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Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

alcohol rehab west sussex

The West Sussex rehab treatment centre

For those recovering from addiction, rehab should be a safe, peaceful and comfortable place to find their way in life again, free from the stresses and challenges of their normal lives. Comfortably located in a large suburban home, the alcohol rehab West Sussex centre gives the privacy and protection that their clients need within a completely self-contained residence and addiction treatment centre. The programs in West Sussex are comprehensive, and the staff work together: counsellors, doctors, chefs and housekeepers to provide a warm and positive environment for all residents.

Detoxing in a West Sussex treatment centre

One of the first burdens to be lifted for anyone suffering from addiction is physical dependence, be that on drugs or alcohol. This withdrawal can be managed in the spirit of comfort and maintaining physical health, using a medical detox treatment program. The rehab treatment centre will provide a consultation with a detox doctor upon a resident’s admission. The doctor will consider all the relevant factors, including the substance the individual is addicted to, the length and the severity of the addiction during this meeting. They will then provide the prescription that will best manage the symptoms of withdrawal in the most comfortable way possible. This initial detox treatment period can take anywhere from several days to weeks and is designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the resident who is undertaking withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

Treating addiction in Drug Rehab West Sussex

For many people facing the initial withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is foremost on their mind when they prepare to enter rehab treatment. It is, however, the part that comes after that really provides an escape route from addiction. Most residents in the West Sussex rehab spend several weeks even months after this initial period, working on the root causes of their need for drugs or alcohol.  The West Sussex treatment centre offers a number of holistic therapies with CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) at the heart of their addiction treatment program. Through dual diagnosis of both addiction and mental health issues, CBT can help residents to understand why they need drugs or alcohol in their lives.

These, often complex, reasons and motivations are dealt with during individual and group counselling sessions. Roleplays and learning coping mechanisms for challenging situations help those suffering from addiction to prepare for life after rehab treatment and stay clean and sober long-term. The group style therapy used as part of CBT also helps to introduce those in recovery to the principles and mutual support of addiction groups. Organisations such as the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) offer regular meetings to those who are dealing with addiction. These groups offer continued support after rehabilitation treatment, and the West Sussex rehab will provide suggestions for local options to residents who are ready to leave the treatment centre. The centre’s counsellors also provide a year of free aftercare where counselling and meetings are provided to residents who have left the centre to embark on their new life free from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Those who recover from addiction often find that they feel their life has been given back to them at the end of their addiction treatment. They have been given a second chance to find new healthier and more fulfilling ways to spend their time, once so consumed by destructive and negative habits. Once they are fully recovered from the detox treatment period, residents are therefore encouraged to use the rehab centre’s private gym or take part in gentler exercise walking in the grounds of the centre. There are also more relaxing activities, in particular, art therapy sessions. Art can be a medium through which people express their feelings and thoughts and provide an opportunity to work on mindfulness as well as discover a new pastime to enjoy.

Life in the West Sussex rehab centre

alcohol rehab west sussex

The West Sussex rehab centre is best characterised as a self-contained home away from home for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. The peaceful surroundings at the treatment centre offer a relaxing atmosphere with complete privacy for residents to escape any turmoil and stress from the outside world. Daily life is spent between addiction treatment and personal rest and relaxation time. There is ample opportunity to spend time both alone for reflection and with others who share your struggle with addiction. There is an extensive garden area and several communal rooms to spend time in, relaxing and socialising. Meals are taken together with other residents in the communal dining area, offering the chance to spend time in a warm and home-like environment. The in-house chefs prepare each meal with the health and nutrition of residents in mind. They provide their own kind of treatment, designing meals to offer the best nutrition and health benefits to help restore the resident’s body and mind.

There will also be days where residents can spend their time on what they choose. For many, this is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Loved ones are encouraged to visit the treatment centre and provide support and give residents a connection to the outside world. For those who want it, counsellors at the alcohol rehab West Sussex centre offer family therapy sessions. These groups can help to restore and rebuild vital relationships with those who residents love. Addiction can have a destructive effect on relationships with those around us and can leave both parties feeling confused and isolated. Rebuilding these vital support networks is an important part of the long-term recovery process. These are the relationships that will help those suffering from addiction to stay the course and remain clean and sober in the future.

No matter how severe your addiction, there’s always hope. Contact us when you’re ready to overcome your addiction. The most critical factor to remember when seeking out professional addiction treatment is to realise you are not alone. In fact, we have successfully treated many thousands of people for drug and alcohol addiction in West Sussex.

Our team of experienced recovery workers will ensure you are matched up with an appropriate West Sussex drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment centre.

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