therapy needed in order to get well. In the community, undergoing counselling and psychotherapy whilst you are still in active addiction will likely have little effect. In fact, it can make things worse.

Even if you have managed to stop taking heroin, community-based therapy can open up wounds and emotions that can feel very difficult to cope with. Maintaining recovery throughout this process is challenging, to say the least.

Most heroin addicts are consumed with shame and guilt around some of the behaviours and events that take place whilst in active addiction, and even before active addiction. It is vital that the contributing factors are addressed professionally and within a safe place.

With the help of the professional addiction counsellors and therapists, you can achieve so much more in heroin rehab centres than you would in the community.

Heroin addiction is a disease of the brain. Just like any other chronic illness, addiction requires intensive treatment, to begin with. You are never cured of heroin addiction, but you can learn to overcome it using proven methods and techniques. Heroin rehab centres deliver intensive healing and teach you the tools of recovery which you can continue to apply to enable ongoing recovery.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

How long heroin rehab takes depends on your individual treatment needs. The minimum suggested time is 4 to 6 weeks. Undertaking a 12-week rehab programme will give you the optimum chance of permanent recovery.

It has been proven that those who stay longer in rehab treatment do better than those that stay for only a few weeks. Every additional day you spend in a heroin rehab centre you benefit from professional addiction therapy and counselling.

A long term rehab programme provides the team of multidisciplinary professionals with the opportunity to get to know you and your family better. This proves extremely beneficial, not only in helping you to heal as an individual but also in helping you to rebuild your relationships with your family and loved ones.

Heroin Rehab Centres

Substance misuse disorders have a high relapse rate. Between 40 – 60% of individuals relapse. It is important if you are considering heroin rehab that you stay for as long as possible.

Rehab Guide offers short term heroin rehab and long term heroin rehab. We can also arrange for extended care within a therapeutic community for heroin addicts in recovery.

Please call us on 02072052845 to find out more about our supported housing, therapeutic communities and heroin rehab programmes.

Dual Diagnosis Heroin Rehab

Rehab Guide works with many CQC registered dual diagnosis rehabs throughout the London area.

Many individuals that suffer from heroin addiction also suffer from a mental health illness(s) or another addiction. It is important that all addictions and mental health illnesses are treated professionally and simultaneously for optimum results.

Leaving a mental health illness or an addiction untreated, where both are presenting, is a primary cause of substance misuse relapse.

Dual diagnosis illnesses that the heroin rehabs are licensed to treat include:

In most cases, once the addiction has been professionally treated the symptoms of a mental health illness will dramatically improve or disappear altogether. However, this is not the case with everyone.

The dual diagnosis heroin rehabs will initiate treatment for all conditions presenting and ensure that the appropriate ongoing treatment and follow up care is in place post-rehab.

What Treatments Do Heroin Rehabs Offer?

The heroin rehabs that Rehab Guide work with offer the latest in evidence-based drug rehab programmes and addiction treatments.

Each rehab programme is uniquely designed according to your individual physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual treatment needs. We are careful to leave no stone left unturned as this can prove to be a future stumbling block in recovery.

The heroin rehabs offer a selection of the following evidence-based opiate addiction treatments, delivered by qualified addiction counsellors and therapists:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy – CBT
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy – DBT
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Integrated therapy – A combination of person-centred counselling and psychotherapy
  • Medical heroin detox
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • 12 step therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Cutting edge holistic therapies including – Mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, tia chi, fitness, nutrition, life skills, workshops, art, music, drama and equine therapy

Depending on the outcome of your free telephone assessment, we can recommend a residential rehab treatment programme and aftercare package that offers the treatments you need in order to get well.

Call Rehab Guide today on 02072052845 for a free of charge, no-obligation, expert addiction treatment assessment.

The Benefits Of Heroin Rehab

Heroin rehab offers many benefits to anyone who wishes to overcome a problem with heroin, including:

  • 24/7 medical care and therapeutic support
  • A nurturing and compassionate drug-free environment
  • A bespoke heroin treatment programme consisting of evidence-based addiction treatments
  • Assistance with housing, education and life after rehab
  • A full bespoke medical drug detox
  • Care and treatment delivered by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, counsellors, therapists and support workers

Heroin rehabs offer intensive rehabilitation from heroin addiction alongside a full medical heroin detox.

By undergoing a rehab treatment programme, you will not only leave heroin rehab drug free, but you will also be armed with the tools and knowledge to help you stay in recovery and avoid relapse.

Free Heroin Rehab Near Me

Obtaining free heroin rehab is not easy. Due to substantial government cutbacks to local drug and alcohol teams, places available for free heroin rehab are few and far between.

In order to inquire about free heroin rehab near you, please contact your local drug and alcohol services who will be able to advise you on the criteria and waiting times.

You can find details of a drug and alcohol team near you here.

How Do I Admit Myself Or A Loved One To Heroin Rehab?

Admitting yourself or a loved one to heroin rehab is as simple as calling Rehab Guide today on 02072052845.

We will conduct a free of charge addiction treatment assessment and make an appropriate treatment recommendation based on the outcome. With your consent, we can take care of all of the necessary arrangements, including treatment contracts, sober transport, admission details and payments.

Rehab Guide will support you from the very first call you make and maintain contact and offer support leading up to your rehab admission. We will also follow up with you during your treatment and post-rehab.

We only work with reputable CQC registered heroin detox clinics and heroin rehabs so you can be assured that you are in safe hands at all times.

Admitting to a heroin rehab doesn’t need to be intimidating or stressful; we are here to make sure you have a positive and reassuring experience.

Can I Force Someone Into Heroin Rehab?

If you know someone who is in desperate need of heroin rehab, but they are unwilling to accept treatment for their condition, sadly there is nothing you can do except continue to encourage them to seek help.

You cannot force someone to go into a heroin rehab.

heroin rehab london

If you have real concerns for their life and feel that they are a danger to themselves and others, we recommend that you contact their local mental health team or GP so that they can be assessed. If they are very unwell, it is likely they will be admitted to a psychiatric unit for a period of treatment and stabilisation.

We appreciate that the most painful thing in life is to watch someone you care for deeply destroy themselves in front of your very eyes. It is important to ensure that you are not enabling their heroin addiction in any way.

If you can afford to, addiction interventions have proved to be very successful in helping unwilling addicts to become willing to accept help.

Please call us for more information on how to arrange a heroin addiction intervention.

Private Heroin Rehab Near You Today

Rehab Guide specialises in helping addicts and alcoholics to obtain sustainable recovery from drugs and alcohol.

If you or a loved one are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in London, we can help.

We will endeavour to do all we can to ensure that you access the best heroin rehab for you.

Call us now on 02072052845 to start your recovery journey today!




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