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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Norfolk

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Norfolk

Are you based in the county of Norfolk in East Anglia, and struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? Rehab Guide provides the leading detox therapy in your area. You can arrange to stay at their local residential centre which offers a broad spectrum of addiction treatments to help you say goodbye to dependency.

Why should you attend alcohol rehab in Norfolk?

Some people with a drinking problem may be in denial about the extent of their addiction. They may contend they have everything under control. If this is the case, Rehab Guide offers an exceptional intervention service, where counsellors can ascertain if there is a problem with drugs or alcohol before deciding on any treatment.

Our residential clinics bring you the finest drug or alcohol addiction detox treatments in Norfolk. You can pre-book at the residential clinic, or you can sometimes organise a new entry for drug or alcohol treatment inside 24 hours of booking. These are some of the ways to gain admission to a rehab centre in Norfolk.

The clinics will feel like home from home, where you can have your own room and experience peace and quiet. You will stay in a secluded, luxurious setting, where you can walk around the grounds or relax in the garden. All in all, a  residential clinic offers private, idyllic surroundings to undergo drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk

If you have made the decision to stay at the alcohol rehab centre in Norfolk, you will be under the care of leading medical experts, doctors, nurses and psychiatric specialists, who will oversee every part of your drug or alcohol addiction treatment. For the experienced staff, discretion and compassion are paramount, where everything you say will be treated with confidence. The staff at the Rehab Guide clinic in Norfolk wish to create a warm, friendly environment when people can talk about their experiences of drug and alcohol addiction, as communication can play a vital role in rehab treatment.

Many take comfort in the fact the rehab centre in Norfolk does not have too many people staying there at a time.  There may only be around a dozen or so patients having drug or alcohol addiction therapy, so you don’t have to worry about the staff being so overwhelmed that your needs may be overlooked. The Rehab Guide residential centre in Norfolk always ensures every patient receive the utmost care and consideration, by concentrating on you as an individual. This is one of the cornerstones of Rehab Guides detox therapy, combatting drug or alcohol addiction.

Rehab Guide knows that every case is different, and circumstances may change. Therefore, in the course of your treatment at the rehab clinic in Norfolk, the staff will speak to you on your arrival to find out all about you. In order to tailor the right drug or alcohol addiction treatment to specialise on your personal needs. The dedicated team will gather your medical history and learn about any past association you may have with drug or alcohol addiction to create the perfect detox rehab treatment, centred on your specific requirements.

Many considerations determine how long your addiction treatment at the centre may last. For instance, if you have been using drugs or alcohol over an extended period, it may impact the length of time you spend at the rehab centre in Norfolk.

What will happen once you’re in a Norfolk rehab centre?

During your stay in Norfolk, you will be under the constant supervision of highly qualified staff, many of whom have personal experience of drug or alcohol abuse. The medical experts at the rehab clinic will help you through every phase of your alcohol withdrawal. The opening phase of your ongoing rehabilitation programme is to perform a detox, where someone battling dependency will stop taking drugs or alcohol under medical conditions. The toxins will gradually be washed from your system, as doctors and nursing staff will assess your condition as you experience the inevitable symptoms of withdrawal. This can be an unpleasant, often painful process, but the doctors and nursing staff at the rehab clinic in Norfolk will prescribe the medication required to deal with the side effects of your drug or alcohol detox treatment.

Once you have carried out your medical detox at the rehab centre in Norfolk, you can expand on some of the psychological characteristics of drug or alcohol addiction. This can be achieved through continual counselling sessions, either on an individual or group basis. Providing you with an opportunity to talk about any current concerns or underlying issues which may be contributing to your issues with drug or alcohol. Rehab Guide believes talking about your problems with a dependency could lead to a breakthrough in your drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Norfolk.

The Rehab Guide residential centre in Norfolk also keeps up with the latest contemporary therapy techniques in the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction. These include the renowned rehab therapy known as CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, designed to help you identify and alleviate any unwanted feelings and thoughts which a trigger may be to use drugs or drink alcohol. They can be derived from trauma from childhood or the past, or brought on by grief, money problems, work or relationship issues, amongst other possibilities.

You can get to the root of your addiction and learn how to put it behind you, by signing up for the various counselling workshops at the Rehab Guide clinic in Norfolk. The counsellors on staff can allow you to address your issues with drug or alcohol prior to commencing detox and will continue in the course of your rehab detox. Workshops can help you recognise the signs of addiction and help you understand what may be causing you to drink or take drugs. Educating yourself on the steps you can take to abstain from drugs or alcohol and avoid relapse in the future.

Rehab Guide feels education and guidance are important factors of drug or alcohol detox treatment. The rehab clinic in Norfolk also incorporates holistic therapies in their treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. There is a wide range of holistic therapies, offering relief for various medical complaints and symptoms. They offer a natural, chemical-free option when undergoing detox treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in Norfolk.

Aftercare at an alcohol and drug rehab Norfolk

Rehab Guide in Norfolk works in conjunction with many famous support groups to assist people abstaining from drug or alcohol abuse. One of the most illustrious is AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, the world-renowned organisation where recovering addicts can meet with each other and recount their experiences, to help others stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Members also follow the guidelines of its celebrated 12 step treatment programme, to aid in their recovery.

Alcohol Anonymous Meetings in Norfolk

Norwich Big Book


Room 3, Chapelfield Methodist Church, Chapelfield Road.

Time: 18.30 – duration 1hr
Postcode: NR2 1SD

Great Yarmouth: Big Book Lunch


Friends Meeting House, Howard St.

Time: 12.00
Postcode: NR30 1LN

Overcoming your addiction

If you are living in and around Norfolk in East Anglia and battling drug or alcohol addiction, then you can receive the proper treatment from Rehab Guide. Arrange to stay at the residential centre in your area and benefit from the various rehab therapies available.  If you are ready to undergo detox in Norfolk, why not get in touch? It could turn your life around.

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