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Alcohol Rehab in Sussex

Alcohol Rehab in Sussex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sussex

Rehab should provide a peaceful and safe space for recovery for those in need of Drug and alcohol rehab Sussex clinic offers a home away from home feel.

The rehab in Sussex is in a quiet suburban area with access to local facilities and is based in a former home rather than a traditional medical rehab setting. The residence and treatment are all in-house which provides privacy and safety during your time in rehab. The area is quiet but accessible for visits from your support network, and there are excellent local sports and recreation facilities on offer.

Do I need rehab?

It is clear rehab is needed in some cases, although some feel that they should try to beat addiction alone first. This might be possible for those with a strong support network and counselling available to them. Likely you or a loved one has tried to quit drugs or alcohol before and may have relapsed later or even quite soon after. This is often the case where someone is surrounded by social and environmental pressure to take drugs or alcohol. The rehab in Sussex provides a temptation free place to rest and commit to therapy and a new way of living.

What are the stages of rehab?

The rehab in Sussex has a policy that there can be no return to casual or moderate drinking or drugs once you are addicted. This is in line with the current thinking of experts on the condition. Dependence removes our ability to stop or moderate ourselves, which means that rehab is an entirely abstinent space to give you an easier introduction to this lifestyle. The first step you will take is to stop and deal with removing the substance you have been abusing from your system. Withdrawal can be a challenge, but modern rehab provides a medical detox to keep you healthy, safe, and comfortable. The medications provided will manage your symptoms, and the rehab staff will give you the care you need to stay focused on your wellbeing.

The next stage will be speaking to a counsellor and your fellow rehab residents in a group and individually. Dual diagnosis of substance abuse is common in rehab; undiagnosed mental health concerns can be the root cause of addiction and treating these is vital to long-term recovery. Other group activities in rehab are clean and sober socializing, triggering situation role-plays and health workshops. Your general sense of wellbeing is also addressed using holistic treatments and a programme of exercise and activities such as art or music therapy.

The last step of rehab will last for the rest of your life. Leaving rehab can be a challenging and exciting time. Many are both nervous and excited to return home; these mixed feelings are entirely normal. Your counsellors will know you well by this point and can provide an ongoing rehab plan. This will include identifying local support groups, finding a counsellor or booking a phone appointment with the rehab’s therapist and how you will deal with the risk of relapse. The rehab in Sussex offers a year of free aftercare as part of your package, meaning you can call or attend meetings in the rehab during that time.

alcohol rehab in sussex

Cost of rehab in Sussex

Inpatient rehab in the U.K. is a service that is mostly in small private clinics. Sometimes, the national health service uses beds in these clinics or one of the few N.H.S. facilities. You can apply through a referral from your G.P., but there are not many of these beds available, and if you are deemed a suitable candidate, you may wait several months or more. Private rehab, on the other hand, offers immediate admission, usually 24 hours a day. This can be extremely important given the condition of those approaching the ‘rock bottom’ of addiction.

The cost of private rehab varies enormously. It depends on where you want to go, what the accommodation and facilities are and what you are addicted to. Prices range from £2000 to 10,000 or more. For a budget rehab, you may have to compromise on things such as sharing a room, staying in a less central area or using local facilities such as gyms and swimming pools instead of private in house. The only place we do not recommend conceding is treatment; it is the heart of rehab and the whole reason for going. It is worth asking friends, family and checking your health insurance for help in paying for part or all the cost of rehab. Addiction charities offer funding to those in need of residential rehab but without the finance to pay for their stay.

Free rehab in Sussex

If paying for private rehab is not an option for you, it is still vital that you find help to stop taking drugs or abusing alcohol. Free rehab is available throughout the U.K. as an outpatient; with your first stop being your G.P. In some cases, you might feel uncomfortable talking to your family doctor. If this is the case, you should contact local rehab charities and trusts directly for help with detox prescriptions and counselling. For those in need of drug and alcohol rehab, Sussex is home to several excellent charities and N.H.S. trusts that can provide support.

ESRA East Sussex Recovery Alliance 5 Harold Place Hastings, Sussex TN34 1JA 01424 435318

This local group helps people with both drug and alcohol addiction and accepts self-referrals. Through its recovery cafes, ESRA offers support groups, counselling, and holistic treatments. The group follows the non-denominational SMART approach to addiction treatment and allows appointments and drop-ins.

STAR (Change Grow Live Sussex) Lift House, 6 St Leonards Road, Eastbourne BN21 3UH 03003038160

Part of the national group Change Grow Live is a hub where you can find access to counselling, prescription help, support groups and health assessments.

Rehab Admissions

Choosing where and which rehab is right for you or a loved one can be a challenging time. With all the factors, it is helpful to get an overview and find which suits your needs best. Our rehab experts can listen to your situation and identify which rehab is the best fit for you or a family member. We can also provide rehab counselling, assessments, and intervention advice to convince someone to enter rehab.

Please call us on 02072052845 for guidance and support.

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