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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxfordshire

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxfordshire

Rehabs in Oxfordshire

We recommend alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in Oxfordshire that use evidence-based approaches for addiction treatment and recovery.

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How we can help

Rehab Guide provides an opportunity for you to make use of a secure, dependable, and efficient rehabilitation facility.

Our main objective is to help you conquer your addiction while acquiring essential information for a sustainable journey towards recovery.

We have a dedicated team in Oxfordshire focused on helping you find the suitable treatment for your addiction.

Get in touch with our team to discuss options in Oxfordshire:

Duration of rehabilitation program: If you need an extended rehabilitation period, specialised healthcare centres in Oxfordshire can cater to your requirements. Numerous options are available, whether you opt for a brief intervention or an all-encompassing recovery strategy.

Quality of care: When selecting a rehab facility in Oxfordshire, you can rely on their commitment to delivering essential treatments, including therapy and outpatient detox, tailored to your requirements, guaranteeing excellent care.

Specialised care: In Oxfordshire, specialised care facilities occasionally offer customised rehabilitation plans for various groups, such as veterans and individuals dealing with multiple medical conditions simultaneously.

Oxfordshire offers customised assistance to the LGBTQ+ population and enforces targeted initiatives to cater to the needs of different religious groups, such as Christian organisations aiding those towards overcoming addiction.

Addictions treated

The Rehab Guide offers support in receiving treatment for different types of addictions in Oxfordshire:

● Substance abuse

● Alcohol dependency

● Gambling addiction

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The rehabilitation program in Oxfordshire

In Oxfordshire, the usual approach involves implementing a 4-week plan to combat addiction.

This plan incorporates various medical and therapeutic methods to support individuals as they work towards recovery and reintegration.

Residents of Oxfordshire who are struggling with substance dependencies have the opportunity to engage in supervised detox.

Rehabilitation facilities offer a blend of relaxation techniques and prescribed drugs to facilitate the removal of hazardous substances from the body.

Abstaining from alcohol can be a daunting task without support, especially in the initial stages when withdrawal symptoms arise.

In the rehabilitation facilities in Oxfordshire, only approved drugs are used to ensure your safety while you progress towards recovery and receive support.

Supervised detox

To successfully and comfortably embark on the journey of overcoming addiction, it is vital to undergo detoxification under the guidance and support of medically accredited professionals.

To guarantee your safety and well-being, it is highly advised to select rehabilitation centres in Oxfordshire that have obtained official accreditation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

If you are a resident of Oxfordshire and in need of rehabilitation services, you can trust the dedicated team of medical professionals to closely supervise and support you on your path to overcoming substance addiction.

Therapeutic schedule

After successfully detoxifying the body from dangerous substances, a comprehensive strategy is implemented to address addiction, with a focus on the following aspects:

● Providing treatments for complicated issues.
● Enhancing the ability to make significant choices for long-lasting recovery.
● Acquiring the necessary skills to avoid a relapse.

To learn more about the duration and timetables of the programs in Oxfordshire, please contact our addiction support team.

Relaxation and recreation

Creating a calm and safe atmosphere is essential for individuals in the process of recovering from addiction to restore their overall health and physical state.

The rehabilitation programs in Oxfordshire recognise the importance of setting aside specific times for relaxation and actively encouraging the best use of the various facilities provided, whether indoors or outdoors.

At the clinics in Oxfordshire, we offer a range of services that include:

Private accommodation: Experience the convenience of having a living space with ensuite bathrooms in private rooms.

Leisure activities: Make the most of the recreational facilities available at most clinics, such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, or designated exercise area.

Relaxing treatments: Immerse yourself in revitalising and energising therapies, including a comprehensive body massage.

Shared space: Unwind in the communal area, the perfect place to relax, contemplate or read a book.

Allocating a specific time in your schedule for relaxation is essential as it plays a pivotal role in maintaining your mental health. Apart from aiding in recovery, it promotes self-reflection and self-assessment.

Do I need rehab?

If you display any symptoms of withdrawal, it suggests that you are dependent on something. Hence, it is recommended not to cease abruptly without healthcare experts’ aid.

In case you encounter any of these indications, you might require support in your path to recovery:

● Once you start drinking alcohol, it can be challenging to stop.

● Intense desires to consume alcohol.

● When you reduce or quit drinking, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

● Persistently using substances despite the detrimental impact on your life.

● Going back to previous habits every time you attempt to quit alcohol.

The signs encountered when ceasing substance use may vary, but common indications consist of seizures, hallucinations, and delirium tremens.

The rehabilitation programs in Oxfordshire provide medications to alleviate or eliminate these symptoms.

Start recovery today

If you need help overcoming addiction in Oxfordshire, please contact us via phone, email, or live chat.

All private rehabilitation centres in the UK are open to individuals from all locations, ensuring a spot for you or your loved one.

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Accessing free help

If you’re looking for help with an alcohol problem, a GP is an excellent place to start. They can discuss your issues with you and get you into treatment. They may offer you treatment at the practice surgery hospital or refer you to a government-funded local drug service.

Ask your GP how long the waiting list is for drug and alcohol services or immediate admission, and try private rehab or therapy.

Free rehab in Oxfordshire

Help is free in Oxfordshire, with several organisations offering confidential rehab support in the community. These are not residential rehabs as this is not a free service usually offered in the U.K. but provides home-based detox and recovery support.

In Oxfordshire, the most widespread group is Turning Point. This organisation can advise recovery groups, detoxing safely and stopping and cutting down on drug and alcohol use.

Turning Point – 27-29 Rectory Rd, Oxford OX4 1BU


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