Lives Destroyed by Happy Pills

The number of people using anti-depressants in the UK has soared recently. In 2000 there were 20 million prescriptions regularly filled, this has raised by 19 to 39 million in only a decade

Though factors such as the economic recession can be partly responsible for this surge in anxiety, some GPs are concerned that misdiagnosis may be playing a significant role also. Currently, with GPs being massively over-worked, cases of misdiagnosis of ‘depression’ go hand in hand with cases of actual depression being over-looked. Patients that need assistance are walking away empty handed while others are being treated unnecessarily.

Ideally, patients with mild depression should receive a form of talking therapy to organise their depressive thoughts and behaviour without ‘resorting’ to pills, but Doctors have claimed that the difficulty of finding a therapist is such that they prescribe the pills because the therapy simply isn’t available. This is even in the light that patients in therapy have only a 5% relapse rate (into depressive behaviour) than those on the pills (20%). The full story, as reported by The Daily Mail, June 29, 2010. Unnecessary anti-depressant prescriptions in the US.

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