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Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Find drug and alcohol rehab treatment in East Midlands

A small drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands offers a comforting escape for those struggling with addiction. The rehab is easy to access with major cities such as Nottingham and Leicester close by and ample accommodation locally for family and friends to visit you in rehab.

Treatment in the rehab in East Midlands is bespoke, and your plan will be between you and your counsellors and the rehab doctor. This rehab offers a separate area for detox and another for recovery and therapy. This provides the peace and 24-hour care needed in the initial period and the relaxed social atmosphere later. As a completely abstinent rehab facility, you can feel safe and secure while you begin your journey towards becoming clean and sober.

Do I need rehab?

Feeling unsure about taking the first steps into rehab can affect those struggling with addiction and their loved ones. Considering the time, energy, and financial commitment, you want to ensure rehab is right for you. Home detox and rehab is an option for those with a very mild dependence dedicated to an abstinent future. However, denial is widespread in addiction cases, and if you are experiencing any of the below, your best option is rehab.

  • Trying and failing to stop abusing substances multiple times.
  • Struggling with mental health issues while drinking excessively or taking drugs.
  • Lying about or concealing the negative results of your drinking or substance abuse.
  • Committing criminal acts such as stealing, buying illegal drugs or prescription drugs illegally.

What are the stages of rehab?

As with many treatments, rehab is done in controlled steps to ensure a long-lasting recovery. It is wise to make sure you have a clear head on starting therapy; therefore, a detox will be the first thing you need. When you arrive at the rehab in East Midlands, you will meet with the detox doctor and counsellors and care staff. If you would like to have a friend or family member with you in this meeting, this can provide moral support.

The doctor will go over what medications they recommend for your addiction and physical and psychological state. It would help to provide as much information and answer any questions honestly to ensure the best care is provided. A prescription will be given to you at this stage, and a program of rest and care will start.

The medications vary depending on your addiction, and most are to manage withdrawal symptoms and help you recuperate. In cases where depression or anxiety is evident, the doctor may offer you anti-depressants to aid in your detox and jump-start your mental health treatment.

It is a fantastic feeling when you finally shake off the chemical addiction, and the withdrawal passes. Many call this feeling ‘better than well,’ and it will help you start in therapy. Psychological treatment is the second stage of rehab and is every bit as important as detox.

Those who detox and do not deal with the underlying problems that lead to addiction are much more likely to relapse and return to rehab. This is known as ‘ping ponging’ in and out of rehab, only detoxing and returning home to old patterns. Negative addictive thought patterns cause a cycle of addiction and unhappiness, which can only be fixed by understanding this behaviour and finding a way out.

Therapy in rehab will be individual with a counsellor and in groups where you will work with your peers and support each other. This approach has provided excellent results in the last decades through rehab groups in clinics and the community. Evidence shows that helping others and having a community can make all the difference in recovery.

All the treatment and therapy in rehab in preparation for the next stage: the rest of your life clean and sober. To help you on this road, the rehab in East Midlands will provide a year of free aftercare. This means you can call or come to counselling at the rehab or join an in-house meeting. Your counsellor will also help you create a plan for yourself. This will include what support groups you want to explore, activities and life changes, and what relapse support you will have. A strong support network is an important part of your new life.

How much does rehab cost?

A residential rehab program in the U.K. will most likely be private and paid for by the individual or family. The N.H.S. does offer a few places for rehab residences, although these are few and far between. You will need a G.P. referral and to be means-tested to see if you could afford private treatment. It is worth applying, but the waiting lists are very long, and you will more likely be referred to community treatment. Private rehab has the advantage of being widely available and at a range of costs to suit your budget. If you are comfortable compromising on location and room sharing, a less expensive rehab will cost around £2000 a week. For private rooms and more options for location, a mid-range rehab is around £4000 a week, and luxury rehab is in the region of £10,000 or more per week. You can speak to our experts to find a rehab best suited to both your needs and financial situation.

Free rehab

You may find that private paid rehab is not possible for you. In this case, you can be referred to rehab in your local community. This presents more challenges than the temptation-free space of inpatient rehab, but if you are dedicated, it is the right decision to make. Replicating the conditions of residential rehab as closely as possible will help. Here are some hints and tips:

  • Ask your doctor or rehab group for a prescription for medical detox. This will make the experience safer and more comfortable.
  • Try to find a friend or family member who supports your recovery to visit or stay with you while you get back on your feet.
  • Find local counselling and support groups such as recovery café or AA/NA (Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous)
  • Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Try to do activities you enjoy that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

If you are looking for free drug and alcohol rehab East Midlands has several groups that can help you.

Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service St Andrews House, 201 London Road, Derby DE1 2TZ

This is an N.H.S. trust and charity joint funded group. The hub offers help with counselling, medical detox, and holistic treatments such as reiki and acupuncture.

Things to consider when choosing a rehab centre

The most important thing on your mind now will probably be the need to stop drinking or taking drugs. This is what rehab is all about, but there are other considerations when choosing one. Our experts can help you navigate budget, location and facilities to find the right place for you or a loved one.

Please call on 02072052845 for advice on rehab, interventions and addiction counselling.

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