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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brighton

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brighton

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Brighton

For those in need of drug or alcohol rehab, Brighton is home to a dedicated rehab clinic with experienced staff and comfortable abstinent surroundings.

The rehab in Brighton offers those struggling with addiction a full recovery package from detox through to therapy and long-term recovery. The rehab is located in a quiet area with private gardens and recreation areas. This means that you can remain in the safe space of the rehab for as long as you like during your stay. There are also many excellent sports and leisure facilities in the local area if you prefer.

Transport is ample, as is local accommodation for visitors.

The treatment Brighton rehab offers

If you have tried to stop taking drugs or alcohol on your own before, you may be aware of withdrawal and its effects. Fortunately, you can receive a medical detox supervised by the clinic’s doctor when you choose to recover in rehab. The care staff will look after you in the treatment rooms Brighton rehab reserves for those detoxing at the start of their stay.

Prescriptions vary depending on your health, addiction and personal preferences. Mental health will also be treated at this stage if anything is picked up in the initial consultation. It is common for antidepressants and anxiety medications to be given as soon as possible to alleviate mood issues.

Dual diagnosis is used in the Brighton rehab facility to identify mental health conditions that may be responsible for your addiction. This works the other way as well. The lifestyle of those with an addiction can cause trauma and psychological issues. The rehab counsellors will offer you therapy regardless of your mental health. Even those who do not have any underlying trauma will benefit from CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This treatment involves assessing and working on the negative thought patterns that lead you to abuse substances despite knowing the damage it is causing. The idea is to escape from these downwards cycles and move on to more positive thoughts and actions.

In aid of more positive behaviour, you will be encouraged to engage in new or previous interests and hobbies. Similar to CBT, these activities should be fun and positive and replace the harmful pursuits of drug and alcohol addiction. The rehab in Brighton offers art, music, and outdoor pursuits such as hiking and nature walks. If you prefer more conventional exercise, there are excursions to local gyms and pools, and the staff will help you with an exercise program.

These activities should continue after you leave rehab and be part of your recovery plan, developed with your counsellors. Long-term abstinence is key to overcoming addiction, and your plan will help with support groups and coping techniques as well. If you have any issues or concerns after you leave, the rehab in Brighton provides a year of free aftercare, and this means you can call, receive therapy and attend meetings at the rehab during this time.

How much does rehab cost in Brighton?

Rehab clinics come in all shapes and sizes, from purpose-built luxury centres to homely, intimate residences. We know that choosing the right rehab and being sure it is within your budget can be challenging. Our experts can discuss what you can afford and try to find you a rehab that meets you or a loved one’s needs. If finance is an issue, there is a wide range of options you can compromise on. For example, a more rural rehab may be less expensive than one in central London. You may be happy to share a room or attend a local gym instead of a private one. All these factors can be balanced to find the rehab that is best suited to the individual.

For an idea of average prices:

  • Luxury rehab can cost from £10,000 to 15,000 a week.
  • Mid-range is around £4000 to 5000.
  • A budget rehab will be closer to £2000 a week.

We do not recommend rehab cheaper than this as the treatment is of low quality in such centres, and this is an area where we do not recommend a compromise. If you cannot afford budget rehab as an inpatient, we suggest quality outpatient treatment would be preferable to a crowded and ineffective rehab.

Rehab Group therapy meeting.

Free rehab in Brighton

Although inpatient rehab is more effective in addiction recovery, outpatient treatment is essential for those who cannot afford it. We recommend you try to create as many of the benefits of inpatient care as you can. Staying with someone who is abstinent or making your home a drug and alcohol-free space is essential. The good news is that if you need free drug and alcohol rehab, Brighton is supported by one of the largest addiction recovery charities in the U.K.

Change Grow Live, Brighton

In conjunction with Brighton council, CGL offers a hub for those who need outpatient rehab. The service is entirely free and provides counselling, treatment plans, sober activities, and family therapy. They can also help with medical detox prescriptions and health assessments.

Admissions to rehab

Finding the right rehab for you or a loved one balances many factors, including location, facilities, accommodation, and finance. This is no simple task, especially at such as challenging time.

Our team can help you decide on the best rehab facility for you and arrange transport and communication until you or a friend or family member are admitted.

Please call us on 02072052845. Our team can offer advice on counselling, interventions and what rehab is available in your area.

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