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Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Rehab in the East Midlands

We recommend alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in the East Midlands that use evidence-based approaches for addiction treatment and recovery.

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How we can help

The Rehab Guide can help you find a secure, trustworthy, and effective rehab facility in the East Midlands.

The aim is to help end your addiction while providing you with the knowledge required to sustain your recovery beyond rehabilitation.

In the East Midlands, we have a team with many years of experience in addiction dedicated to helping you find the treatments that suit you.

Get in touch with our team to discuss options in the East Midlands:

Length of program: If you are looking to stay in rehab for an extended period, there are facilities in the East Midlands that can accommodate you. We also provide the option for a short-term intervention or a more comprehensive recovery plan.

Standard of care: Rehab Guide can help you find a rehab facility in the East Midlands that suits your needs. These rehabs will include customised counselling and outpatient detox plans, ensuring you receive a high standard of care to help you recover.

Specialised care: The East Midlands also provides services that exist to serve a variety of different groups, including veterans and those facing other health issues alongside addiction.

Ask our team for more information regarding tailored services in the East Midlands for the LGBTQ+ community, including other organisations that meet the needs of different religious groups, including Christian organisations that work with individuals struggling with addiction.

Addictions treated

The Rehab Guide offers support in receiving treatment for different types of addictions in the East Midlands:

● Substance abuse

● Alcohol dependency

● Gambling addiction

Addiction counselling

The rehabilitation program in the East Midlands

The rehab programs in the East Midlands usually involve a 4-week plan, which includes various medical and therapeutic methods that can assist you in achieving a sustained recovery.

If you live in the East Midland and are struggling with addiction, we can help organise a supervised detox  in your local area.

All of the rehab clinics in the East Midlands use tried and tested techniques while providing prescription drugs used to eradicate addictive substances from your body.

Moving away from addiction can be challenging, especially when experiencing withdrawal symptoms on your own, without medical support or advice.

The rehab clinics in the West Midlands only use approved medication, ensuring you get the support you need to focus on your recovery fully.

Supervised detox

To end your addiction to substances successfully, it is vital to undergo detoxification under the observation of medically trained experts.

Rehab Guide strongly recommends choosing rehab facilities in the East Midlands, officially accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), for your safety and security.

If you need a treatment service, you can depend on a team of committed medical professionals to assist and encourage you on the path to recovery from substance abuse.

Therapeutic schedule

Once you finish detoxification, we will start tackling your addiction by focusing on:

● Offering therapy to delve into deep-rooted problems.

● Building up the tools necessary for maintaining sobriety.

● Learning techniques to prevent relapse.

Contact our addiction support team to learn more about the program schedules in the East Midlands.

Relaxation and recreation

Making sure the rehab clinics are safe and private is essential for your recovery from addiction. Feeling at ease can encourage your overall physical health during recovery.

The East Midlands rehab centres prioritise relaxation periods while providing various activities that cater to everyone. The activities we promote include learning new skills and active social interaction, whether indoors or outdoors.

The treatment facilities in the East Midlands provide services that include:

● Private rooms: Experience the luxury of having your private room with a personal bathroom.

● Space for activities: Take advantage of the gym, swimming pool, or designated spaces for yoga and low-impact aerobics.

Relaxation therapies: Recharge and rejuvenate with calming treatments like a full-body massage.

● Communal space: The communal area is perfect for unwinding and socialising with other guests.

During your stay in rehab, taking the time to relax is essential, as it is crucial for your psychological well-being. It can also provide you with the space needed for self-reflection, which can impact your overall recovery.

Do I need rehab?

If you have experienced the signs below, then you may require help with your substance use.

● You find it too difficult to stop consuming drugs and alcohol.

● You experience strong urges for alcohol or other substances.

● withdrawal symptoms arise when you decrease your intake.

● Continuing to use substances despite the negative impact it has on your life.

● any time you try to stop drinking or taking drugs, you relapse.

Stopping substance abuse is challenging and can bring different kinds of withdrawal symptoms, which vary depending on the individual. Still, typical signs tend to be seizures, hallucinations, and severe confusion.

The rehab clinics in the East Midlands offer programs that include medications that can help you detox safely by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Start recovery today

If you are struggling with substance abuse problems in The East Midlands, do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat.

Reliable rehab programs are available throughout the UK, providing a practical and successful option for you or a family member.

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Accessing free help

If you’re looking for help with an alcohol problem, a GP is an excellent place to start. They can discuss your issues with you and get you into treatment. They may offer you treatment at the practice surgery hospital or refer you to a government-funded local drug service.

Ask your GP how long the waiting list is for drug and alcohol services or immediate admission, and try private rehab or therapy.

Free rehab in East Midlands

Help is free in the East Midlands, with several organisations offering confidential rehab support in the community. These are not residential rehabs as this is not a free service usually offered in the U.K. but provides home-based detox and recovery support.

In the East Midlands, the most widespread group is Change Up. This organisation can advise recovery groups, detoxing safely and stopping and cutting down on drug and alcohol use.

Change (Change Up Service Manager)

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