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Cumbria Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Cumbria Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Cumbria

The rehab in Cumbria provides professional and sympathetic assistance to those suffering from addiction in Cumbria.

Drug and alcohol addiction rehab is available and provides a robust and well-structured program alongside the comfort and facilities of a former residential home. It also provides a full medical detox service, recovery program and a year of aftercare. The staff include rehab counsellors, holistic therapists, and medical professionals.

Private rehab in Cumbria

Private rehab has several benefits, but they add up to one thing, it is more successful. The reason for this is that most private rehab is residential and have a completely abstinent environment. This protects you from internal pressures to seek out drugs or alcohol and external forces from those in your life who also drink or do drugs. It is also a much-needed pause in daily life which can contribute to stress, anxiety and depression, leading to substance abuse.

Free rehab in Cumbria

It is possible to find residential rehab with a referral from your G.P, but you may have to wait several months or longer. Before writing it off, you should check with your family, friends and employer for help. Many are in rehab at the request of these people or organizations. Therefore they may be more likely than you think to take on part of the cost. Health insurers and addiction charities suited to your needs may also provide some or all the cost of private rehab.

When you need rehab, waiting is usually not an option as addiction needs immediate help. If you have exhausted all of the options in paying privately, you should seek local services in your community. Here are some local groups that provide free rehab support in a community setting.

Unity Barrow-in-Furness, 92-96 Duke Street, Cumbria LA14 1R

An NHS trust organization to provide community services such as home detox, counselling and abstinence-based treatment plans.

CADAS (Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service) 52 Paradise St, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 1JG

An open charity service for both adults and young people with concerns about their alcohol or drug consumption. They offer counselling, rehab programs and sober events and activities locally.

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The rehab treatment in Cumbria

Treatment is an essential part of rehab, and our experts will discuss your situation and why you need rehab. They will be able to recommend what rehab program would be best for you. Most rehabs offer a bespoke plan based on your preferences and needs. You will look at this plan with your counsellors and medical staff starting in the detox period and as part of the year of aftercare when you leave rehab. You will decide on everything from what counselling you want to the meals you think would help your physical recuperation.

Most plans will begin with a detox. This is a part of rehab that concerns many, but the reality of detox is much better than its public portrayal. Medical detox allows you to recuperate comfortably with limited withdrawal symptoms. It is beneficial to your physical and mental health at a time when you need comfort and security. This extends into the recovery and therapy part of your stay. Your plan will no doubt change as you progress, and therapy in rehab is constantly evolving.

Counselling in rehab

Modern rehab is constantly improving, and Cumbria rehab employs the latest psychological and addiction therapy policies. Mental health issues and addiction are so commonly found together that dual diagnosis of the two together is the norm. Whether psychological problems are the root of the issue or caused by the challenging experiences of this lifestyle, both need dealing with. Simply detoxing without addressing these conditions reduces the chances of successful rehabilitation. The rehab has in house drug and alcohol addiction counsellors who can help you to deal with the cycle of mental health and addiction.

Group rehab therapy

Group therapy and sobriety circles are the most proven drug and alcohol addiction recovery approaches. The feedback from most of those with an addiction is that knowing they weren’t the only ones to feel this way or do the things they had done was how they realized they could recover. Group rehab is well represented in the media and movies, and T.V. shows often have those involved sharing their experiences and concerns in a circle with others. This is usually accurate but misses out on some important features that you will have in the rehab in Cumbria. Re-education and role-playing is a big part of group therapy. You will learn how to deal better with challenging situations where you are exposed to drugs or alcohol. Practising these and other stressful experiences in a safe space will mean you are prepared when the time comes in real life.

How can we help you?

Our team are rehab experts and can provide an overview of the excellent quality local rehabs in your area or a specific place in the U.K. There are several factors to consider when choosing a rehab, and few want to go through the time-consuming investigation of all their options. Please call us on 02072052845 to talk about your needs for treatment, budget and any questions about rehab or convincing someone to enter addiction recovery.

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