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Drug and Alcohol Rehab East Sussex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab East Sussex

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in East Sussex

Looking for an East Sussex rehab treatment facility that will address the addiction, detox, and recovery needs for yourself or someone you love?

The East Sussex rehab offers the comfort and security you will need to recover from addiction. This rehab is a former residence in a quiet area. When you go into rehab, you will receive a warm welcome from the experienced staff of counsellors, carers, and medical professionals.

East Sussex is where many choose to take a break. Those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction need an escape more than anyone. Addiction can have a destructive effect on your life and leave you needing physical and emotional healing. Entering rehab is the act of taking back our health and happiness to the fullest of our ability. If you feel that you or a loved one in East Sussex need rehab, we can help you find and settle into a recovery that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Treatment in rehab

The rehab that we work with provides the latest in customised treatment programs. These rehab programs rely on methods that have proven to be the most effective in long term recovery. It is believed throughout the rehab community that abstinence from substances is the only way to stay clean and sober. So, the first step you will take after being admitted to rehab is detox. You can put aside any worries about withdrawal and its side effects. Almost all alcohol rehabs in East Sussex offer medical detox, not ‘cold turkey’. If you haven’t heard of it before, pharmacological detox means a detox doctor will provide you with prescription medications to manage any symptoms you have. Which medicines you take will depend on your physiology, addiction and how you experience detox. Your feedback is essential in this time and allows the staff to keep you happy and healthy while you shed your chemical dependence.

The rehab program is made up of two halves. It may be tempting to head home once you have recovered from the physical addiction. Successful long-term rehabilitation is more likely if you remain in rehab for a few weeks longer than detox. Your body and mind need time and help to heal and find a new direction. Physical recovery starts with detox and continues with a routine of exercise and activities. These can be light or more intense, depending on how you feel. Indeed, the endorphin boost from being active eases withdrawal and can replace old habits with better new ones. Art, music and nature walks have improved the chances of recovery from addiction and are essential to rehab.

The Benefits of Private Rehab

Leaving rehab is something you should do when you feel ready and confident in your ability to stay abstinent. The East Sussex rehabs that we work with provide a year of free aftercare for everyone who completes their rehab program. This begins with a plan to decide how you will continue to cope without turning back to drug or alcohol addiction. A support network and meetings in your local area are essential. Many rehabs offer those who live in East Sussex a meeting in the clinic with other people who have stayed there. Otherwise, the staff will help you to source local community groups for ongoing support. Continuing your recovery is a lifetime pursuit, and rehab is just the first step.

Free rehab

In the U.K., rehab can be both inpatient and outpatient. You will find that most free rehab is outpatient and done in the community. Although inpatient rehab is more effective long-term, you must access help even if you cannot afford private treatment. Here are some ideas about funding private rehab below to ensure you have explored all of your options.

Have you:

  • Checked with friends and family if they would be able to help financially with your rehab efforts?

It is very common for those close to someone with an addiction to support them personally and financially with the long-term goal of helping them get their health and happiness back.

  • Looked over your health insurance and employee benefits?

Many insurance policies and work contracts include allowances for rehab treatment. They may cover a proportion of the cost, but even if your employer gives you paid time off for rehab, this can make an enormous difference.

  • Applied to addiction charities?

Many trusts and charities take applications to fund a stay in private rehab. It is worth finding out what criteria these groups have. Some are local, profession or demographic-specific. Choose one that best matches you as they are more likely to assist you.

If you have exhausted all of these options, then the next step should be your G.P., who will be able to start you with community-based rehab. This will start with a home medical detox with a pharmacy prescription. We strongly suggest you don’t do this alone, and if a loved one isn’t available to stay with you, try to find a local group who might check in on you and help out. It is also essential that you join a local or online support group for people with alcohol addictions or a history of substance abuse. Below are some local groups in East Sussex that can help you and your family throughout your rehab.

Seaview Hatherley Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 6LB

Is a sizeable organization with services for a range of people in the community. They offer counselling, care plans and help with activities to improve your health and wellbeing, such as sport, art and music.

Oasis Project 11 Richmond Pl, Brighton BN2 9NA, 01273604246

A group for adult and young women in the East Sussex area. This group offers a phone line, group meetings and care plans for rehab in the community. They can also help with detox prescriptions if you have not gone to your G.P.

Admissions to alcohol rehab in East Sussex

Entering rehab is a big decision and one that can make or break your journey. Our staff can help you balance your needs, budget and timing for rehab and offer advice on how to convince someone to go into rehab. An overview and experience from our expert team can be a real difference-maker. Please call us on 02072052845 for help in taking the first steps away from addiction for yourself or a loved one.

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