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Addiction Treatment by Rapid Detox

Addiction Treatment by Rapid Detox

Rapid opiate detoxification

Rapid opiate detox, often known simply as detox, is an essential step towards recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Though many programmes, including Rehab Guide, promote complete abstinence from alcohol the best way to do that is not always to go ‘cold turkey’. In some cases, it may even be dangerous. A Detox is a structured alternative to ‘cold turkey’ where the alcohol is replaced with a mimic substance which can itself be easily withdrawn.

If you wish to be free of dependence to alcohol or heroin and opiate drugs, amongst other substances, The purpose of detox is simple – to minimize the withdrawal symptoms which occur when you stop drinking or using drugs. The mimic substance is reduced by degrees and removed altogether usually within a week. This reduces the chances of relapse and increases the likelihood of full recovery.

Excellerated detox is not a cure for drug addiction. It is only the beginning of the process of recovery, and it needs to be followed up with appropriate rehabilitation and aftercare. This is where many people who attempt addiction treatment fail. Once ‘dry for a while they believe they are cured and set themselves up for disaster. A ‘recovery’ is an ongoing educational process. One of constant renewal and insight that is only born at the detox stage.

In the absence of properly qualified help, most people fail to free themselves from the paralyzing grip of addiction, and may well put their lives at risk. When it comes to addiction treatment, do it once and do it right.

Rehab Guide only recommends treatment centres that are CQC accredited and have qualified medical staff to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms in greater comfort.

Do not use unaccredited facilities. Remember, you may be putting your life at risk.

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