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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxfordshire

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxfordshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Oxfordshire

Inpatient rehab is available privately across the U.K. If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab, Oxfordshire is home to an excellent clinic in a quiet rural area with transport links to the nearby main hubs.

Rehab should provide you or a loved one with space and professional support while overcoming addiction. The rehab in Oxfordshire offers a fully comprehensive program of detox, psychological and physical treatment and holistic rehabilitation. The staff provide 24-hour care in a safe and secure residence with a home away from home feel.

Do I need rehab?

Deciding if you or a friend or family member needs to enter inpatient rehab can be complicated. You may find yourself in denial and trying to talk yourself or others out of going into rehab. If the below sounds like you or someone you care about, rehab is likely needed urgently.

  • Thinking about drugs or alcohol most of the time.
  • Lying about your consumption of drugs or alcohol and the consequences on your life.
  • Trying and failing to stop abusing substances repeatedly.
  • Work, family, or health-related problems as a result of substance abuse.
  • Feelings of depression, hopelessness or anxiety associated with drinking or drugs.

Rehab treatment in Oxfordshire

As with many treatment programs, rehab is completed in stages. One naturally leads into the other and makes the experience more manageable and comfortable. Before attempting anything else, it is essential to detox from the chemicals you are addicted to. This will clear your mind, recover your body and prepare you for an abstinent future. You might be concerned about this phase as the withdrawal experience is challenging and those who have tried it independently.

Detox in rehab will be entirely different. Almost all rehab centres take a medical approach to detox and prescribe medications that control the withdrawal symptoms. These vary from medicine to help you sleep, eat better, reduce discomfort or anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatments. The staff will provide round the clock care at this time, and you can take your meals in your room or with the other residents when you are ready.

Specialist detox, rehab & therapy clinic

As the chemical addiction reduces during detox, you may find you are ready to begin therapy. In this stage, rehab has two parts working together recovery of body and mind. There is also spiritual help in some rehab centres, although this is not necessarily religious and completely optional. Detox is the beginning of physically recuperating and starting to undo the damage addiction has done to your body. A program of light exercise and engaging activities will be available at the rehab in Oxfordshire. These activities help fill the gap left by drugs and alcohol and naturally boost your serotonin levels.

This physical recovery will support your psychological therapy showing you a better way to live and be happy. Sober socialising is a cornerstone of addiction recovery and one many of us struggle to grasp. Starting with group therapy, you will share your experiences and practise coping techniques to leave the temptation-free rehab space. Learning new ways to deal with trigger and challenging situations will prevent relapses and improve your confidence. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) with a rehab counsellor is your chance to talk one-one and explore your reasons for abusing substances. Both these therapies should continue after you leave rehab and support you through your new abstinent life. To this end, you will work on an aftercare plan with your counsellors and find local meetings to join, prepare for challenges you might face and start building a support network. A substantial part of this network will be the staff at the rehab in Oxfordshire who offer a year of aftercare included in your program.

How much does rehab cost?

Similar to many services, rehab costs vary enormously depending on the location, amenities and lodgings. Inpatient rehab is primarily private, although there are a few spaces for public-funded rehab. The waiting lists are quite long for these rooms, and you will have to pass a means test to show you cannot afford to pay for private rehab. While it is worth applying for this many people, opt for private rehab due to the urgency and variety of options with paid clinics. You can expect to pay at least £2000 a week for private rehab. For this price, expect room sharing and use of local facilities, treatment, on the other hand, should be a similar quality across all the rehab centres we recommend. The price will inevitably arise as you add private rooms, gyms, and holistic therapies to your rehab experience. Mid-range rehab will cost around £4000 per week and luxury clinics up to £10,000 or more weekly.

Free rehab

Paying for rehab may seem expensive, but it is an investment in your future health and happiness. Inpatient rehab is more successful than outpatient, and it is worth asking friends, family and addiction charities for help with the costs. If you have exhausted these options, then you must seek outpatient help in the community. Your G.P. can refer you to local rehab and help with prescriptions, although these may be provided through a specialist referral as well. The good news is that if you are looking for free drug and alcohol rehab, Oxfordshire has several excellent groups to help you.

Turning Point Oxfordshire 29 Rectory Rd, Oxford OX4 1BU 03000134776

Turning Point is a local outpatient rehab community group with hubs throughout Oxfordshire, including Oxford, Banbury, Witney and Didcot. They offer treatment plans from detox to psychological recovery. They also offer a café or group meeting for those with an addiction.

How do I choose a rehab centre?

Like rehab treatment, the centre you choose should be tailored to you or your loved one. Our rehab experts can help you by going through your situation, needs and any challenges you might face. Having read through many of the different aspects of rehab in this article, it would be helpful to spend some time considering which are necessities and where you are happy to compromise. For many, budget is a concern, and this might involve room sharing, using local fitness facilities, and travelling outside of your area. Consider all these factors before deciding, and remember it is better to complete a program in a less expensive rehab than leave prematurely due to costs. At the heart of rehab is the treatment and therapy, and this should be a high quality across all the rehab we recommend. Please call us on 02072052845 for advice on choosing a rehab, convincing a friend or family member to enter rehab or one to one counselling.

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