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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Staffordshire

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Staffordshire


Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Staffordshire

Providing sympathetic services for over 20 years in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas, Staffordshire rehab offers a calm and safe place to recover from addiction and its physical toll. This rehab prides itself on providing not only recovery but education to its residents.

Helping those struggling with drugs and alcohol to rebuild their lives and recuperate securely is their mission. Therapeutic surroundings coupled with a solid holistic and lifestyle program are just part of why this rehab has one of the best recovery rates in the U.K.

Staffordshire Rehab – Treating Addiction

This rehab provides several treatment options in addition to those regularly offered.

Therapy and Counselling

One-one sessions with a rehab counsellor are an important opportunity to discuss your most personal and deepest concerns. Your counsellor is there to listen and advise you on the steps of recovery and lifelong recuperation. Group meetings are a well-known cornerstone of addiction treatment and introduce you to the concept widely used by recovery groups in and out of rehab centres.

Workshops and roleplay

Working on specific issues in rehab will often come in the form of a workshop, for example, relapse prevention, anger or stress management and social role play. These are part of the education program in the Staffordshire rehab designed to prepare you for your life of abstinence.

Holistic therapies

You won’t be all focused on stopping taking drugs and alcohol, and there is a strong element of learning how to enjoy life without abusing these substances. Daytrips to nature spots, sporting events and local attractions are offered regularly. Also, alcohol and drug-free social events are available to help you get used to enjoying time with others clean and sober. In the rehab, there are also yoga and meditation classes and a physical fitness suite to work on rebuilding your health.

Is Rehab Free in Staffordshire?

There is help available for free in Staffordshire, with several organisations offering confidential rehab support in the community. These are not residential rehabs as this is not a free service usually offered in the U.K. but instead provide home-based detox and recovery support. In Staffordshire, the most widespread group is part of the Humankind Organisation who can advise recovery groups, detoxing safely and stopping and cutting down on your drug and alcohol use.

East – Humankindstarseast@nhs.net 150 Station Street, Burton, DE14 1BG

West – Humankindstarswest@nhs.net 10 Browning St, Stafford, ST16 3AT

North – Humankind.starsnorth@nhs.net John O Gaunt (JOG), Pool Dam, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 2RR

Funding at Staffordshire rehab

Community groups are an essential service, and it has been shown though that the most effective approach is spending time in a rehab centre. This keeps you away from temptation and allows you to spend time with other people who are facing an addiction as well. Funding can help you pay for your stay in this rehab, and you might well find that those around you are happy to contribute to the costs. Here are some of the options for funding your stay in Staffordshire rehab:

  • Health Insurance Policies. These often cover at least a proportion of the cost of rehab, around 80-90%.
  • Employer Rehabilitation Schemes. You might be surprised to find that many employers will support their staff members through at least one trip.
  • Family and friends. Those most invested in your recovery are often able to help with a proportion of the cost involved. It may help to spread this across several loved ones to avoid anyone bearing the full cost.
  • Addiction and rehab charities. There are several charities you can apply to fund your rehab. Usually, you will complete a form yourself or on behalf of your loved one and be contacted back for help.
  • Personal loans. Some banks will agree to provide a loan to cover the cost of rehab. Make sure the repayments are manageable.

Staffordshire Rehab, what is it like?

Rehab holds a great deal of mystery and intrigue in people’s minds. It is both glamorised and dramatized. A good rehab should provide a safe and comfortable haven for people who are enduring a very difficult and life-changing illness. Within this environment, you will express yourself and rebuild a strong and confident version of yourself. To this end, rehab introduces several concepts into your day:


The often-exhausting lifestyle that addiction brings can end when you step into a rehab centre. After the initial detox period has passed and you are physically ready, you will wake each day at the same time and take meals as a group. Each day will have certain activities planned, such as counselling, group therapy and workshops. There will be optional activities such as sports, yoga and art therapy. You can also choose to rest, relax and enjoy drug and alcohol-free hobbies you had prior or always wanted to take up.


From the meals you eat to the exercise and activities you join in, rehab is designed to get your whole self, body and mind back on track. Addiction often leaves health damaged, and regaining your wellbeing is a huge help in recovery.


Family and friends are affected by addiction as well as the person themselves. The Staffordshire rehab offers family therapy sessions and pre-arranged visits and day trips for residents.

How long do you stay in the Staffordshire rehab?

A month is the standard length of stay in the rehab centre. This begins with a detox which will be done under the supervision of a doctor specialising in detoxification from drugs and alcohol. This typically lasts around a week to ten days, although it depends on the severity of the addiction and the substance being used. Once the detox is complete, you can begin the recovery phase. Here you will engage in therapy, holistic treatments, and a re-education program to help you understand how to live without drugs and alcohol.

Life after rehab

Now you have an idea what the Staffordshire rehab is like, and you may start thinking, ‘what will my life look like after?’ The Staffordshire rehab is dedicated to keeping people off drugs and alcohol long-term. Their extensive education program and residential housing for those who have completed their programs are part of their high success rate.  You can return home after rehab or choose to stay in the Staffordshire rehab’s housing. Everyone staying there is clean and sober and looking to stay away from their previous lifestyle. The supervision and routine are not the same as in the rehab centre, but it has many reassuring surroundings and ideals to help you if you need more time.

Aftercare is also available to you when you leave rehab. This includes a plan made in cooperation with your counsellors, access to meetings and telephone consultations with counsellors from the rehab.

How do I get into Staffordshire rehab?

Some are admitted by friends and family, who can help with the admission process. Others do not have this assistance, and we can help. Once you have agreed to enter rehab, you will be admitted upon arrival and put on a detox and recovery plan. You will be given a room, and a family member may come with you to help you settle in.

Transportation to the Staffordshire clinic is excellent with both public transport and private taxis available. If you are not able to get yourself here, we can arrange transport for you alongside the clinic. Our experts can advise you on all aspects of rehab and admission. You can call us on 02072052845 for advice and recommendations.

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