The episode, featuring 41-year-old alcoholic Steven, was aired on ITV today and aimed to confront alcoholics who were causing a major disruption in the lives of close family and other people around them and offer them support. In this case, Steven who had been aggressively drinking for years admitted to drinking 12-14 litres of cider a day.  His relationship with his family had deteriorated over time to a state where his son and partner were on the verge of despair.

John McLean, the founder of the Clinic, performed an intervention on Steve, live on the Jeremy Kyle show and Steve subsequently agreed to enter alcohol rehab and get the help on offer. John has spent many years developing his understanding of addictions and has performed many successful interventions. In his journey of recovery, he studied addiction and recovery and also worked with native Americans in association with South Dakota University. He has since then been involved with recovery groups for the past 30 years in both the UK and the USA, working with people to help them transform their lives.

The intervention on TV had a positive impact and Steve subsequently spent four weeks at a private residential alcohol treatment centre in Newmarket.  The team of specialists worked with Steve, providing him with supervised detox, counselling and therapy, and taught him the skills and motivation needed for overcoming addiction.  He is now 3 months sober.

Following his stay at rehab, Steve highly praised the care he received, saying: “When I came to you it was the very last place on earth I wanted to be but I’m glad I did. Being shown how to become abstinent from alcohol has opened a whole new way of thinking and I am loving it.  I want to thank them for their unbelievable work and effort – they are professional and committed people and believed in me the whole time.”  John McLean added: “It is extremely humbling to be able to offer this kind of support to those who need it most.  Steve has started to turn his life around and as part of our ongoing aftercare programme we will continue to work with him to ensure he transforms his life to a place where he is sober and living a healthy and meaningful life.”

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