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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Greenwich

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Greenwich

We Provide a Full Range of Treatment Centres in Greenwich

The Greenwich drug and alcohol rehab centres offer a wide range of therapies in their dedicated addiction clinics. Upon admission, clients will be assessed by the centre’s detox doctor who will provide a custom designed treatment plan. Detox from alcohol and drugs can be challenging, but a medical detox plan will help to ease the symptoms and give you the best chance of getting sober and clean. This plan will be tailored to the individual, their addiction and their drive to succeed in becoming sober and healthy again.

Seeking Help & Advice in Greenwich

Are you, a friend or loved one, ready to take that step and carry on with rehab?  It can sometimes be challenging, due to the wealth of excellent rehabilitation centres available. Therefore, you should take great care to select the right clinic in which to advance with your drug and alcohol detox program.

Why Contact Rehab Guide?

Contact Rehab Guide we can help you decide on the most suitable rehab clinic, which is a perfect fit for your requirements, right in the heart of Greenwich.

Our Treatment Programmes

If you choose to stay at one of the many private drug and alcohol rehabs in Greenwich, then you could experience the heights of detox therapy. You can be treated in a tranquil, luxurious setting, where you could live in comfort and security as you undergo therapy. Residential clinics in Greenwich generally boast the most up to date facilities. Many have rooms with en-suite amenities and provide delicious and healthy catering alternatives, generally in line with the provisions of your detox therapy.

When deciding on entering recovery, it is customary for patients attending rehab to meet with a member of medical staff, invariably a psychotherapist and discuss your options. The psychiatrist will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and familiarity with addiction, as well as examining your current mental state and thought processes, to ascertain your physical and psychological health on your arrival at the rehab centre. Where the staff can help you identify the rehabilitation treatment that’s right for you, as you begin your recovery.

Undergoing detoxication, an addict fighting a dependency will slowly stop taking substances a little at a time, under medical assistance. It can help your body get used to being deprived of drugs or alcohol as the toxins are gradually cleansed from your system. The expert medical team on staff will closely monitor your health during detox and a specialist, usually, a psychiatrist will prescribe the medication you need to help you through withdrawal. You will be under constant care and should your symptom become more severe; they may increase the dosage of your medication to make you more comfortable.

Facilities at the Greenwich drug and alcohol rehabs

Be reassured the residential clinic in Greenwich will treat every facet of your addiction, mind, body and spirit where highly skilled medical professionals will focus on both the physical and psychological aspect of your condition. You will be encouraged to attend therapy sessions where we can discuss any underlying issues laying at the very core of your problems with drugs and alcohol.

Offering cognitive behavioural therapy to recognise addictive characteristics and behaviour, we can help you develop the coping mechanisms needed to avoid and prevent any possible triggers which could lead to relapse. It can play an important part in your recovery.


Once you have completed your detox therapy in the residential clinic, you can also receive the finest in aftercare treatment where you can keep in touch with committed addiction counsellors, offering advice and guidance to help recovering addicts return to their everyday life after having spent time in rehab. The continued support offered could be instrumental in preventing relapse. This goes to show how rehabilitation therapy can still be of assistance after you have left a residential clinic in Greenwich.

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