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Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

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Author: Fiona Kennedy

A dedicated alcohol rehab East Midlands treatment centre which enjoys an excellent location. The East Midlands rehab is close to transport links and facilities but also only a stone’s throw from the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside.

The clinic occupies its building where ample treatment facilities are on offer, with a separate residential building a short distance away. This allows residents to feel completely at home in their rest and recovery periods and provides them with dedicated treatment rooms for their progress towards alcohol addiction recovery. Although the residence is not at the rehab centre, there are experienced staff from the clinic available, at all times, in the residential building as well as a chef and cleaning staff.

Detox in East Midlands

Detox is a challenging beginning to any addiction recovery program. However, removing the toxins from your body can also be liberating and open the door to a new, healthier way of living. The alcohol rehab East Midlands treats those suffering from addition initially with medical detox. Widely agreed to be the best and safest way to detoxify your body after a long-term addiction, medical detox is prescribed upon arrival by the clinic’s detox doctor.

The centre’s doctor will explain each of the medications and how it will help to treat the specific symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Most detoxes take around a week, although it is possible for it to be longer depending on the type and length of the addiction. The clinic’s well-trained staff will be available to help you at all times during your stay so you can rest easy and focus on your recovery.

Rehab treatment in the East Midlands rehab clinic

Life after detox is an eye-opening opportunity to move away from the thoughts, patterns and lifestyle that lead us into addiction. Individual and group counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) are the cornerstones of addiction recovery. Using these two methods of sharing and rebuilding, those suffering from addiction can start on the road to a full recovery. The alcohol rehab East Midlands allows these sessions to be small and personal, with only 17 other residents being treated at one time.

The therapists will offer both individual counselling as well as small therapy groups for sharing, role play and mutual support. To improve both mind and body, there is also a range of holistic therapies available at the clinic’s treatment centre. As addiction often causes us to neglect our well-being leading to depression and anxiety, it is essential that we improve our lifestyle to escape from this vicious circle.

In part, rehabilitation and recovery are a group effort between the individual, counsellors and their fellow residents. There is often a perception in society that addiction to drugs or alcohol should be covered up and hidden from those around us. This serves to isolate further those who are already struggling and in need of help. Meeting to share in our experiences not only combats loneliness but provides a reliable and understanding support network for recovery.

The East Midlands rehab provides the perfect venue for this network and warm and understanding staff to guide the group in their recovery. The clinic is also unique in that it offers those who need more extended periods for rehabilitation the opportunity to stay in particular housing. This affords a less intensive long-term recovery stay to keep residents clean and sober.

Life in the East Midlands Rehab

A stay in the East Midlands Rehab is ideal for those who prefer the comforts of a proper home during their recovery. The clinic has a cosy residential building that is separate to the treatment facilities. Residents can have fully catered facilities such as an in-house chef and 24/7 staff available, but with all the home comforts as well. Staying in residence allows those suffering from addiction to separate themselves from the outside world and the behaviour patterns that lead them into drug and alcohol addiction in the first place.

Those who choose to extend their stay beyond the usual recovery period will find that the housing provided by the clinic offers ample opportunity for rest and reflection. This is especially useful for those who are concerned about leaving rehab and returning to the stresses and strains of everyday life. These residences offer the chance to change your lifestyle away from any temptation or triggers for your addiction until you feel genuinely ready to return home.

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