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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bradford

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bradford

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Bradford

Finding the rehab for you can be challenging but for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab Bradford clinic has a comprehensive service.

The rehab is equipped for all kinds of addictions and offers a holistic programme including detox, psychological therapy, exercise and nutrition consults.

The rehab centre is integrated, which means you can stay in a safe abstinent space for both accommodation and treatment. The area is also central making it convenient for transport, visitors, and any sober recreation you want to take part in.

Do I need drug or alcohol rehab?

It can be challenging to convince yourself alcohol rehab is needed.

“Denial can be hard to deal with whether you are living with it or someone you care about does not believe they have a problem that needs residential treatment.”

If you are thinking about rehab, the truth is the situation is probably very serious. If you need help making this decision or convincing a friend or family member to accept help, we can help you.

What treatment does the rehab in Bradford offer?

The drug and alcohol rehab in Bradford can treat a wide range of addictions, from alcohol and prescription drugs to high-dependency opiates such as heroin. Not all rehab centres can do this, and the Bradford clinic has highly experienced round the clock medical help to support such severe dependencies.

They offer medical detox to every resident and can care for those with multiple addictions.

“During detox, you will be supervised 24 hours a day and have a medical assessment at least once daily.”

The prescription will depend on what you are addicted to and the symptoms you experience during withdrawal. Your mental health will also be considered with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication offered where needed.

Mental health is a known factor in many cases of addiction, and simple chemical addiction is rare. For some, past trauma can lead them to abuse substances or feel that drugs or alcohol numb their depression or anxiety. The truth is, these dependencies only make mental health issues much worse, a downwards cycle that needs to be broken.

For others, their lifestyle is the root cause of their addiction. For both cases, the treatment is CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This talking therapy is well respected in alcohol rehab and encourages you to address and change negative thought patterns and behaviours. These should be replaced by positive actions and feelings, breaking the cycle of self-harm.

As part of your therapy, you will also start on a programme of healthier living. Nutrition is a cornerstone of this schedule; what you put in your body is crucial to health and happiness. Exercise is also encouraged to improve your mood and refocus your energy on taking care of your body.

“Exercise and other hobbies and activities can also fill the gap left by ending an addiction.”

This lifestyle should continue after you leave rehab and support you on your lifelong recovery journey. Your post-rehab plan, developed alongside your counsellors, should include how you mean to continue with these activities. They will also help you with local addiction support groups, a relapse prevention plan and a year of free aftercare. This means you can call, talk to counsellors or attend meetings at the drug and alcohol rehab in Bradford at this time.

How long can a patient spend in alcohol rehab?

The average stay in the rehab in Bradford is around a month, although many choose to spend longer for a fuller recovery. The first month is the most vital period starting with a detox lasting from a week to two weeks and a further two weeks of therapy.

How much does rehab cost in Bradford?

With stays in rehab lasting from a month to three months or more, the cost is a consideration for most people. Treatment in inpatient rehab is available at a range of prices based on several factors. Our experts have an overview of the rehab available and can discuss what areas you are happy to compromise on and your budget. The average cost of rehab can be broken into three categories, although it is possible to find somewhere tailored to your specific needs.

  • Luxury rehab costs from £10,000 to 15,000 a week in the U.K. For this price, the rehab will offer private rooms, in-house facilities and extras such as massage, aromatherapy, and yoga will be included.
  • Mid-range rehab will be around £4000 to 5000 per week, and you can choose which of the areas such as accommodation, location or facilities you prefer to compromise on.
  • Budget rehab will be from £2000 a week, and you may find that room-sharing and more rural locations are the norms for this price. However, we never compromise on the treatment, and any rehab we recommend will have a robust program and experienced staff.

Can I find free rehab in Bradford?

If you find inpatient alcohol rehab is not affordable for you and your family, there are outpatient treatments. This will be in the community, and you will likely stay at home or with friends or family who support your recovery. The good news here is if you need free drug or alcohol rehab Bradford is supported by charity funded hubs in Bradford and Keighley.

How do I get into rehab?

Our team specialises in matching you with the drug or alcohol rehab that best suits your needs and financial concerns. They can also help with convincing a loved one to accept help and be admitted to rehab. Our interventionist can offer ideas or speak with them on your behalf.

Please call us on 020 7205 2845 for advice and information on choosing a rehab in Bradford or the wider U.K.

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