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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Havering

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Havering

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Havering

Recovery is just around the corner. If you struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in Havering, our team of professionals will connect you with a rehab treatment centre perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Our team is always on standby to help you overcome your addiction and move forward with your life.

Finding help in Havering

We’re wholly committed to helping people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. We understand the struggles that addicts endure on a daily basis. Addiction starts harmless enough – a drink here, a pill there. But over time it grows into dependency, and suddenly you realize that you’re not abusing illicit substances because you like it. It turns into a need.

Before you know it, your habit begins to take over your life. You’ll start investing increasingly large sums of money to feed your addiction. Eventually, it’ll consume more and more of your time and money until it starts to affect your loved ones.

Addiction has torn apart relationships, ruined finances, and destroyed the lives of countless people. If you feel addiction is destroying your life, then it’s time you made a change. Reach out to our team of professionals so we can connect you to a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Havering today.

What happens if you don’t treat your addiction?

Addiction is a disease. The longer it’s untreated, the more severe it will become over time. Treating addiction early is the most surefire way to handle substance abuse. The earlier you catch it, the less damage your vices will have on you both physically and psychologically. If you’re indecisive and put off seeking professional treatment as you attempt to come to a decision, your addiction will only grow worse and make it that much harder to reach out for help.

We know how difficult it can be for someone who’s completely addicted to drugs and alcohol to reach out for help. By contacting us, we’ll connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Havering that can meet your specific needs.

Services offered in treatment centres in Havering

Rehab treatment centres in Havering primarily offer two types of care – inpatient and outpatient. While both forms of care have their pros and cons, we strongly advocate inpatient care for a variety of reasons.

For one, inpatient care involves that you move into a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre for the duration of your rehabilitation. During this period, you will be cut off from the outside world, allowing you to recover without fear of giving in to external triggers.
Another advantage of inpatient care is that you will be surrounded by trained medical staff at all times. The drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres that we partner with provide excellent training for their staff. You can rest assured all of your needs will be cared for.

On the other hand, there’s outpatient care. This form of care involves recovering from the comfort of home. Outpatient care is suited for those who have daily responsibilities that require their constant presence, such as a job or school.

That said, outpatient care can be dangerous because it still gives you access to illicit substances. As a recovering addict, even the smallest triggers can tempt you to spiral back down into the depths of addiction.

Havering based drug and alcohol treatment centres are known for their excellent quality of care. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today so we can help you get your life back on track.

What to expect in a Havering rehab centre

In most instances, addicts undergo detox when they first begin their rehabilitation. By contacting our team of specialists, we’ll help you determine whether or not detox is the right step for you.
If so, we’ll connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Havering that offers this service. When you first undergo detox, you’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Detox is the primary reason we advocate inpatient care. The staff on hand will be able to administer medication to help you cope with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.

When it’s all said and done, you will receive counselling to help you cope with the psychological effects of long-term addiction. The treatment centres in Havering that we partner with typically have a psychologist on staff who will help you identify and isolate the behaviours that lead to your addictive tendencies.

By bringing these tendencies into the light, you can make the mental shift needed to finally beat your addiction once and for all.

Aftercare in Havering

Havering drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres offer aftercare services to help you readjust to life after rehabilitation. Aftercare typically involves long-term therapy to help you with the continuous psychological battle you’ll be facing every day.

You’ll also be connected with support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These groups are highly effective because their members consist of recovering addicts who rely upon one another for strength.

Not only will you be able to lean on others during your times of need, but you can also offer a shoulder of support for anyone else who is also going through the healing process of rehabilitation.

Contact us today 

If you struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, we can help you find the treatment you need. Contact us today so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Havering today.

Get your Havering drug or alcohol treatment off to a winning start by calling Rehab Guide today for free advice on 02072052845. Alternatively, contact us through the website and a member of our team will respond to you shortly.

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