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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Somerset

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Somerset

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Somerset

Finding the rehab with the right treatment for your addiction is vitally important and for those trying to choose a drug and alcohol rehab, Somerset has a comprehensive program.

The rehab in Somerset offers programmes for both drug and alcohol addiction in its residential clinic. The idyllic location remains central enough for those travelling from outside of the county. The staff are a robust team of carers, counsellors and medical professionals to ensure your every need is fulfilled during your rehab.

Do I need rehab?

The secretive nature of drug and alcohol misuse can make it hard to decide if you or a loved one need rehab. Denial is sadly a huge problem in addiction but if you experience or notice any of the following then you should reach out to us for help finding a rehab.

  • Trying and failing to stop drinking or taking drugs multiple times
  • Relationships with friends, family or colleagues are suffering because of your drinking or drug use
  • Alcohol or drugs are on your mind most of the time
  • Feelings of depressions, anxiety or self-loathing caused or worsened by drinking or drugs

What are the stages of rehab?

The first step in rehab is the biggest and once you have decided you will find taking things day by day is the easiest method. In fact, this idea runs through much of the way we approach addiction treatment – one step at a time. Admission is simple and there are various options for getting to the rehab in Somerset.

If you can make your way safely yourself by public transport, then you can be picked up by sober transport. For those who cannot do this, we recommend a trusted friend or family member who supports your recovery bring you to the rehab. They can stay with you when you are being admitted offering moral support.

The first people you meet will be the in-house detox doctor and counsellors. They will help you to start on a medical detox and treatment plan. You don’t need to decide much about treatment at this time, but it is good to let them know if you have anything specific in mind.

During detox you will have medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. This will keep you comfortable and help with rest and recovery both physically and mentally. The medications are given at your discretion and include anything from stomach cramp treatment to antidepressants. All the prescribed medicines in rehab are non-addictive as most residents have a predisposition to substance dependence.

Towards the end of your detox, you can start with rehab therapy. This is designed to identify why you have been abusing alcohol or drugs. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) involves talking about your experiences and the patterns of behaviour that lead you to drink or take drugs.

Many who suffer from addiction find themselves in a spiralling cycle of negative thoughts and actions. If you can find the root cause, then it is possible to work your way out of this permanently. The goal of therapy is to prepare you to continue your recovery journey when you leave rehab.

The staff at the rehab in Somerset will provide you with the tools you need to stay on track. A post-rehab plan will give you a solid idea of what groups you will join, how you will find further counselling and help build your support network in case of relapse. They will also provide a year of free aftercare as part of your stay. This means you will always have someone to talk to when you need it and you can attend meetings at the rehab in-person or online.

How much does rehab cost in Somerset?

Addiction is a growing problem in Somerset and throughout the U.K. and the number of rehab centres is rising to meet demand. This means that rehab is available at a range of different costs depending on where you want to go, what accommodation you want and the facilities you feel will help you on your journey.

Our team can help you to choose the right balance of accommodation and price, without any compromise on treatment. As a general guide, we don’t recommend rehab under £2000 per week as you find the treatment is less effective due to the cost of qualified staff and providing a holistic service.

If you want to have a private room and stay in a more central location a mid-range rehab can cost from £4000 or more a week. For a more luxurious rehab with private facilities such as a gym or pool and hotel-like accommodation, you can expect to pay around £10,000 plus per week.

What free rehab is there in Somerset?

Free rehab in the U.K. is almost always outpatient and done in the community. For this type of treatment, you will remain at home or with friends or family while you recover. Although it is not quite as effective as inpatient rehab with the right support you can make use of the resources available to you to escape from addiction.

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service Community Health Centre, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1SN 0300 303 87 88

With the support of the Somerset Council SDAS provides support for those struggling with addiction in the community. They can help you with medical detox, counselling, group meetings and health checks. They can also offer treatment programs and workshops on how to stay clean and sober.

How do I choose rehab?

There are several considerations when you are choosing a rehab in Somerset and our team can help you with their extensive knowledge of addiction and the centres available. We also have addiction counsellors and interventionists on our staff to help you convince a loved one to accept help and be admitted into rehab. Once they have agreed to go to rehab, we can help find somewhere that is suitable depending on needs, location and budget.

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