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Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Warwickshire

Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Warwickshire

Getting help for Addiction  in Warwickshire

The rehab in Warwickshire is a fully equipped residential rehab for locals and people with drug and alcohol addiction from all over the U.K. The rehab has experienced staff including medical professionals, counsellors and an in house chef. The residence and therapy rooms are linked to offer a home away from home feeling without having to travel for treatments. Many of the staff and all of the others staying in the rehab have struggled with addiction themselves. You or a loved one will feel understood and part of a community with one goal: recovery from alcohol addiction. 

Rehab Treatment

Rehab is an idea with many preconceptions about it. You may have some ideas about it from T.V.  or films ranging from jet-setting celebrities drying out to desperate people at rock bottom with their alcohol addiction or drug problem. Rehab in the U.K. is far simpler than you might think. Most inpatient rehab is in small private clinics with a home and family atmosphere. You are kept comfortable and well looked after during your stay and are surrounded by counsellors and therapists to support you and your family. 

One of the most surprising things about rehab might be how much control you have over your treatment plan. Bespoke plans are the norm in rehab and you will be advised by the doctor and counsellors when you choose yours. If you are still taking the substance you are addicted to then the first step will need to be a detox. In inpatient rehab, this will invariably be a medically managed detox with prescription medications to manage your withdrawal. This is the most comfortable and safest way to detox from alcohol addiction and is usually necessary for drug detox. These medications will be chosen depending on what you are addicted to and how you are feeling. For example, if you experience sleep or stomach issues then these will be treated as and when you have them. 

During detox and into the recovery phase you will find dual diagnosis is available in the Warwickshire rehab. This means that you will get a therapist’s opinion on whether you have a mental health issue as well as an alcohol addiction. To give you the best chance of long-lasting recovery and continued health and happiness both need to be addressed. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) with an addiction counsellor will help you to talk through the reasons for your addiction and any contributing factors. Group therapy will then give you the chance to share experiences with others. People who have been in rehab say this was an important step for them in understanding they were not alone in feeling this way about drugs and alcohol. Alcohol in particular is normalised by those around you making it hard to explain how you are feeling. 

Private Rehab Costs

Managing the cost of rehab is a balancing act that our experts can help you with. Although it can be expensive we can help you to choose a rehab in Warwickshire that meets your needs as well as your budget. Stays in rehab are fairly standard around a month or longer as needed. Usually, subsequent months are discounted due to a reduction in the level of care as you are more fully recovered.

The weekly cost will depend on what the rehab facilities are, think of it as a hotel. The more you pay the more in-house activities such as a gym, swimming pool and holistic treatments such as massage, aromatherapy and art and music therapy you will have. There are also money-saving options such as sharing a room or bathroom with another resident. This can be very helpful to have company and share with someone who is also struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. The cost ranges from £2000-3000 a week for a budget rehab, here we compromise on facilities and room sharing never on treatment. There are mid-range rehabs from around £4000-5000 and luxury rehab is from £10,000  per week. For this, you can expect a hotel-like room and extra private facilities in a popular location. 

The cost of even budget rehab may seem out of reach for many people but there are plenty of avenues to explore to fund your stay. Family and friends who are invested in your wellbeing may be in a position to fund at least part of your rehab. Employment contracts and health insurance are also a good place to check if you are covered, even partially, for addiction treatment. There are also addiction charities that offer financial assistance to those in need of inpatient rehab. These groups are often specific to certain communities or groups such as local, military, young people and so a targeted search can be best. You are more likely to get help from a group if you match their criteria. 

Free rehab treatment in Warwickshire

For those not able to find funding for private inpatient rehab your G.P. should be your first call. They will be able to help you not only with detox prescriptions but also with a referral. A referral to inpatient rehab is possible though you may have to wait a considerable amount of time. There are many excellent alcohol addiction groups in the Warwickshire area that can help you with counselling, group therapy and supporting a new healthier lifestyle. The organisations listed below are in addition to a substantial and very helpful AA (alcoholics anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous) group. We highly recommend joining one of these meetings whether you are taking part in inpatient or outpatient rehab. 

Change Grow Live 37 – 38 Coton Road Nuneaton Warwickshire CV11 5TW 01926 353 513

This is a national organisation with small local spaces for those dealing with addiction themselves or their families and carers. 

Compass Warwickshire – Children & Young People Lumonics House, Valley Drive, Rugby, CV21 1TQ 01788 578227

For people under the age of 18 in Warwickshire, this group offers alcohol addiction help in the community. They also offer family therapy for those affected by younger people’s substance abuse. 

Rehab admission in Warwickshire

That first step into recovery is always the biggest. Our expert team understand that more than anyone, most of them have been through alcohol addiction themselves. They can listen to your situation and will understand what you need. Recommending the right rehab for you is a very important part of your recovery. We can help you to balance treatment, facilities, location and finances to make your time in rehab as comfortable and successful as possible. Please call us on 02072052845 to talk through your options and start on the path to recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction.



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