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Alcohol Rehab Blackpool

Alcohol Rehab Blackpool

Alcohol rehab centres in Blackpool

Alcohol rehab centres are designed to treat anyone who has problems with excessive drinking. Even those who don’t consider their drinking problem to be “severe” can still benefit from the services offered by an alcohol rehab Blackpool.

One common misconception about alcohol rehabs is that they’re reserved primarily for patients who are hopelessly addicted to alcohol. However, alcohol rehabs offer services to anyone who struggles with alcohol abuse.

Benefits of alcohol rehab centres

Alcohol has ingrained itself within English culture. Whether it’s an office get together, birthday party, or simply a meet up with a few pals down at the local pub, alcohol is often present.

It doesn’t take much for a recovering alcoholic to experience a relapse. It just takes one trigger to cause an individual to give in to their craving and begin drinking once more.

Alcohol rehab centres in Blackpool provide a safe and sterile environment where a patient can escape from the pressures of the outside world and undergo a detox process where their bodies slowly purge all impurities from their systems.

This can be an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous process due to severe side effects. Alcohol rehab centres have fully trained staff members on hand who can offer patients medical services to treat their side effects and make their stay more bearable.

Simply put, it can be dangerous to undergo alcohol detox without a medical staff on hand to keep withdrawal symptoms under control. Furthermore, there are just too many triggers in the outside world that can send a recovering alcoholic spiralling back down into the depths of alcohol abuse.

Sometimes a trigger can be as simple as seeing an old drinking buddies face. Alcohol rehab centres ensure all triggers are eliminated and that the patient does not have access to alcohol.

Local rehab centres in Blackpool

There are two major types of alcohol rehab, alcohol rehab residential and alcohol rehab outpatient.

Alcohol rehab that is residential is the type of alcohol rehab where the patient takes part in treatment during the day, and also receives treatment and counselling sessions in the evening.  Alcohol rehab residential generally takes place throughout 28 days which is the minimum recommended time to get started on your recovery from alcohol dependence. With an alcohol rehab out-patient programme, the patient would attend the facility or clinic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for a period of weeks or months depending on both the patient’s needs and availability.

There are several benefits to choosing  alcohol rehab residential, for instance, a residential alcohol rehab program for one’s addition treatment will include:

  • A retreat away from the everyday stresses and strains of modern day life
  • A place where you can focus solely on getting well, both physically and mentally
  • Access to guidance from a therapist and support workers on a 24-hour basis
  • Access to facilities to help relax and recover from the effects of too much alcohol

The most important aspect of alcohol rehab residential is the ’round the clock’ professional supervision available. This will include:

  • General and specialist health care
  • Counselling
  • Nutritional advice from a dietitian
  • Exercise program
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic therapies

Alcohol can be just as damaging and addictive as some of the harder drugs out there such as cocaine and heroin. Alcohol distorts the mind and disrupts the user’s ability to use reason. Furthermore, alcohol becomes a top priority for many alcoholics. Eventually, finances and relationships are ruined as addicts make poor decisions in favour of acquiring and consuming more and more alcohol.

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol dependency, we’re here to help. We’re merely a phone call away. Blackpool has many alcohol rehab centres that are staffed by professionals who will ensure you’re provided with a medically sound environment as you undergo detox and overcome your addiction.

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