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Alcohol Rehab in Lancaster

Alcohol Rehab in Lancaster

The alcohol rehab Lancaster

Lancaster is located in the county town of Lancashire and offers alcohol rehab centres for those who struggle with problem drinking.

If you struggle with alcohol addiction, seek help as soon as you can from an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Who is alcohol rehab for?

You shouldn’t wait in seeking help for your addiction. The alcohol rehab we work with, in Lancashire, takes admissions 24 hours a day.

Anyone who feels they have a problem with alcohol, no matter how slight that problem is, should seek the services of an alcohol rehabilitation centre. With that being said, there are three levels of alcohol addiction you should be aware of.

These include:

1) Problem drinking

This is one step up from casual drinking. This person likely drinks every day and goes over the legal limit from time to time.

2) Alcohol Abuse

One step above problem drinking is where the individual not only drinks every day but often exceeds the legal drinking limit on a regular basis. They are also more likely to binge drink, especially on the weekends.

3) Alcoholism AKA Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism AKA Alcohol Dependence occurs when an individual allows their lives to be entirely dominated by alcohol. They likely binge drink every day and will conveniently schedule their lives around their drinking habit.

As stated before, you don’t have to be a “hopeless addict” to seek out aid from a rehabilitation centre. The situation is never truly hopeless.

“With the right help and enough willpower, you can overcome your alcoholism and make moves to get your life back on track.”

Why quitting cold turkey is NOT a good idea

You may be asking yourself why you should spend your hard-earned money on an alcohol rehab centre if you can simply stop drinking on your own. Unfortunately, quitting cold turkey may be more difficult than you may think. It requires extraordinary willpower and sound judgment which has likely been compromised by alcohol use.

Even if you have strong willpower, there are simply too many triggers in the outside world that can trigger another drinking episode which in turn may cause you to lose all of the progress you’ve made up until that point.

Alcohol rehab centres allow you to escape the world as you recover in an environment designed to help you recover without exposure to outside triggers. Keep in mind that as you quit drinking, you will experience a series of potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure (just to name a few). You will also experience extreme cravings to drink once more.

Rehab centres provide the medication you’ll need to keep your withdrawal symptoms at bay thus arming you with the tools to ride out your recovery in relative comfort.

Beginning the recovery process in Lancaster

If you need alcohol rehab in Lancaster to overcome your drinking problem, reach out to us. We’ll connect you with the perfect alcohol rehab perfectly suited to meet your needs.

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