Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hull - Rehab Guide

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hull

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hull

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Hull

We are Providers of specialist Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centres in Hull and surrounding areas. We can advise you on the options you have, help you understand the rehabilitation procedure and assess your circumstances.

Rehab is a haven for you or a loved one to overcome the challenges of addiction. The rehab in Hull provides a pause in your lifestyle to collect your thoughts and feelings and consider a new chapter in your life. Addiction can push into every area of life, from work and friendships to family and finance. Rehab is the time and place for taking a step away from all that. You will receive a full medical detox, counselling and guidance on living your life alcohol and drug-free.

Rehab Treatment in Hull

When we are dependent on a substance, our brain does not work as it should. No matter how alcohol or drugs make us feel, we believe that we want or need them. This chemical dependence is only temporary and is treatable through medical detox. If you’re going to recover, detox will be required before you can. In addiction treatment, it is believed that only complete abstinence can combat substance abuse. A medically managed detox makes this process much easier and more comfortable. Prescription medicines will help temper the side effects and provide you with much-needed rest and relaxation. This process takes a week to two weeks. Rest and improving your physical health are a priority. The rehab will provide you with a good meal plan and light exercise.

When the chemical addiction has passed, it is time to address the psychological factors that have led you here. Dual diagnosis of substance dependence and mental health issues is widespread. Often these problems go unnoticed or are hidden by your lifestyle, family and friends. Counselling will be in two parts. Firstly, individual time with a counsellor will allow you to speak about any private concerns you may have. Group therapy is the other half of treatment and gets you started on the 12-steps.

Rehab involves sharing your feelings and experiences with others and practising coping mechanisms and relapse prevention, and, for example, role-playing someone trying to convince you to drink or take drugs. Taking part in social events and activities without alcohol or any other substances is another important experience. This is a new idea for many people in rehab and helps move you away from a habit of substance abuse. Many are amazed by this experience. Saying, for example, ‘I never realised I could have so much fun without drinking!’ ‘I thought I was the only one who kept drinking even though I hated it’. Rehab can be a real eye-opener.

Free rehab in Hull

Substance abuse in the U.K. is on the rise, leaving the number of people in need of help far higher than there are beds in free rehab. While the NHS offers some of those who are struggling with severe addiction residential rehab. This can be in public facilities or a public-funded space in a private rehab. Because of this, most of those in residential recovery are paying for it privately. We realise that this represents a substantial investment, so we have some helpful suggestions below on how to afford it. There are some groups in the Hull area that can offer free rehab services. It is worth noting that most of these are outpatient.

The Alcohol and Drug Service 82 Spring Bank, Hull HU3 1AB  01482 320606

A community-based group that help people to reach out to loved ones and have interventions. They organise groups, sporting events and workshops in the area. This is an organisation to support your recovery, and we recommend it as part of your aftercare for private rehab as well.

East Riding Partnership The Courtyard, 100 Boothferry Rd, Hull DN14 6AE

A local trust that has been working on supporting those in need of rehab for over 30 years. This group provides counselling, assessments and referrals for drug and alcohol addiction.

Help to pay for rehab

Many excellent community groups are working hard to help those around them to tackle their drug or alcohol dependency. Statistics show that relapse is high, and private residential rehab has the highest recovery rate in the U.K. This seems out of reach for many people due to prices, but you may be pleased to discover some options for funding you haven’t considered.

Charities and Community Groups. Throughout the U.K., some trusts and charities help people to pay for private rehab. The process involves filling in a form and possibly attending an assessment to see what kind of help you need. Try contacting groups that match your area or personal profile, as these are most likely to return a positive result.

Family and friends. It can be hard to ask loved ones for money to fund rehab, but those who care for you are the most likely to help. Do try to pay for part of your stay as well. It will show your commitment to those who might help you financially.

Admission to rehab in Hull

If you are ready to take the first step into rehab, please call our experts on 02072052845 to help choose the right centre for you. They have a broad knowledge of the different factors in rehab, such as location, price and treatment programs. They will listen to your situation and suggest the best rehab in Hull for you.

If you are trying to find rehab for a loved one, we can offer the same advice as above. We can also give you some ideas about convincing someone to go into rehab and getting them to the clinic of choice.

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