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Drugs & Alcohol Rehab In Crawley

Drugs & Alcohol Rehab In Crawley

Find addiction treatment in Crawley

It isn’t easy living with addiction. Often, those who struggle with addictions feel trapped and alone with no way out but alcohol rehab can help.

If you live in Crawley, there are many drug and alcohol treatment centres that are well equipped to handle your unique needs.

Rehab Group therapy meeting.

Your path to recovery starts with a choice to adopt a sober lifestyle. Sadly, many addicts don’t realize they need help. This can be dangerous because the need for drugs and alcohol will only grow increasingly more powerful over time.

Eventually, you may find yourself in a position where you’re completely shackled to your addiction.

“Don’t let your dependence on drugs and alcohol take over your life.”

Contract our professional team so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Crawley well-suited to meet your specific needs.

What happens if you don’t treat your addiction?

Addiction is a disease. The longer it’s untreated, the more severe it will become over time. Treating your dependency on drugs and alcohol early is the most surefire way to handle addiction.

If you’re indecisive and put off seeking professional treatment as you attempt to come to a decision, your addiction will only grow worse and make it that much harder to reach out for help.

Admitting you need help isn’t easy. However, putting off professional treatment will only make your situation worse for both yourself and your loved ones.

Services provided by drug and alcohol treatment centres in Crawley  

We partner with several drug and alcohol treatment centres in Crawley. This allows us to offer a broader range of services to those in need. Generally, many of our rehab partners in Crawley offer two types of patient services – inpatient and outpatient care.

Both service types have their benefits. However, we generally recommend inpatient care for a variety of reasons.

Inpatient care involves physically moving into a drug and alcohol treatment centre for the duration of your rehabilitation.

“During this time, you will immerse yourself in an environment entirely dedicated to your recovery.”

Defeating addiction is no easy feat, and it will take complete immersion within a healing environment to give you the highest chance of overcoming your vices. Another great benefit of inpatient care is that a professionally trained staff will surround you at all times.

You can rest assured no matter what happens, medical professionals will be on standby to ensure you’re well taken care of.

On the other hand, there’s outpatient care, which involves recovering from home. Outpatient care is ideally suited for those who have daily responsibilities that require their daily presence, such as work or school. That said, outpatient care is only sparingly recommended.

“The primary issue with outpatient care is that patients will still have access to illicit substances in their home environment.”

Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. Even specific rooms in your home – let’s say your kitchen where you may store most of your alcohol – can act as a trigger.

It only takes one mistake to send you spiralling back down into the depths of addiction. That’s why we strongly recommend that you consider inpatient care.

What should you expect in a rehab centre in Crawley?

Checking into a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Crawley is very straightforward. After you’ve settled in, you’ll begin with the detox phase. Detox involves purging the toxins from your body left behind by rampant drug and alcohol use. This process is often difficult to cope with because you’ll typically experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Mild withdrawal symptoms typically include headaches and nausea, whereas more extreme symptoms can include hallucinations, stroke, and even cardiac arrest. This is one of the primary reasons why you should opt-in for inpatient care.

The staff on hand will be able to monitor your situation and provide medication to help you cope during this challenging process. Just as importantly, they can get you proper medical treatment if you experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

After you’ve completed detox, you’ll undergo psychological treatment to help you beat the mental aspects of addiction. Many of our drug and alcohol treatment partners in Crawley have psychologists on staff who will sit down and work with you to help you isolate and identify the behaviours that lead to your addictive tendencies.

Just as detox heals your body, counselling heals the mind. One of your primary goals during counselling should be to build willpower against triggers that may present themselves later on down the road.

With continuous sessions with a trained psychologist, you’ll learn more about the real driving forces behind your addiction. You can then use this information to heal your body and mind.

Drug and alcohol aftercare services in Crawley 

After you’ve received treatment, you’ll be free to go home and rejoin society once more. With that said, you still have a long road ahead. Triggers will still exist in your life, meaning that temptation will never truly go away.

To keep you on the right track, our drug and alcohol rehab treatment partners in Crawley offer aftercare services that include extended therapy sessions. Speaking with a psychologist regularly will significantly increase your chances of achieving long-term sobriety.

You’ll also be connected with groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These groups are filled with ex-addicts who have been through the same struggles as you have, allowing them to connect with you on an emotional level. They’ll be able to provide support during your hardest times, and in turn, you can provide support for others.

Detox at a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Crawley 

If you’re seeking drug and alcohol rehab services in Crawley, we’re here to connect with you. Our specialists are on standby to break down the various treatment options available to you.

Reach out to us today by email or contact us on 020 7205 2845 for free advice and assessment.

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