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Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Westminster

Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Westminster

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Westminster

Drug and alcohol rehab centres in Westminster offer a wide range of therapies in their dedicated addiction clinics. This central location provides a safe abstinent space for those hoping to end their addiction and enter recovery.

Westminster has a number of rehab clinics and treatment is available for a variety of different addictions. You have a number of options when it comes to treatment style and holistic therapies as well as a range of accommodation and prices.

Seeking Help & Advice in Westminster

If you or someone close to you reside in Westminster and feel addiction has taken over your existence then you don’t have to suffer in silence.

There are internationally renowned drug and alcohol rehab centres in the area. Beautifully furnished in luxurious peaceful surroundings, providing the perfect home base to battle your addiction, after you have made the decision to proceed.

Our team of rehab experts will listen to your individual requirements. Those at the centre of an addiction crisis need specific help and we provide counselling, an overview of rehab clinics and help with travel and budgeting.

Our Treatment Programmes

Upon admission, clients will be assessed by the centre’s detox doctor who will provide a custom-designed treatment plan.

Detox from alcohol and drugs can be challenging, but a medical detox plan will help to ease the symptoms and give you the best chance of getting sober and clean. This plan will be tailored to the individual, their addiction and their drive to succeed in becoming sober and healthy again.

Towards the end of and after your detox, you can start the slower-paced but equally as important phase of therapy. Without psychological and behavioural treatment statistics show that relapse is much more likely.

We need to re-assess the reasons for our addiction before we can consider it overcome. CBT and DBT (cognitive and dialectic behaviour therapy) can help you to discover the reasons and patterns behind your addiction. This means you can find ways to change how you behave and what actions you can take to avoid drinking and taking drugs.

DBT and dual diagnosis are also available to assess and treat mental health conditions that may be contributing to your condition.

“Our individual rehab plans can help you to make this life-changing decision quickly and easily.”

Most rehab in Westminster also offers family and group therapy depending on your personal situation and preferences. The most important thing about rehab is finding the treatment that is right for you and those you care about.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

There are two main types of rehab treatment in the UK, inpatient and outpatient.

Both have their merits and drawbacks, you should make a balanced decision regarding the true cost of your choice.

Just as inpatient rehab is a worthwhile investment in your recovery, it is not worth bankrupting yourself to afford it. There is little doubt that inpatient rehabilitation is safer due to medical supervision and temptation-free living space. Whatever your decision, it is vital that you seek help for addiction regardless of whether it is in rehab or the local community.


  • Abstinent residence with no temptation or triggers to pull you into drinking or taking drugs
  • Medical supervision during detox
  • Care from staff including cleaning, cooking and administration
  • In-house facilities for privacy


  • Less expensive, sometimes free if you are able to go on a waiting list
  • Good for those who have responsibilities they cannot leave behind
  • Stay in familiar surroundings (if these are not pushing you to drink or take drugs)
  • There are several free groups such as Westminster Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services as part of the Westminster Drug Project

Why Contact Rehab Guide?

For many people struggling with dependency, the first step is to accept they have a problem and get help.

Followed by choosing the right rehab centre to cater to your requirements in the area. For many of those in Westminster drug rehab is something they know little about. The private nature of rehab means it is important to speak to someone in the know.

Our staff have over twenty years of experience in the rehab industry, many are rehab counsellors or interventionists. They have an overview of the rehab available, and the different factors involved in choosing the right rehab clinic for you or a loved one. You may have in mind that you want to stay in Westminster as it is your local area, however, if cost or personal feelings make this a challenge we can recommend rehab that will be suited to your needs and budget throughout the UK.

If you are having difficulties choosing the correct location, then speak to an expert at Rehab Guide who will point you in the right direction.

Facilities at the alcohol and drug rehab in Westminster

People from all over the world come to get treatment for addiction in Westminster.

You can be certain our local rehab clinics employ the most accomplished, highly trained doctors, nursing staff, specialists and counsellors.

Utilising the optimum medical facilities and providing the most premiere guidance and advice you can find.

If you choose to live in a residential clinic in the area during treatment you can benefit from the most up to date techniques in addiction therapy. These include facilities for holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, massage and aromatherapy. All of these have been proven to ease withdrawal symptoms and improve mood.

You will have an in-depth medical assessment when you first arrive. Generally, a trained addiction psychologist will have an intimate chat, appraising how you are feeling mentally as you prepare to enter rehab, as well as receiving an overview of any past medical conditions and your relationship with addiction.

“You will be under constant supervision by our committed team of medical professionals throughout your therapy.”

They will be by your side to answer any questions you may have and explain the rehab process. The exceptional staff will support you from the very offset. A care and nutrition plan will be made with you to restore your health. The in-house chef will help you follow it by preparing meals to your requirements.

A health and exercise regimen will also be offered, tailored to your personal fitness and interests. This will include relaxation and mindfulness activities as well such as art and music therapy.

Rehab for addiction to drugs and alcohol

A comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab treatment could lay the foundations of your new life, free of dependency. If you would like to know more about the incredible rehabilitation clinics in your area, then please get in touch. If you are living day to day with addiction,  consider a stay at an alcohol rehab city of Westminster has to offer. It could change your life.

Reach out to Rehab Guide today on 020 7205 2845

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