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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cambridgeshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cambridgeshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Cambridgeshire

If you need drug and alcohol rehab Cambridgeshire offers a secluded space to recover from addiction at your own pace. The rehab staff are a team of highly qualified medical personnel, carers and addiction counsellors.

Whether you have chosen the rehab in Cambridgeshire because you live in the area or want to get away from a life contributing to your need for rehab, these are a step in the right direction.

Do I need rehab?

Some experience a realisation that they need serious help with their addiction, and for others, the decision is more challenging. Many of those with substance abuse problems go to rehab after an intervention by friends and family. Given the influence that denial has on those with this condition, it can be helpful to have some solid indicators of whether you need inpatient rehab or not. If any of the following apply to you or a loved one, a rehab program is needed.

  • Thinking about alcohol or drugs most of the time. For non-addicted people, these things do not occupy much of their day, but if you have a dependence, you will expend a lot of time and energy on them.
  • Giving up on work, study, hobbies, and relationships. Drugs and alcohol can replace all these and leave no room in your life for anything else.
  • Feeling depressed or anxious is made worse by substance abuse or withdrawal.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drinking or taking drugs.
  • Attempting and failing to stop taking what you are addicted to multiple times.

What happens in rehab?

There are many images of rehab out there in the media, and some are accurate of the experience of inpatient rehab in the U.K., and others can be incorrect or exaggerated. While luxury rehab, with spas and private pools, exist in the U.K., most rehabs are more home-like. This is a wonderful rehab as it helps to keep you comfortable and return to a more normal and routine lifestyle. The rehab in Cambridgeshire is a repurposed home with treatment rooms in the building. This means you only need to leave the rehab if you want to use local facilities or exercise outside.

You will start your stay by discussing your treatment plan with the detox doctor and counsellors. As the rehab in Cambridgeshire accepts 24/7 admissions, this may be partly delayed, but your prescription will be issued as quickly as possible.

Medical detox helps reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, which are a source of concern for many people. This will help you sleep, rest and recovery physically during the first week in rehab. Detox is about getting your health back on track without straining yourself physically or mentally. A nutrition plan and light exercise can start towards the end of your detox.

Alcohol Rehab Cambridgeshire

The idea of restoring body and mind in tandem is at the heart of the modern approach to rehab. You will be encouraged to take as much exercise as you enjoy and eat healthy to help you physically. Therapy helps to restore and repair any mental health or lifestyle issues that contribute to your addiction. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is the most popular method used in addiction counselling.

The concept of CBT is that identifying negative thought patterns and behaviour and trying to replace them with healthier and more positive ones can break the cycle of self-destruction. As part of this, your group therapy will involve sharing these feelings, role-playing new reactions to trigger situations and trying out new, more fulfilling behaviour.

How much does rehab cost?

The majority of inpatient rehab is private in the U.K. Although some public-funded places, these are few and far between. Those who can afford it find paying for rehab means an immediate admission which is very important. Most addiction cases are urgent. If you want residential rehab but are unsure about the price, there is a wide range while it is relatively expensive. When you think about rehab, luxury rehab might be the first image you have.

These rehabs are more like hotels and have many extra facilities such as private gyms and pools. A luxury rehab will cost around £10,000 a week in the U.K., sometimes more. Mid-rage rehabs are usually more akin to suburban homes with treatment rooms and cost £4000 per week.

For those on a budget, the lowest price we recommend for rehab is £2000 a week. In this price range, you will likely share a room and use local fitness facilities. Any lower price than this means compromising on treatment which we don’t recommend.

What treatment is available from the NHS?

If you cannot afford private rehab, your first port of call should be your G.P. You can ask about inpatient rehab, and they will put you on the list after you have been means-tested. In the meantime, you will be offered outpatient rehab in the community where you live. During this time you can stay at home or with friends or family. We highly recommend finding a supportive person to stay with or visit regularly. This prevents isolation and is safer when you are doing your detox.

The G.P. will refer you to a local addiction group that can help with a detox prescription. If you need free rehab, Cambridgeshire has an excellent organisation that can help you every step of the way.

Change Grow Live Cambridgeshire Mill House, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3DF 03005550101

This group is part of a growing network of groups under the national organisation Change Grow Live. This group provides rehab counselling, family therapy and help with home medical detox.

How to choose a rehab?

With so many factors at play, choosing a rehab might seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Our team can help you by identifying which rehab treats you or a loved one’s addiction, is in your price range and is located somewhere suitable.

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