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Alcohol Rehab Shropshire

Alcohol Rehab Shropshire

Rehab treatment in Shropshire for alcoholism and drug addiction

Rehab in Shropshire is a way for those struggling with addiction to recover and restore. Rehab is available based in larger towns and more rural spots, and it is accessible from Birmingham with connections to other large U.K. cities.

There is a variety available in Shropshire with regards to your rehab, accommodation needs and desired treatment. Our experienced rehab counsellors can help you find the perfect rehab for you or a family member in Shropshire.

Rehab; How will it help me?

Rehab in the U.K. is split into private inpatient organisations and public outpatient treatment.

In private rehab, you move into and stay in the self-contained accommodation and therapy centre. Rehab that we recommend in Shropshire is based in formerly residential buildings that have been converted for detox and treatment. This gives you a home away from home feel but also allows 24/7 staff supervision so you can feel comfortable and secure. The advantages of getting away from your home environment are evident. It will be utterly abstinent in rehab with no temptation or pressure to use substances. Therapy will be done in-house, which means you do not have to leave for treatment. In the beginning, the priority is your health and safety, and you will have access to a detox doctor and trained staff to make sure you are physically and mentally secure.

Rehab starts with a week to two weeks of medical detox. You will receive a prescription depending on your addiction and how you feel physically and mentally. It will help manage the withdrawal in combination with rest, relaxation and a nutrition plan from the rehab’s kitchen staff. During this period, you can choose to stay in your room or socialising and recreation with the other residents.

Once you have completed your detox, this will become part of your daily routine. Group therapy and individual counselling will be available every day and a range of holistic treatments. Rehab is about more than stopping drinking or taking drugs, and it is about recuperating your body and mind. C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), a talking therapy, works well in groups and one-one in helping you understand and resolve your issues around drugs or alcohol.

Rehab Costs

Rehab, where you stay in the centre of the U.K., is almost always private. Some spaces are available in N.H.S. rehab, but they are few and far between, meaning the waiting time can belong. For this reason and the success rate as an inpatient, an increasing number of those dealing with addiction choose to pay for immediate admission to rehab.

Rehab; What Does it Cost?

Rehab prices vary enormously, with a budget residence costing around £2000-3000 a week, mid-range around £5000 and luxury rehab priced over £10,000. You can rest assured that if we recommend a rehab, it has the very best treatment program. Treatment isn’t something on which you should compromise. The price difference in rehab will be related to the accommodation if you share or want a private room. Also, location is a factor; prices will vary for rural and more central rehab. Facilities are part of the price; a rehab with a private swimming pool and gym will cost more. We have an overview of the fees and extras of rehab in Shropshire and can help you find a rehab that is right for you.

Free Rehab and How To Access It

You may feel rehab is not in your price range. However, it is worth considering all of your options as it has a much higher success rate and is a more comfortable and easier experience. Asking close friends and family for money is never easy, but many will view it as an investment in someone they care about. Your employer or health insurance may also have a provision for rehab or at least offer you paid time off or compensation for time spent in rehab. Addiction charities also provide funding; searching for a local or demographic-specific group usually gives the best results.

The important thing is that you get help and stop drinking and abusing substances. If you cannot afford private rehab, several excellent groups and charities are available for outpatient rehab in Shropshire. Limited home detox will be available with a referral from your G.P. and advice about local groups. Below are listed some of the leading addiction organisations in Shropshire.

With You Shropshire Roushill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1PQ 01743 294700

This group has hubs across the U.K. with a centre in Shropshire which provides advice, treatment, counselling and group meetings.

Telford Stars Whitechapel House, Whitechapel Way, Telford TF2 9FN  0300 456 4291

Supporting those with addiction in Telford and Wrekin, this group provides assessments, counselling and help with accessing medical support. They also offer family support and counselling and group therapy.

The Rehab Admission Process

Once you have chosen a rehab that is right for you, admission is an easy process. Rehab in Shropshire provide a pickup service, or you can ask a friend or relative to come with you for comfort. Our experts can help you to find re that best suits your needs and budget. We also have interventionists who can advise on convincing a friend or family member to go to rehab.

Please call on 02072052845 for help and support for yourself or a loved one in need.

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