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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Norfolk

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Norfolk

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Norfolk

Finding the right rehab for you in Norfolk is vital to success in treating your addiction and preventing relapse. The rehab in Norfolk offers treatment for first the physical, then the psychological toll of drug and alcohol dependence on you and your loved ones.

Improving your physical and mental well-being is the first step towards being free of substance abuse and its hold over you. A blend of counselling, talking therapy, and holistic treatments can help you to make the positive changes needed to recover and live clean and sober from now on.

Norfolk Rehab – treating you

The main point of your recovery is rehab, therapy and physical recuperation that you will do while you are there. This is the most important part of rehab, and our experts can advise you which centre in Norfolk will best suit your addiction recovery needs. Modern rehab is nothing like it once was, a place to keep you away from abusing substances in society. A typical program will involve talking therapy both one-one with a counsellor and in groups, which has proven very effective in recovery circles the world over. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), now a type of therapy used in all areas of psychological rehabilitation, including PTSD, anxiety and childhood trauma. Dual diagnosis means that counsellors treat your behaviour and the underlying issues that have led you to need rehab in the first place.

Holistic activities are the other side of rehab. These are designed to help you build a new life with interests that don’t revolve around damaging habits such as drinking. These can be as simple as attending a party or movie night held in the rehab. The realisation that you can have fun sober can be a hugely important one. Common rehab activities include music and art therapy and physical pursuits like swimming, hiking and meditation.

Is rehab free in Norfolk?

Rehab support in the community is available in Norfolk through charity and public health organisations. You will find a sympathetic ear and advice from people who have often recovered from the same issues as you. These services do not usually offer residential rehab, which is normally only available privately. However, if you do not feel able to go into a private rehab, then they can help you with detoxes at home, local support groups such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and information on getting prescriptions to ease withdrawal.

Change Grow Live is one of the U.K.’s largest recovery support groups, including Norfolk.

CGL Norfolk Alcohol and Drug Behavioural Change Service Adobe House, 5 Barton Way, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1DL. (01603) 514096

The Matthew Project also provides advice and groups within the Norfolk area for those in need of rehab services.

The Matthew Project Head Office 70-80 Oak St, Norwich NR3 3AQ 01603 626123

What is rehab like?

An image of rehab exists in public perception that is usually a far cry from reality. Images of jet setting celebrities and politicians drying out in a glorified holiday rehab are sadly far from the truth. Thankfully, the reality of rehab is much more productive than it is on T.V. Rehabs are usually more akin to residential homes with treatment rooms attached. They can be found in both quiet rural parts of Norfolk and also in towns and cities.

In Norfolk rehab, a typical day will be fairly routine. You will get up in the morning for breakfast and eat breakfast with the other people staying in the rehab residence. This sense of community will mean taking most meals together, avoiding becoming isolated and creating a rehab family for you. Routine also helps to get you away from the often-disordered life that taking drugs and alcohol can cause. You will have individual and group therapy each day and progress in sharing your hopes, fears and reasons for your addiction.

You will also have the chance to take part in activities organised by the rehab staff. These can include movie nights, group exercise, day trips to local attractions. A certain amount of time will be allocated, if you wish, to visits from friends and family. Therapy with these visitors can be arranged to help you to build a support network and make amends with loved ones.

How do I convince someone to go into Norfolk Rehab?

Many people with this problem know deep down that they need help. Some are in denial, and this can make convincing them to enter rehab even more difficult. Our experts have decades of experience in this process, and many have been on both sides. They can provide you with the tools and information needed to convince the person you care for to admit themselves to rehab. We are available 24/7 for free advice and recommendations. Our team can advise you on rehab throughout Norfolk including Yarmouth, Thetford, and Watton.

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