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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Merseyside

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Merseyside

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Merseyside

Residential rehab is vital for those struggling with addiction; if you need drug and alcohol rehab Merseyside is ideally situated. The area is easy to access for admissions and offers a cosmopolitan environment alongside the peace and tranquillity you need in rehab.

The rehab in Merseyside provides round the clock care in a comfortable residence with in-house treatment facilities. This rehab offers a complete programme of physical and psychological therapy alongside holistic treatments. There is also a robust education schedule where the staff help you with anything you feel you cannot do or cope with due to your addiction.

Do I need rehab?

Rehab is a big step, and it is normal to wonder if this is what you need. It is possible for those with a very mild dependence to recover outside of rehab; however, inpatient rehab is the safest way to proceed if you find any of the below is true of yourself or a loved one.

  • You are constantly thinking about or lying about your alcohol or drug intake.
  • Excessive alcohol or drug consumption combined with not taking care of yourself, giving up on work or hobbies, poor performance in studies.
  • Committing any criminal or dangerous acts to afford or get access to drugs or alcohol.
  • Trying and failing several times to stop drinking or abusing substances.

It’s never too late to go to rehab

It is never too late for rehab; in fact, rehab is needed most when you have had all you can take. Supervised medical detox is ideal for those who feel their physical dependence is too severe to stop taking drugs and alcohol. This will help manage your symptoms and keep you safe and comfortable during withdrawal.

Rehab stages

You start your rehab the moment you are admitted to the centre. You can arrive yourself, be picked up or take a friend or loved one with you for support. Admission is simple, and you will discuss your treatment plan and needs with your counsellor and detox doctor. The doctor will provide a prescription for you with medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms. You will spend a week to two weeks detoxing. This should be a relaxing time, and there will be a staff member on hand to look after you.

When you are ready, usually a few days into detox, you can start the treatment stage with the other residents and attend therapy. Counselling offers the opportunity to understand and deal with any underlying issues that have led you into drug or alcohol addiction. It is essential to take this step as detox should resolve the chemical addiction, but substance abuse is rarely straightforward. Dual diagnosis is employed by rehab counsellors to discover if any undiagnosed mental health concerns may be contributing to your substance abuse. C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), a talking therapy, will help you deal with any such issues alongside any required medications such as anti-depressants.

Addiction Support Groups in Merseyside

Group meetings will allow you to share your experience of addiction and listen to others who have been in the same position. This helps a great deal with feelings of isolation and builds a sense of community. Group rehab meetings are a cornerstone of recovery, and rehab gatherings can be found throughout the country. Small communities usually have a recovery café or A.A. or N.A. (Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous) group. These will be vital to your aftercare, and your counsellors will help you identify a group that suits your addiction and personality. They will also help you build your support network and continue the holistic side of recovery in finding sports, hobbies, and sober social groups. The rehab in Merseyside also offers a year of free aftercare, and this means you can contact the rehab for counselling, advice and attend meetings of former residents.

The cost of rehab

Inpatient rehab in the U.K. is almost entirely private, including that funded by addiction charities. There are a few N.H.S. funded spaces in private rehabs and hospitals for those who meet specific criteria. It is worth asking your G.P. for a referral, although they will likely inform you that the waiting list can belong. You may also have to provide proof that you cannot afford to pay for private rehab as it is often means-tested. Inpatient rehab is highly recommended as it has a higher rate of success than outpatient care. Generally, prices for a rehab start at £2000 per week, if you pay much less than this and the quality of treatment is lower, which we feel is a poor investment. Mid-range rehab will be around £4000 a week, and luxury clinics are closer to £10,000 weekly. You can spread the cost of rehab by asking friends or family to contribute or asking your health insurer if they can cover part of your stay.

Free rehab

For some, the cost of private rehab makes it impossible, and it is still vital to find help for your addiction as soon as possible. Outpatient rehab will usually be free with a host of charities and public groups to provide support and services. To help you succeed, we recommend replicating the surroundings of inpatient rehab as much as possible. Finding someone clean and sober who can help and care for you during detox is a huge advantage. Isolation and the stress of self-care can make a recovery at home a challenge. Reach out to local groups who offer counselling and re-education programmes for you to attend.

The good news is if you need free drug and alcohol rehab Merseyside has several groups that can support your recovery. Most importantly, contact your doctor for a referral or prescription for medical detox. This is by far the safest way to quit drugs or alcohol.

Change Grow Live Chapel Brook, The Peake Centre, 12-14 Wilson Rd, Liverpool L36 6FH 0845 873 4462

Change Grow Live is a national group with hubs in local communities throughout the U.K. The Liverpool hub offers counselling, family therapy and support, health checks and helps with detox prescriptions.

How do I choose a rehab centre?

As addiction is a massive problem in the U.K., many rehab centres are available throughout the country. This provides you with some flexibility regarding price, facilities, location and approach to treatment. Looking through all these options would be very time consuming, and it is easier to ask our experts who have an overview of the rehab available and a background in addiction treatment. Our staff have a variety of backgrounds, including addiction counsellors, interventionists and rehab specialists. We can provide recommendations for rehab centres and advice on how to convince a loved one to accept they have a problem and go into rehab. Please call us on 02072052845 for professional advice free of charge.

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