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Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in West Sussex

Choosing rehab is essential for those struggling with addiction; for many in central England and the wider U.K. looking for drug and alcohol rehab, West Sussex is the ideal location.

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The area is peaceful and secluded enough for privacy and rest and accessible for quick admissions and visits from friends and family. The rehab in West Sussex enjoys a semi-rural location with private grounds and a home-like feel for those in need of addiction support.

What are the stages of rehab?

The first step, admission to rehab, is simple and easy. You can choose to find your way or have a friend or family member take you. You should only travel alone if you feel it is safe to do so, and we or the rehab in West Sussex can help you with sober transport. You can also bring a loved one with you for support during your admission to rehab. You will meet with a counsellor and detox doctor when you arrive and discuss your rehab treatment plan. If you have been taking drugs or alcohol in the weeks before entering rehab, you will need a detox to remove the influence of the chemical addiction from your body. A medically managed detox eases the withdrawal symptoms and keeps you comfortable and well-rested. The staff in the rehab in West Sussex will be available 24 hours to help you with whatever you need. The in-house cook will provide healthy and restorative meals either in your room or in the communal dining area.

As you emerge from the cloud of physical addiction, you will find cravings reduce, and you can start therapy. This is a vital stage of rehab, and statistics have shown that extending your stay after detox leads to a much higher long-term recovery rate. If we don’t deal with the underlying causes of our addiction, relapse is likely, so it is worth investing the extra time. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a talking therapy guided by a counsellor individually or as part of a group. This gives you the time to explore your addiction and receive a diagnosis of any mental health issues contributing to your substance abuse.

The last step in your rehab journey is setting yourself up for a life of freedom from alcohol or drugs. Your counsellors at the rehab in West Sussex will help you find new or old interests and passions to fill the gap left by substance abuse. Some choose a sport in recovery, which also allows you to recover your physical health, and there are plenty of local facilities on offer, including a gym and swimming pool near the rehab. You should also develop a post-rehab plan with support groups, relapse prevention techniques and a year of free aftercare from the West Sussex rehab staff. All of this will set you in good stead and prevent you from returning to drug or alcohol addiction.

Do I need rehab?

There are many signs that someone needs rehab, although many struggle with denial of their addiction. If the following applies to you or a loved one, then time in rehab could help with recovery.

  • Drugs or alcohol are central to your life
  • Losing interest in relationships, hobbies and work
  • Being secretive or lying to those around you, especially about your drug or alcohol consumption
  • Attempting to stop using drugs or alcohol but relapsing

How long can a patient stay in rehab?

A complete detox takes around a week to two weeks, depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol dependence and what you are addicted to. A further two weeks or more is recommended to give you the time to rest, reflect and engage in therapy. A month is an average stay in rehab, and the minimum time you should invest for the best success rate. Those who leave after detox without a solid plan for further therapy often find themselves back in rehab later.

Cost of rehab in West Sussex

Rehab falls into two main groups in the U.K.: inpatient, where you move into an abstinent residence and outpatient, where you stay at home or with friends or family and attend regular sessions in your local area. Inpatient rehab is available privately or through your G.P. on the national health service. Spaces in public-funded rehab are minimal, and you will have to prove that you cannot afford private care. Waiting lists are understandably long, and you will more likely be referred to outpatient care by your doctor. Private rehab is available immediately and in an area of your choosing. The cost depends on your personal preferences regarding location, accommodation and the facilities you want during your time in rehab. The range is substantial, starting at around £2000 a week for a budget rehab and up to £10,000 plus for a luxury rehab in a high-demand area such as London. You may consider asking friends, family or health insurance if they could help you to cover the cost of rehab as an investment in your future health.

Free rehab in West Sussex

For those in need of free drug and alcohol rehab, West Sussex is well-serviced by community groups. In addition to the larger national organisations, there are small recovery cafes and A.A. and N.A. (Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous) meetings throughout the area.

DAWN (Change Grow Live) 14 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2LJ

Working in partnership with the national rehab group Change Grow Live, this group offers local hubs in West Sussex for those struggling with substance abuse. Group and individual counselling are available regularly, and health assessments help with medical detox prescriptions and ongoing mental health prescriptions.

Rehab Admissions

Whether you are trying to find the best rehab for yourself or a loved one or looking for counselling on how to convince someone to enter rehab, our team can help you. We offer drug and alcohol counselling and an overview of the rehab available in West Sussex and the rest of the U.K. Please call us on 02072052845 for advice, information and counselling for those in need of rehab.

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