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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Northumberland

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Northumberland

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Northumberland

Finding rehab that is right for you or a loved one can feel like a challenge, but for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab, Northumberland is the perfect location.

Recovering from addiction is best done in a comfortable and peaceful location. Distancing yourself from the pressures and conditions that contribute to your substance abuse can help you to break free.

The rehab in Northumberland employs the latest in holistic therapy for addiction and any associated health or psychological issues. Combined with a robust recovery and physical health program, this rehab will get you back on track in body and mind.

What are the stages of rehab?

The best way to approach rehab is one step at a time. This goes along with the idea in addiction that you should take one day at a time; taking on too much can be overwhelming. For this reason, rehab is split into three main stages detox, therapy, and recovery. The stages can sometimes overlap; for example, some find it helpful to start counselling while still detoxing, and most continue therapy well after they leave rehab.

Detox must come first, as it is generally agreed that the only option is life-long abstinence once you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. This means removing the substances you have been taking from your body by stopping taking them and using prescription medications to ease the withdrawal. When you arrive at the rehab in Northumberland, you will meet with the detox doctor who will talk you through the medications that best suit you and your addiction. These medications will ease the experience and keep you physically healthy.

Once your body is recovered, it is time to treat your mind. Entirely chemical addiction is rare; there is almost always an underlying reason for substance abuse. These can be treated with a combination of therapy, lifestyle changes and medication. Psychological therapy is done in groups or one-on-one with a rehab counsellor.

Group time is perfect for sharing and expressing sympathy for each other and practising and role-playing challenging situations. These role-plays can help you change any negative patterns you have and help break the cycle of addiction and negativity. These sessions will help you identify triggers and learn to live, socialise, and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.

The final step is the biggest, spending the rest of your life clean, sober, and content. This is a big challenge, but rehab has given you the best chance of success. The team at the rehab in Northumberland will continue to provide support after you leave rehab. A year of free aftercare, including counselling, group meetings and phone advice, will help you stay on track. Your relapse prevention plan, developed near the end of your stay in rehab, will give you a solid idea of what you need to do and how to deal with any risk of relapse.

Joining local recovery groups is considered a necessity for most after rehab, and it gives you an automatic support network and somewhere to go when you are finding things tough. Your rehab counsellor will help you in choosing the right one for you. There are many available with different ideas, members, and approaches; some are even online.

Rehab Group therapy meeting.

How much does rehab cost?

The price of rehab in the U.K. varies enormously depending on where you want to go, what accommodation and facilities you want and any additional holistic treatments you are looking for. You can expect to pay around £2000 per week for the first month in a budget rehab. Usually, the price drops significantly for more extended stays, and sometimes these are in abstinent housing separate from the rehab. For a budget rehab, you can expect to share a room with someone else struggling with addiction, and this can be a supportive and mutually beneficial experience for many.

For those who prefer a private room and want to stay in a more central location, you can expect to pay from £4000-10,000 a week. The exact price will depend on all the factors, and our team can help you decide where you are happy to compromise and what is a necessity. If you are having trouble paying for rehab, there are some alternative avenues you can explore:

  • Addiction and rehab charities can offer to pay part or all your time in the clinic
  • As friends and family to contribute as an investment in your future
  • Health insurance or employee health benefits

Free rehab

Inpatient rehab has the best success rates of long-term recovery, but there is a lot of support in the community. Whether you cannot pay for private rehab or use it as part of your aftercare, these organisations are invaluable. The good news is if you need free drug and alcohol rehab, Northumberland has an excellent group partnership that can help you.

Northumberland Recovery Partnership 2 Sextant House, Freehold Street, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 2BA 01670 798 200

This group offers programmes such as 12-steps and community-based rehab courses. They also provide medical support and help with detox and health checks.

Things to consider when choosing a rehab centre

Choosing rehab can seem like a balancing act, and finding the right place requires research. Our team have been working in rehab for more than a decade and have extensive knowledge of what is available in the U.K. We can also help with counselling, interventions, and budgeting for rehab.

Please call us on 02072052845 for advice on convincing someone to go to rehab, budgeting and accommodation.

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