Choosing Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worthing - Rehab Guide

Choosing Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worthing

Choosing Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worthing

Find alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment in Worthing

Looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing and ways in which you can get the proper alcohol addiction treatment? Congratulations! You have landed on the right page.

It can be hard to find the kind of help that will help you overcome addiction issues in the right way. Finding a good rehab program and sticking with it is the first step to getting better. But which program is right for you? Where you will find it? What to expect during treatment and how much it will cost you are the right questions to ask. Rehab Guide provides all the information you will need on drug and alcohol rehab and detox options in Worthing.

Taking the First Step Towards Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The first step towards an alcohol and drug-free life entails proper assessment. Therefore, any rehab in Worthing that you will go to will first ask some general details regarding your addiction habits before they can help the right way. Yes, it can be difficult to answer about personal information and tell things to strangers. Rest assured it is so they can help you.

Any rehab in Worthing will ask for this information to help you the right way. Getting a history of how the addiction started, what your addiction is, and your triggers. This information can help counsellors and physicians provide the help that will help you long term and help you stay alcohol or drug-free. Rest assured that experts in rehab in Worthing understand why providing this information can be challenging for you, so this procedure is usually amicable and understanding. Many addiction counsellors are in recovery themselves, so they have been through this all before.

This information also provides the necessary information to the counsellors regarding any brain disease or conditions you might have. Unfortunately, these conditions often go undetected and can actively contribute to the reasons for your addiction.

Rehab Guide

What to Expect During Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Worthing

Any alcohol rehab in Worthing will start with a screening test to see if you have a diagnosable addiction issue. Many tools can be used to make such a determination. These tools include questionnaires like:

  • the CAGE questionnaire
  • the alcohol use inventory (AUI)
  • the substance abuse subtle screening inventory (SASSI)
  • Custom or specialized tool

The tools used can depend on those treating you in the drug rehab Worthing. These kinds of questionnaires usually have semi-structured, in-depth questions regarding your family history, personal history, and why or how your addiction started. Then, an addiction specialist carries out the assessment. Most of the alcohol rehab Worthing and drug rehab Worthing have many staff members specially trained to make your first experience of going through assessment as painless as possible.

In rare cases, you may also be asked to bring in family members, spouses, or children to help facilitate this process. These close relationships provide a third-party view of your addiction that can help the clinicians understand the true extent of your addiction and how it affects your life and connection with others.

Different drug and alcohol rehab centers use other methods of going about your treatment. You can enrol in an in-person program and later use outpatient services to continue your therapy. The inpatient program can last anywhere between weeks to months, depending upon your status.

You will receive medical attention, different kinds of therapies, and help with your triggers that might send you back to the spiral of addiction. You might even have to undergo medical treatments that can involve certain drugs. These medications make it possible for you to detox quickly. In addition, rehab can become a safe place for you to interact with other people who might be going through similar issues. Finally, the drug rehab in Worthing can support leading a sober life.

What Does Detoxing in Drug Rehab Worthing Looks Like

The alcohol addiction treatment at any alcohol rehab in Worthing involves going through a detox. People who might have issues with other addictions like opiates, alcohol, or other drugs first need to be free of them before they can start getting the psychological support for sobriety. If not supervised by a medical expert, the detox procedure in itself can be dangerous even life-threatening. In addition, the side effects of detoxing are painful and hard for the human body to endure.

During the medical detox process in any alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you will stay in the clinic at the facilities. Then you receive treatment either in-house or under a vigorous outpatient program. When a patient comes into the facility, they can take certain medications to relieve some of their withdrawal symptoms and ensure that they do not have any dangerous side effects.

You will undergo the procedure and spend anywhere from a few days to weeks in the facility undergoing detox. During this time,the rehab nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, and other professionals will take care of you. They ensure that you are in good health. If you think you might experience PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) after the rehab process is complete, you might be given some medication to take home as well.

Afterwards, you are expected to return the next day for a complete medical check-up and tests. Medical detox length usually depends on how long a person has been addicted. Additionally, what they were using. Once the doctor is sure that you are out of danger, like undergoing a seizure because of withdrawal, the medication can be tapered off gradually.

What Comes Later – Drug Addiction Treatment Options & Alcohol Rehab in Worthing

Any rehab in Worthing you might select will then move on to providing you with the support needed to stay drug or alcohol-free. This rehabilitation process involves a variety of services. For example, you might be given individual therapy, group therapy, or counselling.

People who have never undergone this might find it difficult at first. But knowing what it entails can help relieve some of the pressure. The alcohol rehab Worthing can provide offers therapies that can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours per session. These individual therapies usually last during the first three months of undergoing detox. These may last longer if a person needs extra support or suffers from other mental health issues besides addiction. The psychologist determines the duration and frequency of these sessions by providing mental health help during your time in rehab in Worthing.

Most drug and alcohol rehab Worthing provides the following services for their patients. These services can be given in different combinations depending upon need. These include:


This, as explained above, entails going through medically supervised withdrawal from whatever you are addicted to. This ensures that the chemical you are addicted to ultimately leaves your body and makes sure that you do not suffer from any severe side effects during this process.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

People addicted to hard drugs like opioids may need certain medications so that they don’t have any sudden body chemistry changes. These medications help with withdrawal and reduce the risk of overdosing from illicit drugs.

Individual Talk Therapy

Individual counselling or therapy involves talking to a mental health specialist. CBT Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you understand your feelings, thoughts, and triggers for addiction. Once you know why you use a drug, you can overcome these feelings and ignore the urge to use the said drugs again.

Support Groups

Going through addiction can be isolating. Support groups provide you with a safe way to process your thoughts and offer much-needed peer support. It becomes easier to talk about addiction and a lot less embarrassing when you know, others have gone through similar struggles. You can learn from other people’s experiences as well.

Harm Reduction

This is an essential aspect of getting help during addiction. Harm reduction means that you have the proper support for reducing the risk of getting comorbidities of addiction like hepatitis or HIV.

Substance Abuse Education

Part of this journey is also learning more about the things you have been addicted to and how they impacted your life in both the short and long term. Substance abuse education makes you more informed about the subject matter and helps you make essential mental and physical health decisions.

What Else Should You Know About Drug Rehab in Worthing?

An important thing to learn about rehab in Worthing is how long you might stay in one. The drug rehab Worthing can also involve the detoxification process, so your stay can range from anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. It all depends on what kind of help you might need and how long you will need it. You might also only have to undergo detox at the rehab and get other services as an outpatient.

You might also want to know how much drug rehab Worthing will cost you. Again, the best way to get a cost estimate is to talk to an expert. But fear not, many policies mean rehab is part of your insurance plan or you may get help from donors. You can also speak with friends or family about helping to pay for your time in rehab. Those who can are usually invested enough in your future to help out. Whatever your circumstances may be, you will receive the care you need.

Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worthing

If you are looking to find alcohol addiction treatment at rehab in Worthing, make sure to find one that best suits your needs. You can choose a clinic that is either an alcohol rehab Worthing or a drug rehab Worthing. There are also rehabs in Worthing that can provide support for either of these issues or both at the same time as well.

Are you looking for a rehab in Worthing right now for yourself or your loved one? Call 0207 205 2845 for a price estimate, rehab guides, or counselling today.

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