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Drug And Alcohol Rehab County Durham

Drug And Alcohol Rehab County Durham

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Durham

Rehab Guide is a service to assist people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, and our 24/7 helpline allows people to phone and chat with our team of addiction counsellors regarding their own sobriety or a loved one in need of help.

The rehab in Durham is a home away from home for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. If you live in the Durham area, you may be looking for a rehab close to you for the feeling of familiarity and staying close to your support network. If you are coming from elsewhere in the UK or further, you will find this rehab has everything you need to make you feel secure and comfortable during your stay. As with all residential rehabs, you will move into the centre and stay there with other like-minded people who share your hope for a life free of addiction. Therapy is available daily and time for rest, relaxation, and activities to get you refocused on your health and well-being.

We currently help with the following advice

  • Library of addiction advice and information for specific members of the community such as students, veterans and more
  • Where to find local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA & NA) meetings
  •  Locate local addiction one-to-one counsellors
  • Advice on maintaining sobriety
  • Set up of sober companions “Buddy System” to support through the first part of early recovery
  • Information on free and private rehabilitation
  • Large database of information on drug types, symptoms and how to detox safely from them

Access free rehab and funding help

The U.K. offers some free help for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Primarily community groups and charities provide help and support to those who are hoping to detox and recover. If you need outpatient rehab your GP can help with counselling such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) either locally or increasingly online. There are a few local groups that can provide support if you need rehab in the community.

To access free rehabilitation programs, start by getting in touch with ‘Change Grow Live’. Get information and advice about drugs and alcohol by contacting the following service:

County Durham Hub:

The complete details of other services in the area are:

Wear Recovery – Sunderland – 0800 234 6798

Alcoholics Anonymous, or ‘The AA’, is an international fellowship to enable members to remain sober and help other alcoholics through the same 12 Step Program.

Narcotics Anonymous, or ‘The NA’ hosts meetings, using a twelve-step model developed for people with varied substance use disorders.

Smart Recovery is an alternative to the AA’s twelve-step model, Smart Recovery is a not-for-profit organisation assisting you in seeking abstinence from addiction. The closest physical meeting to County Durham is in Newcastle, however, access to all online meetings is available.

SMART Recovery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Monday, 20th September 2021

11:00 – 12:30

Fenham Hall Dr, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9XD

Addiction Treatment in Durham

Choosing the right rehab for you can be a challenge. There are so many programs and places out there. Many of their offerings are unfamiliar if you haven’t been involved in rehab before. We can give you advice on your situation and which rehab we think is suited to you. The Durham rehab has a long list of features to recommend it. If you live in the area, it has the natural advantage of quick admissions and maintaining contact with your support network.

This rehab offers a bespoke treatment plan which you will create with the counsellors and medical professionals on staff. The first part will be your detox period. A vital first step, many people approach this with caution as they may have tried it themselves at home before. Thankfully there is no need to struggle with withdrawal in a modern rehab. Medical detox is offered to every resident when they arrive to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. Your well-being and happiness are essential parts of your rehab treatment plan. Detox medications are on prescription and range from antidepressants to antacids and are tailored to your addiction and your symptoms.

Detox medications also allow you more freedom and availability during your first week or two in rehab. You can take part in therapy and holistic treatments as long as you feel comfortable. The Durham rehab provides qualified and experienced addiction counsellors to help you explore the reasons for your substance abuse. These behaviour patterns are often part of a deeper concern that can be discussed and healed in individual or group therapy. You can also practice new better reactions to situations and pressures in life. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) lets you talk about your feelings and find positive and fulfilling habits and passions to replace drugs and alcohol.

Rehab is not just about giving up on issues from your past but building a bright new future for your clean and sober self. Re-education is a big part of the program at the Durham rehab. You might wonder what this means. What do you need to learn? Taking care of your body and mind are the first things on the list. The better you feel in yourself as a whole, the less likely you need drugs or alcohol. Rehab offers the perfect opportunity to take on new interests and hobbies and learn to socialise without substance abuse. Those with an addiction often find that their lives are full of people who are also dependant. The Durham rehab is a temptation free zone where you can learn to engage and make friends in better, healthier ways.

Free Rehab in Durham

Where you cannot go to private inpatient rehab, the best port of call is your GP. A referral and detox prescription is available from your doctor. You may be staying in the community, but that doesn’t negate the need for therapy and support. Lean on friends and family who are supportive of your recovery. There will also be several local outpatient rehab groups that you can talk to for therapy, counselling and group meetings.

County Durham Drug and Alcohol Services, 81-88 Whinney Hill, Durham DH1 3BQ  03000 266 666.

This local group offers one to one and group therapy sessions. They also provide health and well-being checks and recommendations. You will need a referral from your GP in order to make use of these services.

Admission to a Durham rehab

Being admitted to the Durham rehab is easy. We can book you in for immediate treatment and arrange transport to the centre. It is also worth speaking with our experts to be sure that this is the right rehab for you. They have extensive knowledge of the rehabs in the UK and may be able to help you find a rehab that is even more suited to your needs nearby or further afield. Each stay in rehab is unique, and you can call us on 02072052845, secure in the knowledge you will be treated as an individual.

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