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Drug And Alcohol Rehab South Yorkshire

Drug And Alcohol Rehab South Yorkshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in South-Yorkshire

The rehab in South Yorkshire makes the most of its semi-rural location to offer rest and recuperation for people grappling with drug or alcohol addiction. A fully equipped rehab, they have medically trained staff and experienced counsellors to support you through detox, recovery, and aftercare.

The area is ideal, peaceful but with excellent transport links and access to local facilities. The rehab also provides family therapy and holistic treatments to get you back on track after rehab.

Treatment in the rehab in South Yorkshire

Alcohol & Drug Detox South Yorkshire

The South Yorkshire rehab deals with both drug and alcohol addiction in their residential clinic. The building has a fully equipped detox facility that offers a medical detox tailored to your needs. On arrival, you will be assessed by the on-site doctor to determine what treatment you will need in the detox period. This part of rehab usually lasts from a week to two weeks, and the aim is to make you as comfortable as possible. You can engage in some therapy and recreation at this time, but the most important thing is to rest and recover your physical and mental health. Thankfully, the prescription you are given for medical detox will manage your symptoms and ease the process of ridding your body of the substances you have been using.

Continuing your Recovery

Emerging from the cloud of chemical addiction can be freeing and give you a new lease on life. It can be tempting to return to your day to day after detox. Without entering the therapy and recovery step, however, there is a high chance you will relapse. It is worth investing your time and energy in dealing with the root causes of your addiction while in rehab. The rehab in South Yorkshire provides a space that is free of access to drugs or alcohol as a safe space to explore your alcohol addiction. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) is available in this rehab with a qualified and experienced counsellor. The counsellors will also lead group therapy sessions to share your feelings, experiences and concerns with others going through the same thing. This is also a valuable introduction to how abstinence groups work, as most people in recovery join a local organization to help them with their new life.

Dealing with past and present issues is an essential part of rehab, and so is looking to the future. Therapy and group workshops will support you in learning new ways of approaching situations that trigger your drug or alcohol addiction. Certain behaviours are not only a reaction to past or present issues but an absolute force of habit. By practising how you will react to being pushed to drink or take drugs in situations you might find yourself in, you can move towards a stronger, more powerful version of yourself. Developing new ways to express yourself and spend your time is also a big part of rehab. You will be encouraged to explore new hobbies, interests and experience socializing without drugs or alcohol.

Rehab costs

Inpatient rehab in the U.K is mostly done privately and paid for by the resident, and often supported by their loved ones. The price of rehab in South Yorkshire varies quite a bit depending on where you want to stay and the facilities that are important to you but not the quality of treatment. This is one area we don’t compromise on. Rehab treatment is an investment and worth getting it right the first time.

Budget VS Luxury Rehab

On the other hand, if you are happy to spend a bit more, you can spend your time recuperating in a more luxurious rehab in a location of your choice. To give an idea of the price range in South Yorkshire: a week in a budget rehab will cost at least £2000.

Middle-of-the-road rehabs with a compromise on, for example, location or sharing a room will be around £4000-5000 per week.

On the luxury end and in high-demand areas, expect to pay more than £10,000. For this, you should get a hotel-like accommodation with extra facilities such as a gym, pool and high-end holistic treatments like aromatherapy, massage and yoga classes included.

Price and Location

Price also depends on location. If you are looking for a city-based alcohol rehab Doncaster is an excellent spot but might cost more than a more rural center elsewhere in South Yorkshire.

When you consider the cost of rehab in South Yorkshire, it is worth weighing it against the cost of continuing with a drug or alcohol addiction. It is the money spent on these substances and loss of income and debt that can affect you. It may be worth looking for sources of funding before deciding you cannot afford private rehab.

Family and friends are often the driving force behind seeking rehab for alcohol addiction, and these people may be only too happy to contribute to the costs. Employment contracts and health insurance are also excellent places to check for cover for rehab. There may also be local rehab charities that provide certain people with financial support to get clean or sober. These often have a target group they help, so try to choose one that works in your area or demographic. This increases the chances of your application being accepted.

Free rehab in South Yorkshire

Of course, for some people paying for inpatient rehab isn’t an option. Thankfully there are free rehab options in South Yorkshire. As in much of the U.K., the local G.P. is the first person to visit to discuss your addiction. They may be able to refer you to local groups that provide rehab services in the community. A prescription for medical home detox should also be available if you need it. If possible, we recommend that you find someone to stay with you during this period, especially for the first few days. If this isn’t possible, remember that while detoxing alone is not as safe, it is still better than abusing drugs or alcohol. Below are some exceptional local groups that support those taking part in free rehab.

Free Centres

Aspire, Sinclair House, 29 Thorne Road, Doncaster DN1 2EZ, 01302730956

For those who need free alcohol or drug rehab Doncaster has this group with several centres which provide treatment plans, a 12-week recovery program and family and individual counselling.

Project 3 Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Service, The Flying Scotsman Centre, St Sepulchre Gate W, Doncaster DN1 3AP 01302 640032

If you are under 18 and dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, this government-funded group can help with support, interventions, and counselling.

Rehab Admission

Making an informed choice about rehab can seem complicated, and it is an area most people aren’t familiar with. Our expert team have an overview of the rehabs available in South Yorkshire and the wider U.K. They are also mostly in recovery themselves and understand what you and your family are going through. They can share their knowledge of rehabs, budgeting and convincing someone to enter rehab with you or a loved one. Please call us on 02072052845 for help getting into rehab and taking back control of your life.

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