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Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Wandsworth

Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Wandsworth

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Wandsworth

Living in Wandsworth and feel as if you are trapped in a spiral of dependency?  Does it feel like drugs and alcohol have taken over your existence, and you want it to end? All set to take up the fight and remove addiction from your life for good?

If you are considering the different kinds of treatments in the area, you can find the right rehab therapy to suit you. Some prefer undergoing detoxification at home, outpatient therapy or staying at a local drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth.

Seeking Help & Advice in Wandsworth

In the district of South London, located in the London Borough of Wandsworth is the site of discreet and beautifully appointed rehab clinics, where patients can receive treatment in the most idyllic setting.

We understand people do not enter recovery lightly, but if you decide to go ahead, it could change your life. Those choosing treatment in a residential clinic in Wandsworth will be cared for by a dedicated staff of doctors, nurses and psychologists, on the forefront of rehab therapy. They will efficiently see you through every part of your rehab therapy, from the moment you arrive to after you leave.

Treatment Programmes

The first stage of your rehabilitation program is to have an assessment performed by an experienced psychiatrist who will carry out a thorough examination of your mental health at the time of beginning rehab. The medical professional will get a complete picture of your past life with addiction along with your medical history. Patients can then be assured that, once you have completed your assessment, our psychologist can recommend a personalised detox program, tailored to your specific addiction needs.

Once you have found the most suitable rehab treatment, you can move forward with detoxification. Under close medical supervision, recovering addicts will stop taking drugs in a safe, measured fashion. The toxins will be cleansed from your body, with a medical team monitoring your progress. Prescribing medications which emulate the effects drugs and alcohol have on the brain or eradicating the symptoms of withdrawal.

Facilities at the drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth

While undergoing detoxification, it is imperative you take good care of your mental health as well as the physical. It can be just as important for successfully moving on from drug and alcohol addiction. By attending a therapy session with a counsellor, be it individually or in small groups, you could explore the possible underlying issues, or triggers, which contribute to your addiction. Talking out your issues through counselling can help you get to the root of your problems. It can assist you if you are suffering from anxiety and depression and help put dependency behind you.


When you reach the end of your therapy programme and leave the rehab clinic, you can benefit from an excellent aftercare program. Reducing the possibility of having a relapse after you have gone home. By carrying on with your therapy and keeping in touch with the staff, you could stop yourself from giving in to urges which led you to drink and take drugs. Many feel continuing psychological treatment as part of a thorough aftercare program, can prepare you for leaving the clinic and returning to your everyday life. It can prove instrumental in reaching your aim of continued abstinence, which could have long-standing beneficial effects on your health and wellbeing.

We can help

Do you, or someone close to you, face an everyday battle against addiction? You don’t have to struggle alone. If you are living in and around Wandsworth and wish to say goodbye to drugs and alcohol, then contact Rehab Guide we can assist you in attending one of the noted rehabilitation centres on your doorstep. It could be your first step on the road to recovery.

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