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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Berkshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Berkshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Berkshire

The rehab in Berkshire offers an opportunity to rest and recover from what can be an exhausting life using alcohol or drugs. Addiction can take its toll on not only you but those around you, leaving you feeling isolated.

Rehab is a chance to leave that behind, build a strong support network, and find the life you want to live. The rehab in Berkshire allows quick admissions being close to London and other major U.K. cities. It also makes it easy for friends and family to visit once you have detoxed and are feeling better.

Rehab Choices

When you are considering residential rehab in Berkshire, there are several factors to consider.

  • Treatment. First and foremost, a program and staff that are suited to your addiction. Most rehabs in Berkshire cater to drug and alcohol addiction. If you believe there may be mental health issues at play, then a rehab specialising in dual diagnosis of addiction and psychological concerns may be your best choice.
  • Location. Rehab is a time where many want to get away from everything and focus on themselves. Later in rehab, you might find you are keen to have visitors or take part in family therapy with your support network. Where you choose to go will also have a bearing on the price of your stay in rehab.
  • Facilities. Many rehabs in Berkshire are home away from home clinics close to local gyms, swimming pools, and nature walks. Some luxury rehabs in Berkshire have their own gyms, private grounds, and direct access to the countryside. Several of them offer day trips for those who have completed their detox and feel ready. These facilities are a window into interests and hobbies to take the place of addiction in your life.

Treatment in Berkshire rehab

The question of how to shake off your addiction and move on is probably foremost in the mind of most people considering rehab. The process is in three parts; detox, recovery and finally, rehabilitation. You may have strong feelings about the detoxification process, possibly from previous attempts to stop at home or with the help of friends and family. Rehabs do not recommend detoxing without the use of medication as this is less successful and, in some cases, unhealthy. A detox doctor will prescribe medicines depending on what you are addicted to and your physical health. This will make your first few weeks in rehab more comfortable and therapy more productive.

You will likely get started on the recovery phase during detox if you are feeling up to it, of course. Attending one to one and group therapy will be a considerable part of your time in rehab. You may have seen this idea of group sharing in media. It helps you to know that you are not alone in your struggle and your feelings about drugs and alcohol are normal. One part not well publicised in movies and T.V. is the role play part of group therapy. You will try out situations where you are invited to drink or take drugs and learn how to cope with these calmly and safely. You may also role-play scenarios that generally trigger you to drink and work on altering how you react to them.

The final leg of the journey is rehabilitation into society, your family and work if you feel ready. It is possible to extend your stay in abstinent rehab housing in Berkshire. This is ideal for people who think that their current home is not a place where they can stay free of substance abuse. For example, if you live with people who are unwilling to stop drinking or taking drugs or feel visitors may bring these substances over to you. A strong support network that encourages your recovery is the only people you should allow in your life at this moment.

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What happens after rehab?

Leaving rehab is a new beginning for you. Having detoxed, engaged in therapy for psychological issues and learned new coping skills, you are ready for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean you won’t need help along the way. Most rehabs in Berkshire offer a comprehensive aftercare program which you can use in the year following rehab. Including counselling, making your all-important post-rehab plan and building a support network. In addition to the rehab in Berkshire, there are several free support services that you can use in the area.

Free Rehab Services in Berkshire

Swanswell 1 Station Rd, Newbury RG14 7AB, United Kingdom

A community support group for those struggling with substance abuse, both alcohol and drugs. They provide counselling, group meetings and social and physical activities.

Bracknell Forest 1 Station Rd, Newbury RG14 7AB, United Kingdom appointments@relateberkshire.org 01189 876 161

A council group that offers a ten-day recovery program for those hoping to enter recovery from addiction.

How to get into rehab

Once you have decided to go into rehab, you likely want to get everything in place quickly. Looking through all the options regarding location, price, treatments, and facilities can seem daunting. Our experts have over 20 years of experience in helping people recover. Many have been in rehab themselves or worked in a rehab centre as counsellors or interventionists. They will be happy to listen to your needs and recommend a Berkshire clinic for you or a loved one and give you advice on convincing someone to enter rehab. You can call on 02072052845 for anything from direction to an entire reservation.

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