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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Devon

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Devon

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Devon

For those looking for drug and alcohol rehab, Devon provides an idyllic location and 24-hour care from experienced medical and care staff.

The rehab in Devon offers a full medical detox, psychological and physical recovery program and a completely abstinent space for those struggling with addiction. The rehab is located in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful countryside, perfect for rest and reflection.

Do I need rehab?

In some cases, the need for rehab is clear to everyone around you, and the addicted person may start to feel it too. However, addiction is a condition where denial is common, and many hold out hope for returning to social drinking or think they can quit on their own. It is essential to look at the facts when deciding if you need rehab. If the following apply to you, you are likely to be addicted and need to seek professional help.

  • Drinking or taking drugs is on your mind most of the time
  • Your substance abuse has damaged your relationships with friends and family
  • You have given up on work, studies or hobbies you used to enjoy
  • No longer taking care of yourself physically
  • Trying repeatedly to quit and failing or relapsing later

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Devon

What are the stages of rehab?

Most private rehab centres offer admissions 24 hours; they understand that the situation is often urgent. You can arrive at rehab with a friend or family member for support, and we only recommend travelling yourself if you are fit to do so. This companion can stay with you throughout the admission for moral support. If you prefer to come alone, we can help you arrange sober transport from your location to the rehab in Devon.


When you arrive, you will meet with one of the counsellors and a detox doctor. They will help you with some treatment plan ideas and a prescription for medical detox. The medications you receive will help you to rest and stay comfortable during the initial recovery period. Thankfully, this means fewer withdrawal symptoms and a more comfortable first week. You will also be given a nutrition plan to restore your strength, and if you feel up to it, you can start therapy.

Detox is what most think about when they are considering rehab. This is understandable; it is a huge step and a challenge both physically and mentally. You might feel that once the chemical addiction is over, you will be able to return home and stay clean and sober.


Statistically, this is not the case for most people. Leaving rehab after less than one month leads to much higher rates of relapse. The reason for this is the underlying issues that are responsible for drug and alcohol addiction. These problems are psychological and must be dealt with through therapy. You can find counselling in the community but doing this in the temptation-free space of rehab dramatically improves your chances of completing your treatment plan.

C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a method used for rehab counselling and other psychological issues to help you explore your reasons for substance abuse. You will work with your therapist to correct negative thought patterns and actions. This kind of therapy is also done in groups which helps you share your feelings and what you have experienced. This helps significantly with feelings of isolation and introduces you to the mutual support circles present in most community support groups. Being a member of these groups is very important in recovery and improves your chances of staying clean and sober long term. It gives you a community and social life that does not involve drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Treatment

Creating a new life for yourself away from addiction is crucial if you want to stay on track. New friends and social groups are part of this, and so are activities. Sticking to groups and interests that do not involve alcohol or drugs is vital. Apart from this, you can find something that suits you. Many in rehab take up old passions or find new ones such as sport, art or music.

Finding something to fill the gap left by your addiction will keep you moving forward and stop pervasive thoughts. These will be part of your ongoing treatment plan once you leave rehab as well. Your counsellors will help you make this plan and choose support groups, family and friends and other stabilising influences.

The rehab in Devon also provides a year of free aftercare to all former residents. You can use this to receive counselling, attend meetings or even call to talk to someone supportive when you need it.

How much does rehab cost in Devon?

For rehab as an inpatient in Devon, where you move into the clinic, most have to pay privately. The N.H.S. does have a few spaces for specific cases, but these are not common. You can ask your G.P., and they will make a referral; you will be means-tested to check if you can afford private care.

However, more than likely, you will be referred to outpatient care unless you go to a private rehab. How much rehab costs are based on three main factors: location, facilities and accommodation. We can help you find a balance of price and amenities that you are happy with within your rehab.

There are city-based centres in Devon. You may find if you are looking for more central alcohol rehab Exeter is a hotspot. There is also the opportunity for more tranquil and rural space in alcohol rehabs in Devon county.

For a rehab with shared rooms, in a more rural location and using local public facilities such as gyms and pools, you can expect to pay around £2000 per week. The price increases if you want to change any of these with a mid-range rehab with private rooms costing in the region £4000 a week.

Suppose you are looking for a rehab in high-demand areas such as London, with private rooms and an in-house gym and pool you will pay closer to £10,000 a week. These prices are only for the first month of rehab; after this time, most centres reduce their price by up to half as the level of care needed lowers.

This means if you are looking for a long-stay in alcohol rehab Devon can provide a more cost-effective option over large cities such as London and Birmingham.

Can I Find Free Alcohol Rehab in Devon?

For those who cannot pay for private rehab, the best option is to find outpatient rehab in the community. It is a good idea to get as close to the inpatient rehab experience as possible. You can detox at home or stay with someone you know who supports your recovery. Finding a responsible friend or family member to support you can be very helpful. Fortunately, if you need free drug and alcohol rehab, Devon has an excellent group to support you throughout.

Together Drug and Alcohol Service Devon  Magdelene House, Grendon Road, Exeter Devon  EX1 2NJ 08002335444

A joint group with Humankind charity Together offers help with prescription detox, group and individual counselling and family therapy and interventions.

Admission to Rehab in Devon

Choosing the right rehab for you or a loved one is a balancing act of cost, location and accommodation. The most important thing, in our opinion, is treatment, and so we only recommend rehab with excellent treatment programs.

For further advice and help convincing a friend or family member into rehab, please call us on 02072052845.

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