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NAD Drip Therapy

NAD Drip Therapy

What is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD drip therapy could be the key to your alcohol detox and recovery as a revolutionary treatment for addiction and dependence-related health issues. 

NAD can be helpful for several of the issues that come up when detoxing or later in recovery. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that exists in our body and makes our system function, from food absorption to metabolism and the natural ability to repair and recover. 


A large percentage of the time, it is due to low NAD levels when we feel low, fatigued, or drained.

Drinking too much and too long is one of the most common reasons for low NAD levels. Alcohol addiction is one of the main reasons for Pellagra, the condition of NAD or niacin depletion. 

A NAD drip can speed up your alcohol detox, relieve symptoms and cravings, and boost lagging energy levels.

What is NAD Treatment?

NAD treatment covers any therapy or program that increases levels of NAD in your body. There are several ways to do this. You can choose an individual supplement or use aNAD  IV drip with several supplements and fluids to improve your health and withdrawal symptoms.

There are three main kinds of NAD therapy:


The most effective way of replenishing NAD levels in the body is through a NAD drip. This easy and quick process takes an hour to two hours. 

The IV drip will contain NAD level-boosting vitamins, fluids, and other therapies our doctors believe you need. 

NAD plays a vital role in our metabolism, and we struggle to create energy from food without it. It also provides energy to our cells which means they can repair themselves. 

The effect should be immediate. Reduced cravings, increased energy levels and better sleep are some of the first improvements you will see. 

While getting your treatment, you will have access to other therapies NAD clinics can offer. These include relaxation and sleep chairs, transcranial recovery equipment and talking therapies with a counsellor

NAD Injections

Push injections of NAD are also available. As the levels will drop, you will have to visit more frequently with injections than a NAD IV. NAD injections are quicker than NAD drips but require more return appointments to maintain.

These work well but are less effective than a NAD Drip as less of the fluids get into your bloodstream when the method isn’t as direct. 

NAD Vitamin Supplements

Taking tablets to improve your NAD levels can be beneficial long term. It is less effective than injections or NAD drips but can be taken daily. Supplements like this won’t give you as much short-term relief from alcohol detox, and stomach issues may prevent you from taking them regularly. 

NAD IV Therapy Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox causes several withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and challenging. 

There are many ways to manage alcohol withdrawal, and NAD therapy is one of the safest and most natural. It functions alongside alcohol detox medications and can be offered with a prescription to improve symptoms while you recover.

The reason for this is that alcohol misuse causes malnutrition. Three factors influence alcohol malnutrition:

  • Alcohol prevents many nutrients from being absorbed into your system
  • Heavy drinkers tend to neglect their health and eat fewer nutrients
  • The calories in alcoholic drinks replace healthy and nutritious foods

This might seem a surprising cause of withdrawal symptoms, but malnutrition can be extremely dangerous. The starvation of calories is only part of taking away what fuels your body. 

Not taking in enough nutrients can cause serious symptoms and even death. This is why alcohol detoxers are encouraged to eat well and healthily or take alcohol detox vitamins. 

When people go through alcohol detox, they aim to manage symptoms and repair their bodies as quickly as possible. NAD can help with alcohol detox in several ways:

  • Fast detox – NAD is essential in metabolism and speeds up the process often by several days.
  • Cravings – NAD IV therapy attaches to the same receptors in your brain as alcohol reducing or stopping cravings.
  • Health and wellbeing – many physical symptoms, such as exhaustion and headaches, can be improved by NAD therapy.
  • Mental health – low levels of NAD are linked to depression and anxiety, which are very common symptoms of alcohol detox.

NAD and Drug Detox

The support of NAD during a drug detox can make a huge difference to your experience and success. Cravings are one of the toughest parts of quitting drugs and the reason so many people relapse. 

Cravings are complex. They are caused by both psychological habit-forming and neurological chemistry. 

Taking drugs stimulates parts of the brain that would normally only make you feel good in small doses. When you stop, you pay the price as your brain wants that reward feeling again.

This triggers a craving via opioid receptors. NAD can help you by binding to these receptors preventing or reducing the craving. 

From a psychological perspective, NAD can help you break your drug habit by boosting physical energy and alleviating depression, insomnia, and anxiety symptoms. 

Doctor preparing for NAD therapy

NAD and Depression

Alcoholism and depression are deeply linked. This is largely because alcohol is a depressant and the temporary relief alcohol provides to depressed people. 

The reverse side is that the more you drink, the more depressed you become and the more you want to drink. The situation spirals until you reach a breaking point. 

Depression can be a symptom of low levels of NAD. NAD plays a part in this depression. Niacin (a NAD precursor) is heavily involved in depression. 

Studies show that supplementing to increase levels of NAD can help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Fatigue is one of the hardest symptoms to deal with.

 Like so many other problems, it is a vicious circle. You are tired, so you don’t exercise, which leads to being unfit and lower serotonin levels. This, in turn, worsens your depression. The part that exercise and natural movement play in alleviating depression has been proven to be life-changing. NAD’s role in metabolism can provide a starting point for getting back to exercise and movement.

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