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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hackney

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About the Rehab Clinic In Hackney

The rehab in Hackney is ideally located for those struggling with addiction to make a quick escape and begin their recovery. From detox to therapy, you will find it easy to rest and relax in the Hackney rehab. A residence in a central area, it was refurbished as a rehab centre to help those with an addiction to revive and benefit from a robust treatment program. You can enjoy all your home comforts inside a temptation-free clinic. The rehab is easily accessible and provides all the facilities you need to stop taking alcohol or drugs and stay on the right path. 

Rehab Treatment in Hackney

The rehab in Hackney will begin by helping you safely and comfortably cleanse your body of what you were addicted to. Effective therapy needs you to have a clear head and be physically well. Medical detox will allow you to do this without the issues of acute withdrawal. Depending on what you are addicted to and your physical state, the detox doctor in Hackney rehab will give you a prescription to manage your symptoms. You can feel confident that this isn’t swapping one thing for another. You will receive safe and medications that are designed to heal your body and support you in this time. A detox will take around a week to two weeks, depending again on the nature and length of your addiction. 

When you are clear of the fog of chemical addiction, it is time to think about the psychological factors. Many people use substances to bury mental health issues and past traumas, so the Hackney rehab offers counselling, a 12-step program and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This involves exploring your feelings and finding more positive reactions and emotions to focus on. This is a very involved form of rehab therapy where you discuss, and with the assistance of a counsellor, work on solutions to your issues. The more active and in control you are in your rehabilitation, the more successful you are likely to be. 

In rehab, your body and mind need to be healed together. The better your general well-being, the easier it will be for you to recover mentally. Equally, how happy and relaxed you are will have a knock-on effect on your body. A holistic program will allow you to work on both aspects and lead to a fuller recovery. Exercise is encouraged in rehab as it boosts serotonin levels, which can drop during detox. Being active and participating in hobbies such as art and music therapy also occupies you in a healthy and fulfilling way. Rehab should provide you with ideas and tools to spend time socialising without the need for drugs or alcohol. This improves your mental health and prevents relapses into addiction.


Private Rehab

Rehab in Hackney can be inpatient, where you go to a residential clinic or outpatient, where you receive help in the community and stay home or with family or friends. You will move into the rehab centre with inpatient rehab and stay there throughout your detox and recovery period. Staying in rehab during the detox period is highly recommended for safety and holistic treatments and therapies available. Although it is possible to return home after detox and receive outpatient care, statistics show that living in an abstinent residence reduces the chances of relapse. Your GP may be able to refer you to residential rehab if there is space. It is more common to provide assistance and support in the community, though. Some inpatient facilities are available on the NHS, but most are spaces in private clinics taken by the public healthcare for extreme cases. At first glance, you might feel that private rehab is out of your budget, but there are several ways to fund your stay you may not have considered.

Health Insurance 

If you have insurance either with your job or personally, it may provide at least a portion of the costs of private rehab. Expect to top it up as they can cover 50-90%, depending on how comprehensive your plan is.

Ask Family and Friends for help.

In our experience, it is often loved ones who are most motivated to get someone into rehab. Your addiction has a profound effect on the lives of those around you. Many may view it as worthwhile to help you pay to get your life back on track. Be sure to establish any conditions and repayment when you agree to this help.. Consider asking someone to help in other ways such as transport to rehab or looking after your home or other commitments while you are away.

Personal Loan

Addiction can be costly and leave you in debt if you do not get it under control. Taking out a loan from your bank or mortgage lender for rehab is not ideal, but if the alternative is losing a great deal more to drugs and alcohol, it may be worth it. Be sure you can repay this loan and always borrow from a reputable source such as a bank or registered lender.

Our experts can help you to find a rehab that is suited to most budgets. If you can compromise on details such as location, room sharing and facilities, it is possible to find rehab in the range of £2000-3000 per week in the U.K. At this price, you will get excellent rehab which is the most important part of your stay. We are in rehabilitation and recovery for the long haul.

Free Rehab in Hackney

When paying for inpatient rehab is impossible, there are several excellent organisations in the Hackney area that can support you. Your G.P. is your first call, though. They can provide a referral to addiction services in the community and give prescriptions for detox. Listed are some of the best-known outpatient rehab community groups in Hackney. These services are free to access and completely confidential. 

Turning Point City and Hackney 102-110 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3SG

Phone: 0345 144 0050

Part of Turning point U.K., this group can help with rehab plans and counselling/group sessions. 

Young Hackney’s Substance Misuse Service 29 Forest Rd, Hackney London E8 3BY 

Phone: 02083562200

If you choose free outpatient rehab in Hackney in place of private we highly recommend the following:

  • Medical detox You can get a prescription from your G.P. Remember that despite the challenges of this period, you are safer and better off drugs or alcohol than abusing them. 
  • Use your support network. If possible, have someone there with you to help during detox. Withdrawal can be challenging, and you will need not only encouragement but also physical care and support.
  • Attend meetings and counselling. You should address your addiction’s psychological and lifestyle factors and start developing new positive and meaningful interests and relationships.

Going into rehab in Hackney

If you are looking to enter rehab yourself, you may have some questions about the process. The exact itinerary will depend on your location, addiction and budgeting constraints, as well as any special needs you might have. Our team of experts can listen to your questions and requirements and recommend a rehab that is right for you. 

When looking for rehab for a family member or friend, we can offer the advice mentioned above. We can also offer suggestions on coping with a loved one and convincing someone to go into rehab. Several of our staff are intervention specialists and will provide you with everything you need, including talking to the person you feel needs rehab. Call us on 02072052845 to discuss your situation and the rehab you need. 


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