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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Chelsea

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Chelsea

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Chelsea

Rehab Guide offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the Chelsea area of London. You are only a few quick clicks away from complete recovery.

Struggling with addiction can be a life changing experience for you and your loved ones. Contact us today so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol centre in Chelsea that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Seeking assistance in Chelsea

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, it’s time you sought help in Chelsea. You can find many rehab centres in this area that offer numerous amenities. Rehabilitation centres in Chelsea and may be described as ‘luxurious’ by any objective standard. You’ll undoubtedly find the rehab centres in Chelsea are a cut above the rest in terms of quality and service.

Chelsea drug and alcohol centres host some of the best medical teams the country has to offer to help you reach your recovery goals. Your time spent in one of these world-class facilities will be a pleasant experience you won’t soon forget, and you’ll be happy you made a choice to take your life back into your own hands by seeking professional help for your drug addiction.

How do you begin treatment?

The first step of beginning treatment is to reach out to us. Our team of addiction specialists will speak with you and help you find a suitable drug rehab centre in Chelsea. We’ll learn more about you and immediately search our database for the best match.

We’d love to be able to tell you how long your stay will last at the Chelsea centre, but your residency will depend entirely on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who have been abusing drugs for extended periods will require at least 28 days to ensure they receive the help they need. However, your experience may vary.

The detox phase at the Chelsea Centre

One of the most critical steps of your addiction recovery is the detox phase. Detox involves thoroughly cleansing the body of all illicit substances. This will be a difficult time for you due to the associated withdrawal symptoms.

Every drug is different. Therefore, the length of time it’ll take to thoroughly cleanse your body will vary. Thankfully, you’ll always be surrounded by medical staff in the Chelsea clinic at all times, so no matter how severe your withdrawal symptoms are, you can rest assured that professional help is only a few moments away.

In most cases, patients will be given medication to relieve the worst of their withdrawal symptoms.

Digging deeper into the cognitive aspects of addiction

Addiction is both a physical and mental affliction. While attending the Chelsea rehab centre after you’ve successfully made it through the detox phase, you’ll sit down with an addiction psychiatrist to help you get to the root of the behaviours that drive your substance abuse.

Many of these psychiatrists at the Chelsea clinic are well trained in both schooling and real-world experience and are highly qualified to help you overcome the mental aspects of drug and alcohol abuse. Modern techniques will be employed to help you focus on the destructive behaviours that drive you to substance addiction day after day.

As you identify these destructive tendencies, you’ll be taught healthy ways to cope and even overcome triggers that may appear in your life in the future.

Modern therapy techniques employed at the drug & alcohol rehab Chelsea

Chelsea rehabilitation centres also offer holistic therapies. These typically include mindfulness meditation, yoga, Reiki, reflexology and music/art therapy.

Aftercare services for drug and alcohol rehab Chelsea

After you’ve become rehabilitated, you can finally return to your regular life addiction free. Even though you’ve achieved sobriety, you will still be fighting with addiction triggers.

That’s why most Chelsea drug rehab centres offer aftercare services. Aftercare involves continued therapy sessions to help keep you focused as you move towards long term sobriety.

You’ll also be given information on both local and national support groups where you can connect with other people who have also battled with addiction.

Speaking with people who have walked in your shoes should provide the guidance you need to overcome any possible triggers and continue living sober for the long term.

Contact us today to turn your life around

No matter how severe your addiction, there’s always hope. Defeating the vices in your life starts with a decision that you’re ready to make a change. Get your life back on track by contacting our team of specialists today, and we will connect you to a Chelsea rehab centre suitable for your needs.

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